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02:46:52 AM Nov 20th 2013
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I suggest Doctor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes.

In Conan Doyles' Books, Moriarty is suggested in one chapter (or story) then killed with Sherlock Holmes in the next chapter/story. (In this book one chapter is one story)

Two books later, Sherlock Holmes is "resurrected" and Moriarty is clearly dead.

So in almost all adaptations Moriarty is the recurrent nemesis of Sherlock Holmes but is only in three chapters/stories of the books !
10:20:27 AM Jun 30th 2013
Wolfenstein 3D does not belong here. It's not the adaptation or inspiration. It's completely other genre, made a decade earlier by other people and for another platform. The only thing linking these games is the appropriately 'German' name.
07:42:15 PM Jul 18th 2012
Cut this because it was a list of aversions. Putting it here because it is informative.

05:39:31 PM Aug 28th 2011
This was removed a few months back:
  • Most people would think of Pokémon Special when referring to "The Pokemon Manga". However, this would make the [Main] statement incorrect as that manga was released in August 1997, 4 months after the anime (April 1st of that year). However, the gag manga was released in November 1996. And there was a one-shot before that one, plus a straight Shonen-type just before the anime's launch, making it Manga Second, Third, and Fourth, Anime Fifth.

This was in context to the originally posted statement regarding Pokemon. (Games First, Manga Second, Anime Third.) In essence, Pokémon Special displaced other Manga from the consiousness of International Markets. So, while when referring to other Manga made the original statement correct, referring to the Manga, made it incorrect.

Upon evaluation of the deletion, while Poke Spe is definitely not a case of First Manga Wins, it's also not this Trope, as it's an adaptation of the Games and not said other Manga, and therefore would not qualify. Ergo, the main Pokemon entry was adjusted to fit.

01:51:03 PM Mar 27th 2011
This is a nice bit of trivia, but it hardly concerns the process of adaptation. It would have belonged to another trope that existed before The Great Crash and never restored because it was only about Real Life companies and had little to do with Show Business:

  • Nintendo as an entire company can be seen as this - well over a century old, they got their start selling playing cards, and progressed to board games and the like later on. Outside of a few collectors and those interested in the company history, not many are aware they even had a pre-video gaming history. This also results in some people not knowing the origin of some of their games (Duck Hunt, for example, was based off of a target-shooting game they made in the 70's, as are Wild Gunman and Hogan's Alley).

03:42:15 AM Jul 5th 2010
  • Starship Troopers, based on a turd that flowed through a sewer pipe that went underneath an abandoned building that had once been a bookstore that sold the book.

It's not clear if it's a Take That! about how the film is a bad adaptation, or if the book itself is bad.
07:51:56 PM Jul 18th 2012
edited by AnonymousMcCartneyfan
It's a Take That! on the nature of the adaptation.

The book is a great Heinlein work. The film is not completely unfaithful to it, but the ways in which it is are ways that would annoy people who enjoyed the book.

The book was written because Heinlein was angry that America would sign an arms treaty with the Soviet Union; much of it is on learning how to accept war as a necessary evil and do it right. The film came after a generation gap and the end of the Cold War; the director and screenwriter were quite deliberately defying what they saw as the spirit of the work. Between the limitations of film and the screenwriter being the same guy who wrote Showgirls and Sliver, it was a shallow attack. ETA: fixing links.
04:04:44 PM May 17th 2010
  • Few American fans are aware that The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is actually based on a light novel rather than a manga series. The manga gained steam due to the explosion of popularity for the anime, more than likely due in part to the talented work of Kyoto Animation studio and the increasingly popular Aya Hirano and Wendee Lee.

Since, with the publication of the original light novels in English, the fact that they're based on light novels is considerably more well known.
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