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Koongya Koongya (쿵야쿵야) is a 2006 South Korean animated series that aired on the Korean Broadcasting System in collaboration with CJ E&M's MMORPG divison.

Based on two Massively Multiplayer Online Games titled Koongya Adventure and Green Garden (Yaburi), the series is about a group of food-based Waddling Head creatures called Koongyas who struggle on making their restaurant profitable. The Koongyas promote healthy food to their customers and even the audience of the show. Outside the restaurant, the Koongyas travel to places, help allies and confront villains. Its opening theme Fly Away is performed by Korean boy band SS 501 and its ending theme Koongya likes Vegetables is performed by K-pop group Baby V.O.X.


The series comprises 26 episodes and gained decent ratings at its debut. It was noted by viewers for its humor and many shout outs to other works.

It was released on home video on DVD and VHS.

Koongya Koongya provides examples of:

  • An Ice Person: The Ice Queen, who appears in one of the episodes.
  • The Anime of the Game: It's an Animesque TV show based on two South Korean MMORPGs.
  • Animesque: It looks like an anime but it's actually made in South Korea.
  • Anthropomorphic Food: Most Koongyas are based on different kinds of food.
  • Christmas Episode: The 25th episode, which aired over a year after the series ended.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Many episodes have the characters face difficulties with each other, but in the finale, every main character except Onigiri Koongya (He becomes a janitor, a job that he is unsatisfied with.) ends up having a satisfying career upon leaving the restaurant, though Onion Koongya stays and Bangye Koongya joins him.
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  • Fun Size: Dr. Park's robot, who looks like a toy version of mecha in Anime.
  • Jerkass: Onion Koongya is very obnoxious in the show unlike his incarnation in the online games.
  • Mad Scientist: Dr. Park, a scientist who works at the restaurant.
  • Medium Blending: Episode 6 has a moment where Onion Koongya is seen with a live action Entertainment Weekly reporter.
  • Promoted to Love Interest: Bangye Koongya becomes this to Onion Koongya in the show in episode 8, while in the games they are just friends.
  • Raiders of the Lost Parody: The movie Onion Koongya and Bangye Koongya watch at a movie theater is a parody of Indiana Jones.
    • The episode "Tears of the Desert" also has several Indiana Jones references.
  • Shout-Out: Dr. Park's robot is a reference to Robot Taekwon V.

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