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The reason why Delmas and Hertz look so young...
  • Is because of the fact that they didn't want to cast two elderly people and have them die midway through filming. Then they would have to recast, like how it happened after Richard Harris died after Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets got done with filming. This is this troper's theory on this.

We will see Jeremy's Lyoko form in this series.
Because why should this thread be left hanging?
  • One of the people in the scanners in the preview video was wearing the same outfit that Marin (Jeremie) was wearing in the first casting teaser...
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  • And it was Ulrich. :P
  • Jossed. Quentin and Melanie said in one of their Twitcams that this wasn't going to happen.

Meta: Everyone is going to hate this series's live-action side, and love the enhanced 3D-CGI side.
Because animations adapted to Live-Action NEVER come out well. Also, Two words: Dragonball: Evolution.
  • On a similar note, compare the two live-action Ben 10 movies to the cartoons (and Secret of the Omnitrix cartoon movie)
    • The first one was bad, but the second one was better. Mainly because it had the same tone as Alien Force.
  • The reactions have been mixed. The CGI did seem to remain unscathed in criticisms, but the live-action side did seem to suffer according to critics of the time.

They will be a Samus Is a Girl / Tomato in the Mirror for Aelita....
.....As she turns out to be Franz Hopper herself.
  • Jossed. Nothing of the sort happens.

In Code Lyoko: Evolution, Sissi will have a Lyoko form.
At the end of the first series, she became friends with the cast. Why shouldn't she, now? Also, evolution makes me think upgrade, including in character ages. If they're older, they should have become closer, so why not let her in?If she does get one, I think it will be a Zelda/Sheik type deal. The Lyoko form represents your inner desires, don't you think Sissi would totally be a princess in that form... But it has to be combat ready, making me think that it will be like Zelda and Sheik.
  • And then she'll get turned evil, because the Warriors really can't catch a break.
    • Quite possible (her having a Lyoko form, not her turning evil), since it's been confirmed there are SEVEN main characters despite only six (Jeremie, Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd, and William) being promoted, and Sissi's the one character who hasn't been showing up at all in promotion or previews. Coincidence?
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    • Jossed: Laura is the seventh main character.
    • Not yet, Laura could be Elizabeth Delmas's middle name. And before you call me a liar, I got a name for you: Waldo Franz Schaeffer a.k.a Franz Hopper.
      • Jossed Again: Reading the credits, Laura Gauthier is a totally different character, and actress, to Elizabeth Delmas.
Either Nickelodeon or The Hub will get "Code Lyoko: Evolution"
...Since "Cartoon Network" hates "Code Lyoko"
  • If it's "Nickelodeon", the original series gets put on Nicktoons Network.
  • And if it's The Hub, its fans will have another reason to rejoice.
  • Jossed: It'll be on Kabillion, Moonscoop's cable channel. Even further Jossed, as Engl.ish uploads were made available for free on Youtube in 2020.

Laura is...

Because I know this is going to be a popular one.

  • A plant sent by Deckard Enterprises to infiltrate the Lyoko Warriors, and/or Alan Meyer's daughter.
    • Why? Because it ties her to the plot at hand. If she came out of nowhere like Brynja did, she'd be met much the same way by the viewers, but if she's made important, they'll be captivated by her. Also it would be AWESOME.
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  • A new girl who comes to Kadic, and Odd falls in love with her. Not likely, since again, did that with Brynja.
  • XANA or a minion thereof, possibly adapting Eva Skinner from the novels.
  • A false name for Sissi in production so that the surprise isn't spoiled.
    • Seriously, a casting list with almost everyone on it (the Lyoko warriors, Sissi's father, and four other adult actors who are likely playing Franz Hopper, Mrs. Hertz, Jim, and Alan Meyer respectively), and no Sissi? I call shennanigans. That this info was released by a fansite that had access to filming of the show and knew all of this since June and was just now allowed by Moonscoop via contract to release it raises suspicion. If Sissi was a different character, played by someone else, why not release that info as well? Unless she's been Put on a Bus, in which case I will be very, very displeased.
    • Sissi's been confirmed for CLE - that is, we know she hasn't been written out of the show and pretty much nothing else - but this theory still stands.
  • Not actually the seventh main character - again, to distract from something larger, such as Sissi's involvement. She could be just another more minor character that happens to go to the factory.
  • A version of Sissi from another universe who choose to go to Lyoko with Ulrich instead of chickening out like our Sissi. This justifying putting our Sissi on the bus and maybe X.A.N.A for this series come from this Sissi's universe.
  • An volunteer agent for the Secret World Crisis Organization a.k.a the Men in Black. She been working counterfeiting operations trying to get to be active agent — and found Jeremie's false paperwork dealing with Aelita Stone. After a X.A.N.A, Aelita tells the truth to Laura — who realizes the false paperwork a good reason behind it and because a member of the team.
  • Laura Scheaffer, an adult who been following Franz's special created trail for family members. She is able to get her cousin — Aelita Scheaffer — for the first time.
  • A robot built by Antea Hopper to help out the gang secretly.
  • Odd's true female cousin.
  • The team's next Secret Chaser.
  • Here's another one: a replacement Mission Control to allow Jeremie to go into Lyoko in a pinch.
  • Aelita's younger sister (This guess relies on Antea being pregnant at the time of her disappearance), now looking for traces of her father.
    • Sort-of Jossed - Antea and Franz were separated in the mid-1980s, meaning that Laura would have to be in her twenties if Franz were her father. Now, if Franz WASN'T her father...
      • Bugger. Didn't think that one all the way through, did I?
  • Professor Tyron's daughter. They ARE both blonde. May be Jossed as Professor Tyron and M. Gauthier have different actors.

There will be an English version...
... That redoes the Earth segments with different, English speaking actors. Think Power Rangers but a more direct translation. It would be pricier, true, but this season seems to be getting a much bigger budget than the previous four, so why not?
  • Because it's more likely that they'll do what they did with the first show, dub it. It seems to be the case so far in the teaser trailers, but until an actual English episode comes out, we can't call it jossed.
    • Jossed: The official youtube channel uploaded subbed versions of the show before a dubbed variant seven years later in 2020.

William will be a Jekyll & Hyde type character with XANA
That's how he's still a good member of the main team, but gets possessed anyway.
  • Jossed: He does get posessed again, but he'd already turned into a good guy, just with trust and insecurity issues.

William is going to react... violently to certain things
After the Schiphizoa helped possess him a few months ago? I can see XANA trying to do it again. I can also see William going utterly berserk in the process and unleashing a huge beatdown all around.
  • Confirmed: XANA briefly uses the Scyphozoa (called the Medusa on CLE) to Body Surf him again, albeit temporarily.

The short blonde male extras in "Cortex" (the game saleskid) and "Spectromania" (the spectre) were hopefuls for the part of Odd Della Robbia that got cast in minor roles instead.

They certainly are similar in appearance, that's all I'm saying.

XANA is trying to keep the Lyoko-Warriors busy for some reason

That would be the only explanation to make sense for his several attacks that seemingly were useless (such as the three spectres in Soupçons); He needed the Lyoko-Warriors to be distracted while he was preparing something.

  • Jossed: His plan was to capture the members of the team one by one, as he dumped his source code into each member, and wants it back. Essentially, the team are soul jars, so killing them in the real world isn't helpful to him if he wants to be back at full power.

We will find out more about Sissi's mother in this series.

This is based entirely on the fact that Mr. Delmas is wearing a wedding ring in Soupcons.

  • Jossed: Nothing comes of it, sadly.

Jeremie and the group will figure out how to deactivate one of the Cortex's "always-active" towers and even activate it for their own use...
...namely, Translating the Lyoko Warriors from the Skid onto the site of the Cortex's supercomputer: Deckard Inc.
  • Partially Confirmed: Though they don't require a tower to dismount, and the deactivate towers on Cortex on occasion.

Alan Meyer's gonna learn towards the end of Evolution that Evil Is Not a Toy.
Because A.I. Is a Crapshoot, XANA will work with Meyer and Deckard Inc...until they outlive their usefulness.
  • Jossed: Tyron doesn't believe XANA is real, despite all evidence to the contrary (his ninja's being attacked by XANA's minions).

Aelita became depressed in the Timeskip between Cl and Evolution because her father's death sunk in, which is why she is almost always serious now.
  • It seems less that she was depressed in the time gap more that she was depressed after it was revealed XANA was still alive, meaning her father sacrificed himself for nothing. Combine that with Laura flirting with Jeremie trying to be more than friends, thus taking away the closest friend Aelita has, it would be no wonder she's changing from Plucky Girl to Broken Bird, and being more abrasive too.

Late into the series, Franz Hopper will make his own surprise He's Back moment.
Bonus points if his continued existence is revealed by a white tower.
  • Jossed: Hopper only appears in archived footage Jeremie finds, and this happens fairly early on in the series. No white towers appear, but Tyron does activate a purple tower.

Meta: Laura is the result of Executive Meddling...
... and her characterization so far has been writer revolt. Upon being ordered to include a new character in the main cast to fill the role of audience surrogate (a role Sissi could have easily filled), the writers set out to make Laura a deconstruction of Self-Insert Fic characters. An attractive new transfer student who's smarter than both Jeremie and Aelita, forces her way into the group (much to the Lyoko Warriors' chagrin), circumvents the memory wiping effects of the RttP program, mocks Jeremie and/or Aelita when they encounter a problem they need her help with, and pretty much stole Sissi's chance at being a Lyoko Warrior? Not to mention she seems appalled when they deny her a chance to be virtualized, like she felt she had every right to go to Lyoko. It's almost like they want fans of the series to hate her!
  • Ironically Laura is now probably going to be even more The Scrappy for something that's Jeremie (he who can do no wrong in the fans' eyes)'s fault. By erasing Laura's memory in "Mutiny", he was almost directly responsible for Tyron being able to figure out the Warriors' identities AND location. Ascended Fanon never felt so bitter.
  • I'd say Laura will go over to the other side as was planned all long. I mean, what happened the last time a new character showed up, displayed surprising competence, interfered with one of the ships, and eventually ended up as part of the Lyoko group?

In addition to my Franz Hopper WMG, Anthea is actually secretly working with him.
She's helping prepare for his return from the real world end...right under Professor Tyron's nose.
  • You my friend have just made my day. I was devastated that Anthea might have been turned into a villain but if this is true (and even if it isn't, I'm probably gonna use it in my adaptation/adaptations of CL: E), that would make everything make sense!

This show is an Alternate Continuity.
This troper think this is very possible. In the original cartoon universe, it's a switch. In this live-action series, it's ripped wires.
  • Jossed: It's explicitly billed as a sequel series, not an alternate continuity. The show does make callbacks fairly often to the animated series too.

The bible for this series by the animation staff of the animated Code Lyoko has the follow....
...Sissi actually going to Lyoko and she will start a romance with Odd.
  • Jossed: Does not happen in the show, but hey, maybe it does in the bible...


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