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Adaptation Species Change / Ultimate Marvel

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Several characters were reimagined in the Ultimate Marvel universe in a different species than their originals.

  • Ultimate Galactus Trilogy
    • Gah Lak Tus is not a universal cosmic being, but just a robot hive-mind.
    • The Sentry is adapted as a high detail telescope.
  • Ultimate X-Men
    • Both John Wraith and Doug Ramsey are humans, not mutants.
    • Juggernaut in 616 is often mistaken for a mutant, and his brother (Xavier) is, but his power actually comes from a magic ruby. Here he actually is a mutant.
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    • Instead of being interdimensionial beings, Mojo's a human and Longshot is a mutant. Sprial is also a mutant, too, instead of a human who was turned into a mutated cyborg.
    • Lilandra Neramani is the human leader of a Church of Happyology called Shi’ar Enlightenment, rather than the alien ruler of the Shi'ar Empire.
  • The Ultimates:
    • The Wasp is a mutant who was born with her abilities, in contrast to the mainstream comics, where she's a human who gained superpowers through scientific experimentation.
    • There are several different versions of The Vision, but the one from the West Coast Ultimates is a cyborg rather than a Ridiculously Human Robot.
    • Abigail Brand appears to be a regular human with dyed green hair, rather than a mutant/alien Half-Human Hybrid.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four
    • The Awesome Android is a cyborg rather than an android. Specifically he's the Mad Thinker's brother, who she converted into a cybernetic assistant after cutting out some of his brain and grafting it onto her own.

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