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09:37:27 PM Sep 28th 2012
So, will we be giving Longbox of the Damned it's own page at some point?
04:10:37 AM Oct 4th 2012
I think we should just make some tropes on Atop the Fourth Wall's page for it. The videos are too short and it's just a special thing Linkara's doing. Besides, I'm only seeing a few tropes, not enough for a page.
04:20:21 PM Jul 26th 2013
You're probably right, but why I was referred to as Wackd I have no idea. And even then I've think I've only seen half of the episodes all the way through. So even if I have done it, I probably should have planned it the whole way through
10:25:07 PM Jul 29th 2013
Uh...you weren't. That was my post.

Hi there.
02:45:06 PM Nov 21st 2013
Oh I'm sorry I couldn't tell since I forgot to login in on my iPhone ^_^ though I think giving LOTD a subpage sounds a little bit interesting.
02:45:48 PM Nov 21st 2013
Wait why does my name look different?
02:45:49 PM Nov 21st 2013
Wait why does my name look different?
11:43:15 PM Nov 21st 2013
You probably logged in by typing without capitals. Doing that will change how your name displays and may affect your ability to use the site. If you log in with capitals again, it should go back to how it was.