Reviews: Spongebob Squarepants

Whirly Brains - What the actual f...

So apparently Spongebob has begun its 10th season (despite STILL not having released some of the season 9 episodes), and decided to start it off with the Whirly Brains episode.

Let me just sum up the premise: Spongebob and Patrick buy a toy consisting of remote-controlled propellers, which are designed to be attached to one's brain to make it fly around outside of the user's body.

Yes, you read that right.

Granted, Spongebob has never followed any sort of logic, but this is just... what?

The premise is already hard to even comprehend, but what makes it worse is just how creepy the animators decided to make it. Take a look at this screenshot. Every character who uses this... toy... is depicted with dead, empty eyes, and the brains themselves have very pronounced dangling stems with smaller roots sticking out of them, which just makes you feel like Spongebob and Patrick should be dead right now. It certainly doesn't help that the brains are put through all sorts of abuse in an attempt at creating comedy.

I can definitely admire them trying their darndest to make the concept work, but I'm sorry, it doesn't. There are, admittedly, various jokes that are kinda funny, like the part with Mr. Krabs and Ms. Puff, or the part where SB and Patrick try to find their brains when they get lost, and I certainly enjoyed that one guy chastising his kid and saying that "the brain is your body's most important organ, not a toy". However, all of this is undermined by how creepy the whole brain business is, since I'm constantly being disturbed by the dangling stems and SB and Patrick looking like walking corpses.

And the sad part is, this episode could have easily been rewritten into them using just normal, remote-controlled drones - and pretty much nothing about this plot would change. The part with them scaring Squidward would remain the same (as long as the drones had a sufficiently weird design), and the conflict with the drones being lost would also remain the same, as long the toy came with some kind of goggles that let you see through the eyes of the drone, but which SB and Patrick later find themselves being unable to take off, making them effectively blind. Therefore, it's clear that the whole brain thing is just a gimmick for the sake of bringing more viewers, by tricking them into watching the episode just to see how WTF-ish it's going to be.

To the episode's credit, at no point does it get boring, the comedy does shine through sometimes, and the characters do remain in-character. The animation is certainly pretty impressive as well, and the characters are noticeably more expressive than usual.

However, the gimmicky and rather creepy premise certainly makes it a highly dividing episode that some people will like, and some people will hate.

Lost in Bikini Bottom/Tutor Sauce - Spongebob's Return review

Fans had every right to be cynical about this new batch of episodes. I mean, we've endured a decade of absolute crap. But it seems Stephen Hillenburg's return to the series has indeed been a step in the right direction.

These two episodes are actually pretty funny. There's no mean-spirited humor. There's no gross-out humor at the level of the toenail scene. And the cast isn't composed of sociopaths who love to torture Squidward.

Spongebob is naive, but its something similar to his sweet naivety from the days of old. Squidward actually stays out of trouble, and trouble doesn't find him. In fact, he earns the comeuppance he gets at the end of the A episode, when he had almost gotten off scot-free. Mr. Krabs has a long road to redemption, but here, he did genuinely try to do a nice thing (even if profit was his main goal, kinda like in Pickles) for Spongebob. Patrick had a brief cameo where he sounded like the idiotic, obnoxious sociopath we'd had in recent years, though. Baby steps.

The running gags were funny. And again, the cast was likable again. Spongebob got himself into trouble and didn't torture anyone along the way. Granted, the animation is still in that post-movie slick look, as opposed to the rougher animation from pre-movie episodes. The new animation makes me associate the cast with their post-movie, flanderized selves, so it was jarring to see them back to form but in the new, shiny animation.

All in all, this pair of episodes is genuine proof that the show is starting to take a step in the right direction. Good, funny humor, a sane cast all indicate that maybe there really is hope for Spongebob to return to form after all.

I love SpongeBob: both pre-movie and post movie and better yet also post-sequel.

SpongeBob is such an amazing cartoon and it is hard to believe that this show has been on air for over a decade. Most shows don't last that long.

My favorite character is SpongeBob because of his work ethic, optimism, good nature, and innocence. Yes, he was flanderized,can be annoyingly troublesome, and has before received the Jerkass Ball, which is a reason why people think the show suffered Seasonal Rot; however, for the most part, SpongeBob is innocently insensitive and is a Ron the Death Eater.

I like a lot of episodes from this show too, even the most hated ones. Episodes such as One Coarse Meal, Demolition Doofus, A Pal For Gary, etc. are another reason why people gave up on the show, but we have had good (and I am talking about episodes that most people like) such as Plankton's Pet, Don't Look Now, Mrs. Puff You're Fired, etc. Also, thanks to Stephen Hillenburg returning,the recent episodes are really good; in fact, they are almost better than the pre-movie era.

Overall, I really enjoy this show and it has been part of my childhood. He is like the Nickelodeon version of Mickey Mouse. If you hate this show or think it went downhill I respect your opinion and I will respect your opinion on this review.

Spongebob Squarepants - A Show That Went On For Too Long

Let's talk about Spongebob. Season 1 is a great season, with simple plots, mind you, but the episodes themselves are really funny. Seasons 2 was the first season to use digital ink, and it took complete advantage of it, as the good of S2-3 are some of the best shows I've ever watched. Season 4 is where things get split. More polished animation (and by that, I mean more vivid colors), the introduction of plots that manage to be better than Seasons 1-3, yet the good was...not as good as before, more bad episodes, and the precursor to...well, you will see. Season 5...what can I say? Some episodes (such as Krabs a la Mode, Roller Cowards, or Blackened Sponge) are just as funny and interesting as Seasons 2-3. But episodes like Fungus Among Us, Atlantis Squarepantis, Waiting, and Spongehenge infuriate me to no end. If those weren't sure signs of seasonal rot, Season 6 will. Season 6 takes the terrible things about seasons 1,4, and 5 (inferior animation/animation errors, lack of jokes, and torturing characters for no reason. Season 7 continued the terrible streak, , and made the terrible episodes worse (seriously, who wrote the crap where Plankton gets driven to suicide? The good slowly improves from Season 6 though (for example, Back In Time shows that this season is somewhat of an improvement). Season 8 showed promise, but still has too many dreadful episodes for me to call a good season. Episodes like Face Freeze!, Demolition Doofus, and especially Pet Sitter Pat show that Season 8 can't be really good. But the good of the season was really good (I.E. Treats, Mermaidman Begins, etc.). Finally, Season 9 returns to something of decent quality, something I have seen rising in Season 8, but this one is more consistently good. Overall, Spongebob is a show that has jumped the shark, went through seasonal rot, and meandered in quality. While it's improving in recent years, Seasons 6-8 (or 5-8 for some) will live in infamy.

Season opinions

My opinions on each Season and Movie:

Season 1: Man this show is hilarious

Season 2: Even better than the last one

Season 3: This is the best one yet

First Movie: What a nice way to end the series

Season 4: Some bad ones, and some good ones, mixed together

Season 5: What the hell happened to you SpongeBob?!

Season 6: Oh my god, that toenail scene

Season 7: Will this show ever be good again?!

Season 8: Not great, but better then the last one

Season 9: So far so good

Movie 2: Looks like they're getting back into the swing of things

Season 10: I hope it's good

Spongebob's decline

Spongebob Squarepants was one of the greatest shows on Nickelodeon. However, it's been going downhill ever since the movie. I personally think the first 3 seasons are classic, seasons 4-6 are good, seasons 7-9 are terrible, and season 10 is tolerable at best. I think it's about time either Hillenburg gets more control over the series, or it just gets cancelled. It used to be my favorite show, but I think it's way past its prime.

My View on SpongeBob

OK... where do I even start with this? Let's start with the first few seasons, 1-3. These episodes were really the cream of the crop, the best of the best. The plots were very organized and thought-out, the characters were well-developed, all-in-all a great show. Then there was The Movie. It looked like production of Spongebob was coming to a sto— wait. A fourth season? No way! At first glance this would be a very happy sight for the average Spongebob fan. But they had no idea how wrong they would be. Season 4 was... OK. 75% of them were pretty good (Skill Crane, Krusty Towers, Good Neighbors, Squidtastic Voyage, Karate Island), and the rest... not so much (Whale of a Birthday, Bummer Vacation, Wigstruck, The Gift of Gum, Driven to Tears, Hocus Pocus). Something was... wrong. This wasn't the Spongebob we knew. Then came Season 5. The beginning of the dark ages. Any Spongebob fan could tell at this point that something is definitely wrong, no matter what. "Goo Goo Gas". "The Donut of Shame". "Waiting". Prime examples, especially "Waiting". This episode was a good example of Main/Flanderization, how Spongebob went from a goodhearted, naive guy to a complete Jerk Ass. SB is very obnoxious in this particular episode. Watch it for yourself, you'll see. Then take S1's Help Wanted, and compare the two. Big difference, huh? Then there was Season 6. By now, all the writers have lost all creativity. "House Fancy?" Look at the toenail scene (if you dare). This is just like taking a scene out of Ren and Stimpy. Then Season 7. Good God. The worst of them all. I won't go into too much detail about this one... I have a 400-word limit, you know! I'm about to 300. Seasons 8 and 9, were a bit of an improvement, but not by much. There were a few good ones... Season 8's Drive Thru... um... that's really it. Then we have the upcoming Movie #2. This, and Season 10, I'm really hopeful for, because Stephen Hillenburg is returning to the show (I think), and hopefully he'll put the Spongebob train back on track. The whole reason Spongebob went downhill is because Hillenburg left. He replaced his position as exec producer with Paul Tibbitt. I'm really hoping that Season 10 will be a big improvement to Spongebob, although no matter what happens, Spongebob will always be notable for the Seasons 5-9 downfall.

In my opinion, best show ever

I'm on of those few people who still loves SpongeBob Square Pants. I love this show because of it unique story structure. I first saw this like around 12 years ago and maybe after a few episodes that was when I started enjoying it. The characters in the show are almost always likable. SpongeBob and Patrick are funny and likable but they can sometimes get very annoying (especially in the Squidward episodes). Squidward is an okay character and while he is not my favorite character, I liked his pre movie self better. After the movie he got meaner to his neighbors. Mr. Krabs has the same problem as well. His money obsession is really annoying and he got more obsessed with it in the later episodes. I'm fine with Plankton, not even his repetitive goals doesn't bother me because in some episodes he doesn't rely on stealing the formula (Walking Small, Spongius, Fiasco,). Sandy has always been a great character in my opinion so no problems with her at all (expect at a couple times). I don't hate any characters, but I actually don't Pearl that much, she usually gets on my nerves.

I love the show as a whole, really. I enjoyed both pre movie and post movie SpongeBob seasons. Pre movie seasons are pretty overrated but I understand why most of the episodes are considered classics. I can definitely agree on Pizza Delivery, F.U.N., Suds, Big Pink Loser, Graveyard Shift, Sailor Mouth (most hilarious classic episode ever), Nasty Patty/Idiot Box, and Chocolate with Nuts. The art wasn't my favorite at first, but then Art Evolution happens and it is better than it was in season 1. The animation got better as well. I still love the old seasons of SpongeBob, and I'll still watch them every now and then. As for the post movie episodes, I really don't understand the hate for it. Flanderization is responsible for Seasonal Rot, but that's not the case for me. In my opinion, compared to the episodes before the movie, the later episodes had more bad episodes which I can understand. IMO, Squidward, Krabs, and Pearl suffered the most Flanderization. It doesn't stop me from liking the show. The post movie seasons had some excellent episodes like Krusty Towers, Sand Castles in the Sand, Mooncation and Plankton's Pet. In conclusion, this is just my opinion, but I still enjoy SBSP no matter what. :) You can comment on my review but don't argue with my opinion.

Seriously,how can you screw something so much?

SpongeBob used to be one of favorite shows.You could actually care about the characters,the jokes were actually funny,and the series was appealing to everyone.


What used to be a funny,child friendly show,is now a flanderized,family unfriendly Gross Out Show,were the characters are either Too Dumbto Live,huge Jerk Ass,or,in the case of characters like Sandy,completely out of focus.The only comforting thought I have is that the movie REALLY was the finale,and all the post-movie seasons are some crack fan-fiction.Please Nickelodeon,I'm BEGGING you,let the next movie be the end of this series,each new episode is just a big offense to our childhood.

This show needs to be cancelled

I'm going to skip the reviews of the first three seasons and the movie, since I believe they are impressive. Now don't get me started with the heavy Flanderization.

The writers think that fans would still love the characters even if they are turned into jerks and pests, but they were wrong. The episodes turned from awesome, funny, comfortable to watch with great endings, into a g-rated Sadist Show with mean-spirited endings (Good Neighbors, A Pal For Gary, and Sponge Cano). Bikini Bottom has now become a Crapsack World filled with jerks, bullies, and apathetic people. Also racist too (they make jokes about land creatures like Sandy).

  • Spongebob went from a lovable keet to an annoying man-child, who makes it look like he appears to annoy others on purpose. He is also Lethally Stupid and shows no remorse for the damages and/or injuries he causes to others. " That is why I didn't pity him in the episode when Mrs. Puff tried to murder him.

  • Patrick has turned from a loyal, affable best friend to a (very) idiotic jerkass who is a walking Diabolus Ex Machina for other characters. If Spongebob doesn't annoy Squidward, then it's Patrick taking the role.

  • Mr. Krabs used to be a greedy business manager who had a heart and cared about the health and the well-being of others. Now, people are wishing for Plankton to steal his formula.

  • As for Squidward, in the earlier seasons, he was a Jerkass to Spongebob and him suffering was his fault and well deserved. He actually cared about Spongebob some times. In the later seasons, he now harasses Spongebob and the others even when they don't bother him. Now he gets punished for even being disagreeable, but gets off scott-free in episodes "Can You Spare A Dime" and "Grandma's Cookies."

  • Mrs. Puff used to be a sane character who would help Spongebob. Now she even tries to kill him just to get him out of her life for good. Although she has gotten psycho, it's hard not to pity her since Spongebob usually ruins her life, gets her in jail, and gets her put into the hospital, with no remorse. I hope I never see Mrs. Puff act the way she did in "Demolition Doofus" again.

  • To me, Sandy and Gary are the only exceptions in that show who aren't very annoying or jerks.

The show should have been cancelled after the movie since it had a great & accurate ending.

Overstayed its Welcome

I used to love Spongebob Squarepants. It used to be one of my favorite TV shows. But, much like Dan Schnider, it has overstayed its welcome. The earlier seasons, though they weren' the best in the animation department, were a goldmine of comedy that appealed to people of all ages and races. It was clever, well-thought out, and the plots made sense. The characters were also lovable and quirky. Spongebob and Patrick were endearingly annoying, and I would always root for them. Then there was the movie, which was a love letter to the series and was a great way to say goodbye to Spongebob and the citizens of Bikini Bottom. Then came Season 4 and above. Whoo boy. While S4 wasn't so bad, the later seasons were just annoying, mean-spirited, and worst of all, unfunny. Spongebob and Patrick have cease to be endearingly annoying, and are now just legitimately obnoxious and have the intelligence of rocks, Mr.Krabs is a Jerk Ass who goes out of his way to make Plankton's life miserable, the show has almost completely forgotten about Sandy, Larry The Lobster, and Mrs. Puff, and Plankton, poor, poor Plankton. The show through's so much unfair bullshit at him that I actually WANT him to get the Krabby Patty Secret Formula. He and Squidward are actually the most likable characters in the show now. It really is a shame. Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents used to be two of the greatest shows on television. But, just like Family Guy and the Simpsons, Nick refused to let the gravy train end and both shoes are now just Flanderized shells of their former selves. I beg you Nickelodeon, please, please, kill Spongebob and Timmy. They're just not as funny as they used to be.

Oh, Paul Tibbitt....

Technically Iím supposed to be reviewing the whole series, so letís skip to the chase.

Season 1: Awesome.

Season 2: Awesome.

Season 3: Awesome.

The Movie: Awesome way to end the series.

Season 4: What? Another season? Well, itís Spongebob. Itís gotta be good.

Season5-Present: Holy crapÖ WHAT HAPPENED!?

In short, Spongebob used to be the greatest show on TV. Now it sucks. Why? Well besides the obvious, hereís my review. The plots are forced and about half of them revolve around Plankton, whoís become the real protagonist, and Krabís has become a frigginí jerkass. The animation, though improved, is definitely evolving into some high octane nightmare fuel. AndÖ has anybody noticed the large amount of specials now? The original Spongebob Squarepants showed one special a year, even skipping 2001. The number of specials has now been tripled, though earlier ones arenít too bad, like ďWhereís GaryĒ and ďDunces and Dragons.Ē

The charactersÖ OhÖ THE CHARACTERS. Basically they all fall under The Scrappy, except for maybe Plankton, who you canít help but feeling sorry for. Spongebob is the most annoying cartoon character on Nickelodeon right now. Well, maybe not the most, but heís definitely up there. Patrick went from being one of the most hilarious characters on television to being a toddler who thinks heís a big boy. Sandy. Well, I feel for Sandy too, considering that the show doesnít even remember her name. Squidward. Despite the character having very much less heart nowadays, he still doesn't deserve most of the crap he has to put up with. Most.

Spongebob still thinks itís a quality show, trying to fit in humor somewhere in those seriously messed up plots. But the problem is that it goes for long periods without humor, and when it tries to be funny, it just isnít. I donít exactly know who their targeted audience is, but kids will be frightened by the animation, familyís wonít understand or want their kidís watching it, and adultís will just cry over the loss of the one kidís show that actually seemed to make them laugh. In conclusion, Spongebobís downfall is truly heartbreaking. Iím looking forward to the series finale.

If this seemed harsh, that's because if you're going to make your opinion, you can't be shy.

(Was) One of the best cartoons out there!

As you know, Spongebob has reached the likes of Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse in terms of popularity, and its not that hard to understand why. This show is pure nonsensical hilarity, with a good balance of silly dialogue and amusing slapstick. In addition, its got some really cheer-worthy moments, radar-dodging moments, sad moments, touching moments, and yes, even scary moments. And that's not even getting into the songs it can dish out that WILL get stuck in your head! With a cast of quirky characters and quite an amazing finale for a movie, you've got the recipe for a grade A cartoon!

Well, it WOULD have been...

You see, the higher-ups wanted to ring out our favorite yellow invertebrate for every drop of cash hes got.

This, of course, led to Flanderization and Seasonal Rot...

Season 4 may not be as great as the pre-movie seasons, but its by no means bad, its got some great episodes like "Krusty Towers" and "Skill Crane". Come Season 5, the characters become shadows of their former selves, turning into Jerkasses with none of the quirky qualities they had before. This is by no means exclusive to this show, any show can go this route if they overstay their welcome, its just sad to see such an amazing cartoon end up like this. Granted, there are some episodes worth looking into, "Sandcastles in the Sand" and "Squidwards Tiki Land" are great, but so can any other show that suffered Seasonal Rot.

Despite all that, this should DEFINITELY NOT stop you from checking out the older episodes, you will NOT be disappointed, I assure you!

In conclusion, Spongebob could have gone down in history as one of the best cartoons of all time, but they just had to keep scrubbing and scrubbing until the poor guy was a dirty, dry, moldy piece of garbage...

Way past it's prime.

Nickelodeon's most adored show is quickly becoming it's Wesley with each passing season. You need only take a look at the DMOS pages in here to see that a lot of Seasonal Rot and Flanderization have made the show a shell of it's former self.

When the show first aired I was skeptical. It looked stupid, annoying and boring. But as I watched I found myself being mostly entertained by the unique bundle of characters the show had thrown together, from Spongebob's brainless and unpredictable friend Patrick, to the twisted and maniacal Plankton. Episodes were a bit random and absurd, but there was a level of cleverness that adults such as myself could appreciate. Such as the following...

Spongebob: Hey! A note! *shows a music note on the paper*

Patrick: Yea, but turn it over, there's a letter! *the letter B*

Then came the post-movie seasons. All of that was gone. The show became boring and predictable. The characters were flanderized to the point of being unlikable. Patrick in particular has not only become a total Jerk Ass, but so tediously predictable that I just want to bang my head on the desk knowing well in advance how he's going to ruin a particular situation. Plankton became too annoying an obnoxious, incompetent loudmouth to even feel sorry for as he now spends much of his time whining over what a failure he is. The old Plankton was aggressive and confident, what happened in this short time between seasons sandwiching the movie?

Modern episodes now fall into three categories.

  • Spongebob (and maybe Patrick) torment Squidward (or Mrs. Puff)
  • Plankton tries to steal the formula for the 50-billionth time
  • Mr. Krabs goes to great lengths to get money, abusing anyone in his path.

As a result the Krusty Krab is the focus of a lot of episodes. I can't honestly say the show's even child friendly anymore. Squidward in particular is often the victim of having skin RIPPED OFF as he screams in horrific agony. Nightmare faces appear frequently and karma houdini's abound. But of course, as the show that makes 2/3rds of Nickelodeon's entire budget, I get the feeling that Spongebob is here to stay indefinitely, and will continue to dominate timeslots until it's last viewer is sick of it.