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08:06:43 PM Apr 10th 2018
Which episode has Linkara talk about how Bill from Kill Bill misinterprets Superman?
08:58:50 PM Apr 10th 2018
That's from his review of the second issue of JLA: Act of God.
03:22:58 PM Dec 6th 2015
Should we have a separate page for the Atop The Fourth Wall Movie?
01:53:03 PM Sep 10th 2014
Re: cut: I stand corrected. I mean few inbounds. My point still stands.
04:23:08 AM Apr 24th 2015
That comment was about the Main.Atop The Fourth Wall redirect, by the way.
09:37:27 PM Sep 28th 2012
So, will we be giving Longbox of the Damned it's own page at some point?
04:10:37 AM Oct 4th 2012
I think we should just make some tropes on Atop the Fourth Wall's page for it. The videos are too short and it's just a special thing Linkara's doing. Besides, I'm only seeing a few tropes, not enough for a page.
04:20:21 PM Jul 26th 2013
You're probably right, but why I was referred to as Wackd I have no idea. And even then I've think I've only seen half of the episodes all the way through. So even if I have done it, I probably should have planned it the whole way through
10:25:07 PM Jul 29th 2013
Uh...you weren't. That was my post.

Hi there.
02:45:06 PM Nov 21st 2013
Oh I'm sorry I couldn't tell since I forgot to login in on my iPhone ^_^ though I think giving LOTD a subpage sounds a little bit interesting.
02:45:48 PM Nov 21st 2013
Wait why does my name look different?
02:45:49 PM Nov 21st 2013
Wait why does my name look different?
11:43:15 PM Nov 21st 2013
You probably logged in by typing without capitals. Doing that will change how your name displays and may affect your ability to use the site. If you log in with capitals again, it should go back to how it was.
11:55:08 AM Nov 10th 2011
Is there a trope for the ambiguity surrounding the on-screen relationship between Linkara and Iron Liz?
10:08:09 PM Nov 4th 2011
edited by Diabolo
Lets get this out of the way. The talking the monster to death done to The Entity works because he is a glitch and wasn't supposed to be in the game and therefore it DOESN'T have a purpose.

However, i do find weird that the Entity didnt think about it before at the very beginning of HIS existence but we could argue that it didnt absorb enough of the world around it to develop intelligence beyond auto preservation. So, after absorbing an entire universe with all the intelligent life forms around he still didnt think about it for one second nor anyone even tried to talk to him about it, but some time later it will develop the concept of make people suffer for fun (like when he could enter the room when Linkara was reviewing the Pokemon manga but he didnt anyway just to torment him) and somehow after being lectured by Linkara about its meaningless existence he didnt think about making his plans keep going anyway to absorb all existence and THEN dying to reset the whole thing and make things differently this time around considering that he now knows the concept of having fun by making other beings suffer so may as well try again from nothing and see how munch he can manipulate thing this time to keep him entertained. After all it kinda fits that a video game creature wants to play with the very universe and all their living beings in the same way that a person plays a video game over and over and he already won the first time because nothing could kill it so it wont lose anything by trying again.

So i guess what really bugs me is that the Entity just went down too easily even if it could just disregard the accusations of Linkara or just keep going on with its plan of absorbing everything. In the same way it bugged the hell out of me that the Entity didnt play around the doubts of Linkara when he was ranting about the clues that make him believe that he was Missingno, he could still to the end pretend that he was 90's to play around the doubts of Linkara and torture him with self doubt about his intellectual skills and even keep going with the charade to get shot and pretend to be dead and send Linkara into a depression for killing is moronic friend and last person on Earth, further lulz

03:35:34 PM Nov 1st 2011
I swear I never touched the And Then What? entry, but the history says I did. Can somebody revert that one?
11:50:57 AM Oct 25th 2011
The WMG page mentions harvey finevoice has a twitter. I cannot find it for the life of me, where is it? Also it should be added to a Character Blog entry.
07:27:28 PM Aug 11th 2011
The WMG page is getting pretty darn full. Think it should be reorganized into collapsible subtopics pertaining to "Linkara", "Villains", "Multiverse", etc.?
04:44:04 PM May 23rd 2011
"You can be my wingman any time". What's that a reference to, and how many episodes have used that?
05:13:54 PM Jul 6th 2011
It's a reference to Top Gun, which you clearly need to see, because it's awesome.
01:58:49 PM Mar 30th 2011
The main page makes several references to Insano being back, bitches, but wasn't that Linksano in the most recent video? And didn't the Entity get him?
09:45:46 PM Apr 13th 2011
Are you sure these aren't references to the very end (after the credits) of the 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1' review? Where Dr.Insano says "I'm back baby"?
11:31:45 PM Mar 9th 2011
Some of the quotes over on that page don't seem like quotes so much as overly long segments from the show. Should we leave them be so people can understand the whole gag or is there anyway we could condense them?
04:39:33 AM Feb 27th 2011
I'm confused by this entry on the Tear Jerker page: "Iron Liz seems unbreakable, doesn't she. Not according to her crossover with Jew Wario. She grew up horribly depressed, and tried to kill herself on her eighteenth birthday. Even worse is that Justin (Jew Wario) tried this too."

I've never heard about a crossover between Iron Liz and Jew Wario. I'm assuming the entry is referring to a conversation that took place on Jew Wario's live stream but I have no way of confirming that. Does anyone know where this information came from?
09:02:14 PM Sep 25th 2011
10:20:46 PM Feb 2nd 2011
Is there any way to turn off the YMMV notifications when editing this page? There are a TON of examples that are apparently valid on the main page because they are in-universe instances, but every time the page editor is used, there are TONS of notifications calling for the transplant.
11:23:32 PM Feb 2nd 2011
It's a new setting with many kinks that need to be worked out. Just ignore them for now, while reminding as many people as you can of the "In-Universe" tag that will remove the YMMV marker from that trope and letting them know it applies.
09:12:06 AM Jan 30th 2011
Hey, I know people can watch all the videos, but I wrote a document summarizing the plot-important events of Atop the Fourth Wall (there's also some discussion about the subject of the episode). It's a lengthy read, 10 pages, and it starts just matter of fact. The summaries get more complicated and more elaborate (and full of important dialogue) at around Ultimates 3. It ends at Cry for Justice part 3 and will need to be updated eventually. Would such a document be useful on TV Tropes?
09:14:33 AM Jan 30th 2011
edited by OldManHoOh
No idea, but maybe you could start on Atop the Fourth Wall, rather than on the mainspace.

Other shows on Recap.Recap could give an idea on how to summarise and index the episodes.

Just remember it's a wiki, and therefore subject to editing by anyone.
10:11:21 AM Jan 30th 2011
edited by Kuroma
I'll try to fix it up to single out the episodes and elaborate on them, then.

EDIT: Scratch that, I can't make any sense out of what I typed. Sorry, but I won't be making a recap page for AT 4 W after all.
05:14:00 AM Jan 11th 2011
I'll just ask this now: Could someone sum up the Cry For Justice videos please? I'd like to know if they are a balanced critique of the mini, or if it's just Linkara call them all a huge pile of shit. Wait... considering it's Linkara, "if it's GARBAGE". I'd like to know if Linkara even tries to give it a fair shake. Because if it's him just being unpleasant the whole video over something that I kinda "like" and feel that much of the horribleness (and there is a number of it in CFJ) is overratted and exaggerated.

I'd like to see the videos, but not if he's just going to take an absolute shit all over it with out trying to give it some merits.
07:35:36 AM Jan 11th 2011
This is something you should REALLY take to the forums, but I'll answer you here for now:

He does praise the artist for his work and the writer for definitely being a good writer, but not being a particularity good one here. As always, the problems with Cry For Justice is the multiple Fridge Logic and morality issues presented. He also rarely raises his voice beyond a sarcastic comment/joke. Sure, they may come off as a "insulting", but that's kind of the point, really.

Plus, the Lord Vyce saga seems to be ending with these videos, if you're into Linkara's non-reviewing parts of his videos.

If you feel that Linkara gets pissed too much, I apologize since I personally never felt that so I might be wrong.
07:57:42 AM Jan 11th 2011
edited by DuosAngel
Having never read Cry For Justice myself I don't know if Linkara is being overly harsh and critical of it. All I can say is that Linkara explains why he has problems with the mini in detail. Also if you have any interest in AT 4 W's storyline then you should at least watch the beginning of both episodes.

However, Linkara states in the first episode that he hates Cry For Justice more than anything else he's ever read. All his problems with it seem justified to me, but like I said, I've never read the mini myself.
08:38:42 AM Jan 4th 2011
edited by OldManHoOh
Would the B-Listers that Linkara mentioned having been killed off in Cry for Justice qualify for C-List Fodder, or are they too well-known?
10:01:11 PM Jan 4th 2011
Oh, Linkara's doing Cry For Justice this month? Oh well, I guess I'll stay away from his Blogspot & TGWTG page till February. (Puts on T-Shirt that says "I kinda liked Identity Crisis & Cry For Justice. They weren't that bad.")

To answer your question, I wouldn't say they were C-List. If they were more memorable than the Blood Pack and their deaths in Infinite Crisis, they wouldn't count as C List Fodder.
10:10:10 PM Jan 4th 2011
I kinda liked Identity Crisis too...at least, until I started thinking about it. No, seriously, that was not an insult or dig ("Only dumb guys like IC!"), I mean exactly that. I really liked it after my first read-through, but as time passed afterwards I kept thinking about the story and gradually came to hate it. Believe me, I've spent a lot of time thinking over what that means.

Anyway, I haven't read Cry for Justice so I won't comment on its quality, but from Linkara's description it does seem like C-List Fodder. C List Fodder doesn't necesarily have to be C-list characters, they are just non-A-List, or even just not A-list characters in this story, that are brought in specifically to be killed. Like I said, haven't read the sory so maybe I'm interpreting it wrong, but if these characters were introduced just to be killed off them they do count.
11:08:21 PM Jan 4th 2011
edited by biznizz
^ Ditto. I mean, it's not like I LOVE either of them. I like them and I don't hate them. Identity Crisis was my first book to the wider-DCU since previously I had only bought Batman stuff. And Cry For Justice wasn't... that bad! There are just... things that are seriously wrong with it.

There are things I despise about Id.C. and CFJ (Brad Meltzer's general writing, the sudden reveal of the rape and how quickly it kinda downplayed, the Justice League vs Deathstroke [there are times where it's just difficult to write a fight with the Flash since the introduction of the Speed Force] and other little details for the former, and the Out Of Character Ray Palmer Atom [the same guy who Geoff Johns believes is one of the most compassionate people in the DCU, the long delays in the story that made me forget a lot of details in-between issue releases [since I had decided to wait until it was all released before I thought to buy it or not] and stuff about the last issue [I didn't mind the destruction of Star City... again, nor Lian's death. It was the fact that Robinson didn't originally plan for Lian to die that got me. Fucking Executive Meddling... but hey, at least Rise and Fall got me into Green Arrow and the current Titans run. And I like both of them.]) but you know what, I don't think they are the violations that Linkara and Scans_Daily think they are.

Sorry for the rant, but seriously.... Anyway... I guess that C-List Fodder has already been expanded beyond what it was originally meant to be, so whatever.
10:35:46 AM Jan 5th 2011
Well, I can't say I was expecting THIS response. Thanks anyway.
11:35:16 PM Jan 5th 2011
Sorry. It's just that it's already hard to say that Cry For Justice wasn't the complete abomination that Linkara (and others) says it is on the internet. I can't post it in the Just Bugs Me page because 1) After already seeing the bile he has shown for this series, I refuse to watch the videos he has set to review this. It doesn't help the fact that sometimes, I see him as acting like an elitist jerk and 2) it would probably be deleted anyway, for either breaking the rules or by a fan. I just wanted to state this for the record that... Cry For Justice wasn't that bad!

But as a troper, I want to help out, even though I can't see the situation he describes the C List Fodder.
12:12:24 AM Jan 6th 2011
Since I'm a non-comic reading fan, I watched it for you. He has very good reasons for hating it His main argument is basically that yo can't enact "justice" until something happens, a person has to commit a crime to become a "criminal", you can't really go and prevent crime and evil be beating innocent people up.

Another reason he hates it is because it kills off multiple B-Listers it seems.

Linkara is a reviewer. But it also is affected by his opinion. Just because someone popular and well known has an fierce opinion doesn't mean it should affect your own. Go on and watch it, and afterwards, post your opinion on it without resorting to calling him a terrible person, a bad judge of good stuff, etc. Be civil. He reads and reviews terrible shit for your amusement. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent blokes and all that.
04:05:11 AM Jan 6th 2011
I really don't want to get into a debate, suffice to say that IIRC, the people they were going after were the remains of Libra's Secret Society who had killed J'onn during Final Crisis, and then focused on Prometheus, who was already a criminal and doing shit. I haven't read it in a couple of months.

The many deaths in Cry For Justice... I'll give you all that. If there is one thing the book does well, it's kill people. I'm just glad that Robinson just brought back Tasmanian Devil in the new Starman & Congorilla special. In fact, I would think another death trope would fit better, like Kill 'em All or something similar.

I never meant to call Linkara a terrible person, just that at times he can be a bit of a comics snob and that there are times that I really disagree with him. I'll still watch his videos, but to be entertained. I already know full and well that Linkara hates this book with a passion. When he speaks of it, it is with extreme loathing. I hated Dark Knight Strikes Again as well, but even then I could barely watch those videos. I like to watch a humorous/bewildered/annoyed/semi-lighthearted Linkara, not a Linkara who's piss has been brought to a boil and needs to yell and be unpleasant.

And I just really don't want to see him rip the shit out of CFJ for two or three videos with no humor, no likeability. I can respect his opinion for hating it. I understand all too well. I kinda like the character of Superboy-Prime (exempting the Countdown stuff, which is already pretty much Canon Discontinuity). Linkara hates Prime. With a passion. But more times than not, he'll try to make a joke out of him and mock him than just espewing his hatred of him. I don't mind Linkara sharing his anger, but not when it becomes the tone of the whole video(s) and there is nothing to balance it.

And the problem I have is that I have opinions on several matters in the DCU that are widely considered unpopular, some of which I have described on this thread. I don't do it to try to troll around, it is my honest view on things.
11:43:56 AM Jan 6th 2011
edited by OldManHoOh
I think he meant give your opinion in the forums (TGWTG or TV Tropes) or in one of Linkara's comment sections. Or even write a review either here (edit: well, here now) or here. This is about the page. Not really a discussion for Linkara himself.

Seriously guys, I was just asking if a trope fit.

Short response: it's your opinion. If you like something, more power to ya.
06:08:59 PM Jan 3rd 2011
Would "V-Minus 42" fall under any tropes?
05:12:11 PM Jul 6th 2011
Foreshadowing, maybe?
08:14:17 AM Nov 19th 2010
Would Lewis and Liz's yugioh duels go on this page? i think they would...
09:01:27 AM Nov 19th 2010
I see no reason why it wouldn't. After all, his Power Rangers history and Elite Force LP is here.
06:29:19 AM Oct 19th 2010
Is that "awful truth" really true, or was it just a fake out to trick Linkara?
06:57:37 AM Oct 19th 2010
edited by MajinGojira
The Gun really is powered by a forsaken child. The fake out was that Linkara was the father.
03:18:07 PM Aug 16th 2010
Didn't Dr. Insano or Linksano bring Mechakara back?
08:13:38 AM Nov 19th 2010
Insano had mechakara's faceplate in his lab, but it reactivated on it's own. He tried to warn Spoony, but he was too busy singing. Nevertheless, Mechakara couldn't actually do anything on his own because he was just a face and needed Vyce to revive him.
09:34:27 AM Jul 6th 2010
"CR! accidentally makes Linkara's Continuity Alarm go off while he was playing Pokemon." In which video that happen?
10:13:27 AM Jul 6th 2010
One of CR's videos. I forget which, unfortunately. ^^;
07:25:24 AM Jul 9th 2010
And donť you now at least in which series it is?
07:39:49 AM Jul 9th 2010
edited by TheToonGeekette
It was in the Spuds McKenzie episode of Familiar Faces. CR was talking about how moms were angry about Spuds supposedly promoting booze to minors, despite that not being the case, and he went off on a tangent to mention how Spider-Man was "snapping necks and making deals with the devil, and yet he's mom-approved!" (I might be paraphrasing a bit). Cut to Linkara playing on his DS, only to be surprised when the Continuity Alarm goes off.
10:10:35 PM Jun 25th 2010
This Troper is amazed not to find any Linkara entries on Dethroning Moment of Suck. Now, I don't think he deserves any, but can anyone place specifically what keeps him off there?
10:31:14 PM Jun 25th 2010
He's just that good?
11:57:16 PM Jun 25th 2010
edited by WeirdRaptor
Well, yeah, that, too. He really is. Though, specifically, its because he is highly inoffensive, all of his arguments are very well put together, he rarely cuts corners, has high standards for material, and he only goes after inarguably bad stuff. Anything he finds that isn't so bad or is just not good mocking material, he leaves alone. As the result, a few things he's done bug people, at worst. Up to date, he's dodged the absolute suckiness bullet, and with good reason. Why his fellow reviwers don't take more example from him I will never know.
10:16:43 AM Jun 26th 2010
01:34:23 PM Jun 26th 2010
This is not a take that at his co-workers. It honestly is beyond my fathoming why more of them don't take from his example. He has by far the least hating on his comments section. That right there is the proof of concept that he's doing something right that the other are not.
01:42:45 PM Jun 26th 2010
Have you SEEN his Frank Miller reviews' comments? Personally, I hate Miller's work, but the point still stands. And "proof of concept that he's doing something right that the other are not"? Excuse me, but what snobby thing to say, considering Linkara really does take after the Nostalgia Critic - only with comics. And story arcs....

I lost my train of thought. But the point is that you're judging some Internet nerds (their words, not mine) who give you free entertainment a little too harshly.
09:13:28 PM Jul 2nd 2010
edited by WeirdRaptor
That's just Miller's fanatical fans. Their complain that Linkara shouldn't insult such an important figure in comics, yet no one says two words for Stan Lee when Linkara thrashed him in an earlier review. My point is that, thus far, Linkara has had no justified complaints that belong on the Dethroning Moment of Suck page, unlike the Critic's Mako incident or Spoony suggesting that his fans hunt and kill FFX fans, in which you could understand why that upset people. Name one incident with Linkara in which the fans' moaning was in the right and Lewis wasn't. Name one thing he's done that belongs on that page.
09:22:14 AM Jul 3rd 2010
I should point out that I hate the Dethroning Moment of Suck page since it just feeds on negativity while I am a full on idealist, so I don't think Linkara needs it since I respect the hell out of him.

As for the Critic's Mako incident and Spoony telling his fans to kill FFX fans, Doug had no clue who Mako was so it is forgivable. Mako dying was not like 9/11 so that EVERYONE must have known about him dying. And Spoony makes jokes of that matter all the time. If Spoony made a joke about, "FFX is the reason for abortion!" THEN you can complain. Otherwise, jeez. Lay off.
06:57:03 PM Jul 3rd 2010
Wall Banger, you are Completely Missing the Point. I said you understand why some people were upset about that, not that I was. I'm not complaining. I'm pointing out that since he's done absolutely that could justifably offend someone, whereas I can understand why someone would be upset by the whole Mako thing and Spoony's joke. I said understand why someone would be. Not that I was.
07:11:23 PM Jul 3rd 2010
I was going to make a detailed response of why you're bringing it up then, but I thought I'd save the trouble and avoid conflict.
08:55:08 AM Jun 22nd 2010
  • Even the Guys Want Him: At least according to his Affectionate Parody of Zero Punctuation they do (Come on, when you make the clearly-male character call Linkara "handsome" there's gotta be some issues going on).
    • Though it might be a shout out to how Yahtzee's "Yahtzee, you *insert insult*" bits always include rather weak insults.

Uh, it's been awhile since I've watched Zero Punctuation, but isn't the 'weak insult' almost exactly the same thing as what Linkara says here? From that, I don't think it fits.
09:27:01 AM Jun 18th 2010
In the interest of not starting an edit war...

I say we should keep the "T Vtropes used one of my quotes" quote at the top. It's funny. And meta!

Any thoughts on the matter?
09:39:27 AM Jun 18th 2010
edited by Wackd
I think we should use both. But the person before me said that "one quote only". like there aren't thousands of entries with more than one quote..
01:51:54 PM Jun 11th 2010
For some reason this was in the Just Bugs Me section.

In the main page of this article, it says (under Leitmotif that "Finger of Fear" for Dr. Insano (and Dr. Linksano) and "Graveyard" for Mechakara" are two of them. Who are the song's by?
05:10:11 PM Jul 6th 2011
Well, I'm not sure who exactly wrote them, but I know they're both from the Ren and Stimpy soundtrack, so maybe that information will help you find what you're looking for. :)
11:08:52 AM May 26th 2010
  • Crosses the Line Twice: In his crossover review of The Spirit with Film Brain, Dr. Linksano admits that while he's all for melting people's faces off, killing kittens is a line even he wouldn't cross.

Ok, So you deleted it for being the wrong trope, and maybe it is, but what would you suggest it is then?
11:15:18 AM May 26th 2010
I'm not the person who deleted it, but I suspect that this is Even Evil Has Standards.
11:52:06 AM May 26th 2010
edited by
That example was already mentioned under Even Evil Has Standards.
03:46:37 PM May 19th 2010
Okay, so I'm confused. Under Stealth Pun, it lists "Kara Remembers." I don't get it. The song, from Battlestar Galactica, and by Bear McCreary, is in reference to Kara Thrace (aka Starbuck). In what way is it a pun?

And yes, I know this violates Don't Explain the Joke, but that's why I'm putting it here, in hope someone will be nice enough to explain this to me without it fucking with the main page.

04:08:25 PM May 19th 2010
edited by Taelor
I think it has something to do with the fact that it was played when Linkara and Mechakara first confronted each other. Or something like that.
09:09:24 PM Jul 5th 2010
Kara is the name of Supergirl who's been wiped from canon
05:10:51 AM May 18th 2010
I removed: "**Different ratio about the chances of succeeding and failing though in those endeavors though. Especially when ending up lower middle class qualifies for success in not getting a university diploma. Or that the entire point of that was acting like an elitist snob to people without a degree is stupid and callous. "

But will respond...its true that there's a different ratio of success and failure, but if there was a one-to-one correspondence, then it wouldn't be an analogy. As to the second point about the qualifying level of success (lower middle class), that would be fine, if Linkara had held up pictures of well known lower middle class people without a college degree. But he didn't. He went for the wealthy and famous examples, without acknowledging the fact that those represent statistical outliers.

But I am more than happy to agree with the point, "acting like an elitist snob to people without a degree is stupid and callous." I couldn't agree more. But to paraphrase Dennet: "Nothing distresses me more than a bad argument for a point I agree with."
11:28:40 AM Mar 28th 2010
So, can we get the guy who vandalized the board banned?
11:35:23 AM Mar 28th 2010
Go over to Ask The Tropers. I asked.
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