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Well, I didn't say love is exactly selfish, but it isn't completely selfless either. And since I'm trying to reconstruct the trope and theme, I may more of show that love is either both selfless and selfish or neither (the former is more likely).

Jumped at the Call is another trope deconstructed in Madoka though it's mixed with I Just Want to Be Special. Still want to be exactly clear on that trope's deconstruction though I think I already have something for it.

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Just got sketches for more characters.

Finally have one for the main protagonist, Aya Masa. Both as a normal and magical girl. Normal Form: Magical Girl:

And one for another major antagonist named J-Bow the Physical. And the machine on his arm is really made to pack it down tremendously.

And a concept for John Livarre, The Sixth Ranger, Starter Villain, and The Rival to Aya for the beginning parts.

On other matters, my anime will also be a bit if a history thing. Especially since it'll have influences and representations to past magical girl shows. Parts I starts with different types of magical girls and covering dome famous ones from the old Sally the Witch to Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. Parts and III will then go to some more later magical girl shows and magical girl integrated ones such as Pretty Cure, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Kannazuki no Miko. Part IV will deal with Lyrical Nanoha and shows like Strike Witches and Sky Girls. And finally, the beginning of Part V will lead on Puella Magi.

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After seeing you relate the reconstructive elements to the specific tropes like that I have a better idea where you're coming from, seems OK. I like the idea of paralleling the genre's evolution a lot as well, although be careful because it's very difficult to mesh well with a coherent plot and setting. TTGL only got away with it because it was inherently stylistic and chaotic.

The character designs are badass but suffer from chronic anime fanart syndrome, over-polished detailing at the expense of basic proportions. Lifedrawing classes for everyone! I'm liking the costumes, though. Presumably they're unrelated to any historical thematizing?

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Thanks on that. I really knew what I was doing or at least most of it. Utena and Puella Magi will actually be found all over the place. And I'm aware on that myself due to how I have the project set up.

Maybe on the theme thing, though I'm not sure what you mean. As in magical girl history theme? If so, then something like that. And these are just concepts. They should be anime like at the end.

Along the way, here are some designs for some of the commanders' Capital Weapons, which are massive machines they use to fight magical girls.

First is the Hell's Messenger, the Capital Weapon for the Social Commander:

Then is Cooper the Economic's, the Yamata:

And Perry the Intellectual's, the Wormwood:

Description for what they would mostly be at the bottom. I'll have two other Capital Weapons, the Abaddon for Theseus the Emotional and the Anti-God for J-Bow the Physical, up soon.
I just meant that the costumes are very modern. If that's supposed to be the first bad guy and you're paralleling the history of the genre, I'd expect him to look like an old-school bad guy. Unless that's what they look like at the end of course, in which case I'm curious to see how the old-school costumes would compare.
Okay, I understand now. That does sound like something I should do for this to work. The artist actually put top much armor on him. But maybe what I have for Livarre can be one of his later forms. Like in Parts II or III.
Here's the emblem for the main character, Aya Masa and the icon for the whole anime.

While waiting for new character sheets, I'd like to show a widespread list of weapons in the Anti-Magic Faction's arsenal. Descriptions are with the links.

Standard Small Arms:

Hunter Buggy:

Dragonfly Stealth Bomber:

Conquistador MBT:

Hornet Patrol Craft:

Rotor (Unmaned Vehicle):

Mosquito Assault Craft:

Feedback Missile:

Field Generator:

In addition, here is the design for the Abaddon.

It's a massive crawler that is the Capital Weapon for Theseus Cartman the Emotional, the fourth commander fought and one of the Brutes along with J-Bow.
Recently have some more character skrtches. As of now, here is Ashley Haylon, the Alpha Bitch and the Social Commander of the AMF. Her outfit was to be like normal magical girl villains like Queen Beryl while also looking realistic and modern.

I'd also like to say that ULJA's characters have plenty of X Meets Y. Here's a current list of it.

As for villains- In fact, though more of a Mix and Match, the AMF itself is like (Huckebein Family + Scaglietti's forces) * (Anti Spirals + Brotherhood of Nod + The Combine). Okay, this may be an exaggeration, but that is sort of what they are.

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Viral Cyst
It's just an Idea. I haven't done any sketches of any kind, since I am really bad at drawing, and I don't find time to practice it, either.

So, I wanted it to be a manga.

It is about genius level boy who got kidnapped right after he graduated from his college(still young, though). The character art style would be of that of Shotaro Ishinomori and Osamu Tezuka. Yes, I want to go back to that old-retro style, as I am not a big fan of the modern style.

So, we have this kid, typically kidnapped, and now under the watch of a criminal organization where he has to do their dirty work. That kid is not only a Mensa level genius, but also a brilliant sharpshooter. Who he has to shoot? Other dangerous criminals. The kid has to go and assassinate all of these criminals, from all over the world. From an evil nationalist living in Switzerland to a warlord in Central Africa. And it goes like that.

And I want to represent the real way to snipe and shoot. As in, how much air and temperature influence the projectile after pulling the trigger. And you can see the bullet in mid air, slowly changing according to the environment.

It is a Bond knockoff(set in 1972 on top off that, which should justify the style choice) with your typical shonen hero in a tuxedo.

[up] May somewhat be an interesting read. Perhaps a few changes are needed and it'll sound like a good story.

As in old style of manga, you ones like Akira and Ghost in the Shell, right? That's the closest I can find for what you mean.
Viral Cyst
The character art style is that of the 60s. But the narrative style would definitely be from one of those(Cyberpunk-esque Noir). Also, there is a little bit of scifi added to it. That would be the twist plot, when it gets mid-way(if it ever did).
[up] I stand corrected now. I knew that the Noir Cyberpunk stuff was what you were aiming for, that was the oldest I could remember.

Still doing doing ULJA, but here is a possible layout for another storyline for the usual girls on machines genre.

The setting takes place in a fictional interstellar federation / military police state run by an Omniscient Council of Vagueness. The main character is a young Insufferable Genius who, at the beginning, steals a Super Prototype flying exoskeleton from research facility. It was made by her family, being scientists on the project, but though the technology somewhat spreaded and the prototype's flaws were fixed as a result, it was confiscated by the military/government for "public safety". The counsel find this steal an act of war and the protagonist, labeled as terrorist, fights the police state, from Jerkass Punch Clock Villains to Well-Intentioned Extremist government agents and Brainwashed and Crazy Child Soldiers also using flying power suits as she learns of her own and uses it to help people.

Other ideas I had were it showing evolution or mixture of this military girl genre from old ones like Sky Girls to more recent ones like Infinite Stratos while having a Decon-Recon Switch of it. Themes such as feminism, trust in power, conflict between morality and authority, and other political things would also be involved.

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Been a while since I posted. Got more character references though, which are below.

Shizuko Ayumi:

Athena, the Mentor Mascot in Sleep-Mode Size:

Maxine Stapleton concept as a normal girl:

Also, I was wondering how I could be able to get trope page for the project if I am able to. It seems very developed though I may still need some more work, but want to know much it has to be before it can happen.
Finally got another set of art for my characters: Aya Masa as a magical girl colored and Hakusho both in normal and magical form.


Hakusho: Normal) Magical Girl)

Currently have been growing with the project. As of now, I'm writing a couple crossover fanfics with my story and have been getting a few good pairings (straight and yuri) both in the project and inter-anime. I can show what I currently have if anyone wishes.
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