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  • Keeping with its Demythification schtick, Age of Bronze changes all demigods (and one centaur) to humans.
  • In Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the normally human Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics are shown to be witches. Ms. Grundy is a witch as well.
  • DC Comics:
    • In pre-Infinite Crisis DC Comics continuity both the Champions of Angor/Justifiers and the Extremists were Human Aliens from Angor: an earth-like planet that also had similar technology and pop-culture. In their re-imaginings as the heroes and villains of Earth-8 in both Countdown to Final Crisis and The Multiversity they are humans from that universe's version of Earth.
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    • In the original Silver Age Aquaman comics, Ocean Master was Orm Curry, a full-blooded human and Arthur's half-brother. The post-Crisis continuity reimagined him as the son of an Atlantean wizard who was raised on land by his Inuit mother, before the New 52 reboot solidified Orm as a full-blooded Atlantean and the son of the same queen who gave birth to Aquaman.
    • The New 52 Justice League storyline "Darkseid War" introduces a version of Ardora, Luthor's love interest from the planet Lexor. Only in this universe, she's Apokaliptian.
    • In her original appearance, Giganta was a female ape that became human due to an experiment (in a later retcon, Wonder Woman's foe Dr. Psycho was the experimenter). Post-Crisis, she was retooled as a human scientist who conducted the experiment herself, accidentally transferring her mind to a gorilla, and from there to a size-changing strongwoman. (Super Friends had also previously portrayed her as a size-changing human, sharing Apache Chief's origin.) There's also a bit of Composite Character here: in the original story the scientist who created Giganta was named Dr. Zool, in the post-Crisis version, the scientist who became Giganta was Dr. Doris Zuel.
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    • A sort of example with the post-Zero Hour version of the Legion Of Superheroes Princess Projectra, who goes by Sensor. She's still a member of the royal family of the planet Orando, but the Orandans have gone from humanoid aliens to giant snake aliens.
    • In the Golden Age Marvel Family stories, Tawky Tawny was just an ordinary tiger who could somehow talk and walk on his hind legs. (Even when this got an explanation, it pretty much came down to "some guy in the jungle had a Disposable Superhero Maker potion.") Post-Crisis and in many modern adaptations, he's some kind of magical being, often working for the Wizard. He may also be a shapeshifter, so that he can turn from his usual tiger form into a human. (The other option is to include a normal, non-sapient tiger named Tawny as a Mythology Gag.)
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    • The Jackson Hyde/Kaldur'ahm version of Aqualad initially had his origin told in Brightest Day, where it was shown that his biological parents were Black Manta and an unnamed human woman. Since he was born a natural human, his powers were said to be the result of Xebelian scientists having experimented on him when he was a baby. Aqualad's rebooted origin in DC Rebirth instead depicts him as the son of Black Manta and a Xebelian named Lucia, with his powers having been naturally inherited from his mother.
    • Superman: The Animated Series had Mercy Graves as a normal human woman Lex Luthor took in to act as his muscle. When she became a Canon Immigrant and was bought into the comics during Batman: No Man's Land, she was reimiagined as an Amazon.
    • Ultraman, Superman's evil Mirror Universe counterpart on the Crime Syndicate of America, was originally a Kryptonian who was sent to Earth as a baby, just like his heroic opposite. However, Grant Morrison's post-Crisis reboot of Ultraman instead depicted him as a human astronaut whose body was rebuilt and heavily augmented by unidentified extraterrestrial beings after he nearly died in a hyperspace accident. Ultraman's New 52 backstory from Forever Evil restored the original pre-Crisis idea of him being a Kryptonian raised by Earthlings.
    • Teen Titans: Earth One:
      • Raven is usually half-demon in most continuities, but here she appears to be entirely human, albeit not a normal one.
      • Garth/Tempest is normally an Atlantean. Here, like most of the Titans, he is a human genetically enhanced with Tamaranian DNA.
    • Starfire's DC YOU series imported Silkie, her pet from Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!. In the cartoons, he was a genetically engineered creation of villain Killer Moth; the comic version is an alien creature from her home planet renamed "Syl'Khee".
    • In the Smallville Season 11 comics, Mr Majestic is a Kryptonian, in fact an alternate version of Clark himself, rather than a Kherubim.
  • Marvel Comics:
    • In Secret Wars: 1602: Witch Hunter Angela, Angela and Sera are human, not Asgardian and Hevenite. When they meet Gardiner's Men, the 1602 version of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Goodman Root (Groot) and Madame Gomorrah (Gamora) are human, and the Aroughcun (Rocket) is an actual raccoon.
    • Ultimate FF featured a version of Miles Morales from a version of the Spider-Ham universe. He was, like Peter Porker, a pig. All-New, All-Different Avengers Annual #1 had a story in a more conventional version of the Spider-Ham verse in which the Miles counterpart was Spider-Mole.
  • Ultimate Marvel: Has its own page
  • In Star Wars Legends, Jedi Master Depa Billaba was Chalactan, a Near-Human species that looked identical to humans on the outside. In new canon, Chalactans have been retconned into another human culture.
  • Blubber Bear was a bear in Wacky Races. In Wacky Raceland he's a human man who wears the pelt of a bear that gave him brain damage before the Announcer brought him and Luke into the Race. Similarly, Sawtooth has gone from a Funny Animal beaver to an "androgynous street urchin" with Jaws-from-James Bond style Scary Teeth. Muttley, however, remains a dog.
  • In the pre-reboot Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comics, none of the humans from the games are human. They're instead "Overlanders", which are a new stage of human evolution and only have four fingers.


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