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Advertising / Don't Copy That Floppy

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Did I hear you right, did I hear you sayin'
That you're gonna make a game without payin'?
C'mon, guys
I thought you knew better, don't copy that floppy!
MC Double Def DP (Disk Protector) in the first four verses

Don't Copy That Floppy is a nine-minute anti-piracy PSA with a song, created in 1992 by the Software Publishers Association. It's about two kids who want to copy a video game, but then a man who calls himself the Disk Protector (played by M. E. Hart) raps about the dangers of piracy and how it affects video game creators.

It received a sequel in 2009 called Don't Copy That 2.

The whole advertisement can be watched here, and the rap can be watched here.


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