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Advertising / Don't Copy That 2

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I'm back, I'm back, it's me, DP
Digital Protector for creativity
Don't Copy That Floppy was when floppies were new
Now we copy much more than floppies could do
Digital Protector in the first four verses

Don't Copy That 2 is the 2009 sequel to the advertisement called Don't Copy That Floppy. This time, it's about Jason, a freshman who copies films, games and apps and sells them for money, and Disk Protector (now renamed Digital Protector) sings about how the consequences that'll happen directly to the pirate.

This advertisement provides examples of:

  • All Just a Dream: Jason was only dreaming he went to jail. Or Was It a Dream?, since he then sees Digital Protector on the TV in jail, then he sees himself in jail back on the monitor. It's not really explained.
  • Cool Shades: Digital Protector now wears them to go with his Nice Hat.
  • Darker and Edgier: The music gives off a more oppressive feeling, the message goes from how piracy affects the game industry to how it affects YOU, and Jason ends up going to jail and getting abused by his jailmates (even if it was just a dream).
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  • Digital Piracy Is Evil: Still the main message, though now it's more how you'll go to jail for being a pirate.
  • Meaningful Rename: Disk Protector is now Digital Protector since piracy isn't really about disks anymore.
  • Numbered Sequel: Has a "2" in its title to denote it as a sequel to Don't Copy That Floppy.


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