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Reviews Comments: (Was) One of the best cartoons out there! Sponge Bob Square Pants whole series review by vexusdylan

As you know, Spongebob has reached the likes of Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse in terms of popularity, and its not that hard to understand why. This show is pure nonsensical hilarity, with a good balance of silly dialogue and amusing slapstick. In addition, its got some really cheer-worthy moments, radar-dodging moments, sad moments, touching moments, and yes, even scary moments. And that's not even getting into the songs it can dish out that WILL get stuck in your head! With a cast of quirky characters and quite an amazing finale for a movie, you've got the recipe for a grade A cartoon!

Well, it WOULD have been...

You see, the higher-ups wanted to ring out our favorite yellow invertebrate for every drop of cash hes got.

This, of course, led to Flanderization and Seasonal Rot...

Season 4 may not be as great as the pre-movie seasons, but its by no means bad, its got some great episodes like "Krusty Towers" and "Skill Crane". Come Season 5, the characters become shadows of their former selves, turning into Jerkasses with none of the quirky qualities they had before. This is by no means exclusive to this show, any show can go this route if they overstay their welcome, its just sad to see such an amazing cartoon end up like this. Granted, there are some episodes worth looking into, "Sandcastles in the Sand" and "Squidwards Tiki Land" are great, but so can any other show that suffered Seasonal Rot.

Despite all that, this should DEFINITELY NOT stop you from checking out the older episodes, you will NOT be disappointed, I assure you!

In conclusion, Spongebob could have gone down in history as one of the best cartoons of all time, but they just had to keep scrubbing and scrubbing until the poor guy was a dirty, dry, moldy piece of garbage...


  • Spinosegnosaurus77
  • 1st Jun 12
  • DavidtheMouse14
  • 8th Jun 12
Lord knows what the second Movie will be about...
  • Medder
  • 9th Jun 12
Hmm, which is more likely: Fanboys hating everything that's new, or everything that's new sucks?
  • Evergreen215
  • 11th Jun 12
Yes, well... the atmosphere has definitely changed a lot. It's a very dark show now. Some of the episodes are legitimately terrifying. You might know of the 'Squidward's Suicide' meme? Some of these episodes are scarier. Whether this change is for the better or not is debatable, but in its current form the show would really thrive if it were moved to a network like [adult swim], where it wouldn't be quite so restrained.
  • vexusdylan
  • 13th Jun 12
@Medder: So just because I don't like the direction a once great show went makes me a fanboy?

@Evergreen: Like 'A Pal for Gary' and the episode where the Flying Dutchman stays at Spongebobs house?
  • flamemario12
  • 8th Oct 12
@Vexusdylan Um.... the Flying Dutchman didn't stays at Spongebob's house in 'A Pal for Gary'.
  • kay4today
  • 8th Oct 12

That's not what he said. Read a bit more carefully.
  • SteveTheTrooper
  • 31st Mar 13
I actually HATE the Sandcastles in the sand , it's not awsome, it's just a gloriified version of this stupid episode ——-> the paper
  • son
  • 1st Apr 13
Sand castles in the sand Isn't anything like the paper (other than you not liking it). It's like me comparing that episode to Mermaidman and barnacle boy 4 (my least favorite pre-movie episode).

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