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  • Ascended Fanon: There's no clear cause for Sissi's hair color change, but during a livechat Quentin and Mélanie said they had heard that in Code Lyoko Sissi had once expressed the desire to become a blonde note , so their explanation is that Sissi dyed her hair.
  • Blooper: Mélanie Tran (Yumi) has a butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck and another on her left forearm that are usually erased digitally... but they've forgotten to several times.
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  • Contractual Purity: Not present; Quentin Merabet (Ulrich) regularly posts pictures of himself smoking and drinking on his Twitter, and both he and Mélanie smoked cigarettes on their Twitcam and no-one batted an eye. Definitely an example of Values Dissonance.
  • Dawson Casting: Both played straight and averted, as the Lyoko Warriors' actors occupy a wide age range. The Lyoko Warriors are in their mid-teens in this series, but Quentin Merabet, Mélanie Tran, and Diego Mestanza (William) are 21, 20, and 19, respectively. Gulliver Bevernage-Benhadj (Odd), was 14 during filming, a seven-year age difference between himself and Ulrich, his best friend and roommate. The youngest, Marin Lafitte (Jérémie), was 13.
  • Disowned Adaptation: The showrunners of Code Lyoko (Jerome Mouscadet, Sophie Decroisette and Bruno Regeste) only contributed to the start of the show and scripted a few random episodes. In a later interview, Decroisette admitted that most of their input into the show was ignored and their work from the series bible of the original show disregarded by the Evolution staff, and as such they don't really feel involved with Evolution and pretty much disown it entirely.
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  • Everybody Knew Already: When the casts' identities were "secret", Léonie Berthonnaud (Aelita) was leaked by an Angoulême regional newspapernote , Quentin Merabet, Mélanie Tran, Diego Mestanza, and Pauline Serieys (Laura) were leaked by their talent agencies, and Marin Lafitte leaked himself and Gulliver Bevernage-Benhadj on his Instagram account. MoonScoop confirmed this information in the wake of the leaks...

    ...but only as far as letting admit it to keep the fans happy. In more visible promotional materials the cast's names and faces were still treated as secret, and a "behind the scenes" image was removed from France 4's site when fans discovered that Quentin's face was visible in it. The official reveal date for the cast was December 5th.
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  • The Faceless: In the teaser video, the actors' faces were covered by their cartoon forms (however, there are more than a few slipups)
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Before Laura's name was revealed, she was called "Unknown Blonde Girl" or simply "Blonde Girl".
    • The "Overshark" for Yumi's modified Overwing.
  • No Name Given: The actors' identities were kept completely secret for months. Word of God said it was to keep the fans in suspense. See Everybody Knew Already for how that turned out.
  • Recycled Script: Debatable, but episode 2, "Cortex", has some similarities with the episode where the Lyoko Warriors explored the 5th territory, down to them being unable to rematerialize.
  • Romance on the Set: Quentin Merabet and Mélanie Tran.
  • Schedule Slip: The show airing in France went on hiatus after the airing of episode 18 on April 27, 2013. Episode 19 ended up on iTunes a week later (a typical slip-up from abrupt or unannounced schedule changes), and the series is unlikely to come back until September. The television network in Hungary however, ended up wrapping up the season before France could return to air the remaining episodes; the final episode airing August 2, 2013.
  • What Could Have Been: Similar to how Garage Kids morphed into the original series, there were several other proposals before the final product of Evolution was created:
    • The project originally started under the Code Lyoko Reloaded banner, which was designed to create additional supplementary materials for the series, along with three prompts for a genuine Sequel Series, one of which was originally planned to be an animated series instead of a live-action/3D merge. Ultimately, the latter won out.
    • Sophie Decroisette was originally more involved, having even written a new series bible to use. The new show-runners disregarded this, keeping only the basic concepts of XANA returning and a human antagonist.
    • Professor Tyron was originally named Alan Meyer, but when a concept file of the series was leaked, his name was changed to Ikonov, only for that name to be changed when another property was said to be using the name.
    • William's outfit was originally closer to his XANA-possessed form, retaining the original red-black color scheme, while his sword was smaller and retractable. There was also concept of a XANA-eye adorning the sword, alluding to a potential Jekyll & Hyde theme that was ultimately scrapped in favor of the final version.
    • An interesting image in the leaked Evolution presentation file was something that was never seen in the final product: A black-colored face surrounded by red-and-yellow code, which may have hinted at the idea of XANA having a physical form in the series, especially since the image was situated in the prompt slide for XANA's return.
  • You Can Leave Your Hat On: Diego Mestanza, in this video, to an extent. Yes, really. (Don't worry, it's not NSFW.)


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