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  • Macintosh's Marauders in action.
  • Chapter 16 is a rolling CMOA for Blackjack - She intimidates P-21 and U-21 into backing down, despite being in a slave collar that P-21 could detonate at any time. The rest of the chapter is taken up by a four-way battle as Deus and his mooks, the Pecos gang, and three members of the Zodiac family arrive to take Blackjack down. Blackjack wins.
  • The first time we see the full extent of Rampage's Healing Factor. She takes on a sentry robot, which shoots her with a missile. Then she gets flattened by falling debris. She gets up and charges the bot, which hoses her down with its minigun. Rampage tackles the bot, missing most of her face and upper torso, plus her throat. It falls on her, crushing her again. Still going, Rampage pulls out a ripper concealed in her armor and takes the bot apart. She regenerates completely seconds later.
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  • Blackjack is climbing down the treacherous mountain path from Watcher/Spike's cave, working her way through a six-pack of Buckweiser, and gets ambushed by three enclave pegasi. After a brief fight, BJ successfully intimidates the leader into carrying her down the mountain, and throws in a Badass Boast for good measure.
  • Of all ponies, the Goddess gets one by assuming direct control of Lacunae during a firefight with some raiders and taking out all of her anger with Littlepip on them.
  • Blackjack and Rampage each get one in Chapter 32:
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  • Chapter 34. Blackjack meets up with Littlepip.
  • In Chapter 58, Blackjack witnesses the balefire bomb detonation. at Maripony. At close range. It is terrifyingly spectacular.
    • Immediately afterwards, Lacunae makes a Heroic Sacrifice, dispersing the memories and emotions making up her spirit to the alicorns they once belonged to, letting them become individuals again. It's a combination of Tear Jerker, Heartwarming and this trope.
  • Chapter 62 proves to be a worthy finale for Volume: Homecoming. Blackjack excecutes her plan - hastily cobbled together though it is - to end the threat of Lighthooves and his bioweapon missiles once and for all. That is:
    • Sneaking and fighting her way through Shadowbolt Tower, past enemy Enclave soldiers and viscious cyberponies.
    • Evacuating an entire Stable's worth of innocent ponies, and ordering the evacuation of Thunderhead itself.
    • Voluntarily upgrading herself to an alicorn cyberpony, at the cost of almost all her remaining untouched skin, while knowing fully well that Cybernetics Eat Your Soul.
    • Destroying the missiles as they're set to launch, all the while fighting a cyber-upgraded and insane Lighthooves.
    • And, to cap it all off: setting off a Chekhov's Implosion Megaspell, which crushes all of Shadowbolt Tower - a building which pierced the cloud level, mind you - and some of the surrounding Core into a ball only a dozen feet across.
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  • In Chapter 68, Blackjack manages to reconcile herself with the fact that, in many ways, she is an executioner, and pull a Logic Bomb on a computer programmed by a ridiculously intelligent Death Seeker, all while remaining true to herself. And when Goldenblood gets revived, she is quite properly smug about it, too.
  • Blackjack's Badass Boast in chapter 71, where she convinces the Legate's forces she's the real Security mare.
    The Legate took a step back from me. "That's impossible! You can't be! You're a fake! You're nothing! You're dead!"
    "Dead?" I threw back my head and laughed. "I've died three times, and it hasn't stuck yet. I've destroyed Goddesses and purged abominations from the land. I've broken the skies and cast down the towers. I've stood in the mouth of the Eater of Stars and walked out again." I pointed my hoof at him and cried out, "I am the Maiden of the Stars, Amadi. Say my name!" His eyes bulged, as if he were in a grip of a magic spell. "Say it!" I ordered.
    "Blackjack?" he whispered as if fighting to assimilate the idea, but then his eyes narrowed and he shook his head, never taking his eyes off me. "No... No! It can’t be! It's impossible!" he said, his voice tightening in horror. He pointed his hoof at me. "Kill her! Now!" But not a one moved against me.  I saw more bars turn yellow then stay red.
    "Shoot me and be forever cursed!" I warned, watching more bars turn yellow.
    "You're not the Maiden! She's gone to the moon!"  His eyes dug into me.
    "Not yet, I haven't," I countered. I raised my hoof as I saw P-21 finish painting and signal me with a hoof wave. I swallowed, glad he couldn’t see me sweat. If this didn’t work... and there were so many ways it could fail... he’d stop talking and start trying to take me apart. I raised my hoof over my head. "Now, as Maiden of the Stars, I call on the skies to strike you down and smite you!"
  • Big Daddy's epic anime-style Heroic Sacrifice, obliterating a horde of Harbingers and then disintegrating in the aftermath.

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