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  • "Cortex": Odd's revenge toward William at the end of the episode. He tricks him into getting 10 hours of detention by telling him Yumi is waiting for him in the one place Jim just said was forbidden.
  • "Spectromania":
    • Odd's reaction to the Creepy Child Spectre. He just can't take him seriously:
      Odd: Okay, tell me, what's your problem? Lack of affection? Your mommy wasn't nice to you? She left you on the road?
    • Then his attempt to deactivate a tower.
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  • "Rivalry": William riding the Overbike specifically to make Ulrich jealous.
  • "Countdown":
    • Odd suffers a Spectre side-effect that causes him to talk nonsense. Cut to him trying to borrow Jim's phone:
      Jim: Ah, Della Robbia. I was calling the infirmary...
      Odd: Saxophone alarm, wolf is running after the go-go-dancers!
      Jim: ... I think I will call them again.
    • Then Yumi finding Odd and seeing how he is unable to talk right:
      Yumi: Wow... violent this Spectre...
    • And when he goes back on Lyoko, and is able to talk again:
      William: I wonder if I didn't like it better before...
    • Later, William and Ulrich hears the Spectre has shapeshifted into Delmas. They find Yumi at his office:
      Ulrich: Yumi, are you alright?
      Yumi: Yeah, we will all have free orange juice at recess now...
      William: She is talking nonsense! He touched her!
      Yumi: No, I'm fine! What are you talking about?
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    • Odd trying to find the weakness in the Bloks Wall. Jérémie explains there is one who is controlling the others:
      Odd: How am I supposed to find it? They all move constantly, and they all look the same!
      Jérémie: Nah, precisely. There is one different. It's like... the game of seven mistakes.
      Odd: Your game sucks.
    • Then when he finds it:
      Odd: Where am I supposed to aim?
      Jérémie: What kind of question is that? Just do as usual!
  • In "Virus", the Lyoko Warriors are trying to find a way to ask for Laura's help:
    Jérémie: I don't know what to say to her.
    Aelita: I do.
    Jérémie: Easy, we want her to help us, not cry.
  • This Mythology Gag from "How to Fool XANA":
    Ulrich: What about Mrs. Hertz? Hasn't she got a new haircut?
    Yumi: No.
  • "Meeting":
    • The Kankrelats in episode 11. They still are the comic relief amongst the monsters, slamming into each others (twice) or tripping themselves.
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    • Odd jokingly making his "will" in case he's drained of code. He'll leave his basket of dirty laundry to Yumi. She'll know what to do with it.
  • "Chaos at Kadic":
    • Jim announcing to Mr. Delmas that they've received a thousand pink flip-flops (size 38) thanks to XANA making their computers bug.
    • What, Mr. Delmas announcing that they received 1,000 kilos of hay to Ms. Hertz not funny enough?
  • "An Assured Professional Future": Odd is piloting the Skid while they're carrying a virtual beacon that mustn't be shaken too hard...
    Odd: What about a loop?
    Ulrich/William/Yumi: ODD!!!
  • "Espionage": The look on Odd or William's face while they babysit "zombie" Aelita is worth a chuckle.
  • "False Pretenses":
    • Ulrich, Aelita, and Yumi are trapped in the forest because none of them know which one of them is the spectre, so Yumi decides to ask personal questions to figure it out. First she asks Aelita:
      Yumi: Aelita, what do you call Jérémie when you two are alone?
      [the two look at Aelita]
      Aelita: Proxy-pie. [cue silence]
      Ulrich: Excuse me?
      Aelita: I said, Proxy-Pie.
      [cue Yumi, Ulrich and everyone watching, especially Jerlita fans, laughing their pants off]
    • And this exchange:
      One of the Odds: [to the William clones] William, have you kissed Yumi yet?
      Both Williams: [with the same dismissive wave and hesitation] Uh, pass!
    • Later:
      One of the Williams: Odd, how many girls in your grade have you dated?
      [one of the Odds names nearly all the girls, hesitating here and there]
      One of the Williams: Aha, you must be the fake!
      One of the Odds: No, no. I'm doing my best! [points at his double] Help me, you!


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