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Is this trope about work titles whose significance doesn't become clear until late or about characters and other things for which works are named?
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Description is about the former, but the name is about the latter. You're right, it's unclear. I think it was supposed to be about people or things for wich the work was named and wich only appear after The Reveal.

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I suggest Eponym Reveal as a better title.
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The description contradicts itself about what the trope is. The wick check below assumes that it is a title whose meaning is revealed late.


  • Ever After: More like a Shout-Out to the source material
  • Characters.Godivas: "[Godiva is the namesake] Of the restaurant and of the show."
  • Film/Severance:* "In the base camp near the end of the movie, one of the buildings has a very faded painting of the word "Szeveranz" on the side in large letters, referencing the movie's title." Namesake or ordinary Title Drop?
  • Warrior Cats and Warrior Cats: The New Prophecy: The spoilered explanation is "Midnight", not something about a prophecy.
  • Whacked!: "Whacked! the video game is named after Whacked!, the gameshow in the video game." Doesn't say if that's revealed late.


Zero-context example:

Ghost wicks:

To be continued

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Isn't that simply the trope Title Drop?
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[up]Line of dialogue vs. not spoken. At least according to The Namesake.
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[up] That strikes me as a rather arbitrary distinction, and I don't think it's worth hard-splitting on.
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I think another difference is that The Namesake is a bit hidden oir an object, while Title Drop is usually explicit.
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