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  • The Supercomputer's reactivation is a quite amazing scene to watch.
  • As is the Return to the Past.
  • William's Big Damn Hero moment in "Cortex" can be seen as this. Seriously, who didn't want to see William using his XANA-era powers against monsters?
  • Odd destroying the wall of Bloks.
  • William completed the whole mission solo in episode 6. Ulrich and Odd were useless in the episode, the walls of the core crushed them before they could do anything. William, in comparison, not only dodged the walls with ease, but sacrificed himself to save Aelita. Odd's compliment is both ironic and idiotic: "It's weird how you're strong when you're not being personal!". Yeah, despite William being the only reason the team succeeded.
  • William was a badass in the whole episode 11.
    • He suddenly threw his not-so-BFS anymore at a Blok, kicked another one in the Digital Sea (much like he used to send the Lyoko-warriors in the Digital Sea when Xanafied) and took down a swarm of Kankerlats.
    • He threw Odd in the tower.
  • On the villain side, episode 14 is one for Tyron and the Ninjas. They throw a fight in the core so one can sneak back to Lyoko and install a transmitter there, and Jérémie's attempt to download more data only netted him a virus.
  • "Chaos at Kadic": Aelita was pretty chilly towards Laura for revealing to her father about the Supercomputer, which I thought was pretty cool because she was definitely mad. Kudos to her actress.
  • "Confusion": Ulrich and a Ninja are the last left standing after a big Mêlée à Trois. Ulrich tricks him with a short burst of Super Speed, reminding everybody who's the best pure fighter of the Lyoko Warriors.
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  • "Massacre": Aelita's Big Damn Heroes moment when she shows up in the Skid, rescuing Odd from falling into the Digital Sea and blasting all the Bloks to smithereens.


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