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Theories regarding Mega Evolution in the Mystery Dungeon 'verse.
In Pokemon X and Y, Mega Evolution is achieved through a strong bond between a Trainer holding a Keystone and a Pokemon with a Mega Stone. Naturally, in a world with no Trainers, things would have to be done a little differently.
  • Since there are no Trainers, there are no Keystones; the Mega Stone is the only artifact required.
  • Like in the core series, Mega Evolution can only happen in battle, and it can only occur here when the Pokemon is Mega Evolving for the sake of someone they care deeply for, literally invoking The Power of Friendship/Love.
  • Alternatively, you're the human. It just worked through The Power of Friendship anyway.
  • Confirmed for different mechanic, Jossed for the rest

Super will try to unite the previous PMD game into a single continuity
  • Specifically, the Rescue Team and The Explorer. The map looked familiar.
    • The Water Continent looks like the one from Gates to Infinity.
  • Confirmed! Several characters make cameos, too.

In Super, it will be the partner that disappear in the end
To break the trend.
  • confirmed

Possible starter pokemon for the fourth Mystery Dungeons and why
  • All the starter Pokemon from the normal games: It's kind of obvious.
  • Zorua: Ensemble Dark Horse.
  • Timburr: Decent stats.
  • Mienfoo: Female counterpart for Timburr.
  • Woobat: Type diversity.
  • Audino: Rule of Funny.
  • Deino: Rule of Cool.
  • Litwick: Type diversity.
    • Confirmed for the starter Pokemon, while the rest seemly jossed by Super. Still possible as DLC (or for the future games).

Xerneas and Yveltal will both be important in the main game of the next Mystery Dungeon game.
How so? Simple. Xerneas is known as the Life Pokemon. Yveltal is known as the Death/Destruction Pokemon. Obviously, Yveltal will plan to Kill 'Em All and Xerneas will want to not allow that. Therefore, he will call the main character to the Pokemon World and they will help him fight Yveltal.
  • With the plot 'Pokemon turned to stone' I think we can just wait to see if this confirmed.
  • Confirmed.

In the next Mystery Dungeon game, a kindly mentor type character will turn out to be a villain.
They may or may not turn out to be The Dragon or the Big Bad. It might be a potential Player Punch if the player and his/her partner has bonded with the mentor.
  • Don't they already played it twice with Armaldo and Dusknoir?
  • Confirmed as in Super.

The first two Mystery Dungeon games are in the same world; just in different lands, i.e. regions.
I figured this out like this: In Sky, at the start of Special Episode 4, it says in the land on the eastern horizon.... In Special Episode 2, there is an Eastern Cave as a dungeon. Now, in PMD 1, there is a Western Cave. They could both be taking place at similar times, however PMD 1 is in the land on the western horizon, while PMD 2 is in the land on the eastern horizon. See?
  • Confirmed with Super Mystery Dungeon. Also includes Gates.

Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue and Explorers Time/Darkness/Sky are intertwined loosely
This builds on a few of the other WMG's here, but I'll make this it's own. The events of the first and second games are loosely connected together. The Gardevoir you rescue in Red/Blue is the Gardevoir in Team Charm of Explorers, and along the way to this she also teamed up with Team Meanies' Medicham, who disbanded the team after Gengar had stopped working together with them. The Wigglytuff in Red/Blue is Explorers Wigglytuff's mother. Grovyle is the player after time had stopped, (This one is debatable as you'd need to be Treecko in Red/Blue) and bands up with the Player of Explorers before he turns into a Pokémon. The reason he does so is not only to reverse time, but to also rescue his Red/Blue partner after he was trapped in time. There's also the WMG about the Western/Eastern cave. Discuss the connections you find.
  • Both ACT and Charm are mentioned in Super, so seemingly Confirmed.


In the generation V PMD games, there will be a Swoobat functioning as the Chick Magnet.
Firstly, Swoobat is favored in the human world by cheerleaders and other such people. Plus, it uses hearts as it's motif, so why not? And on top of all this, we have Rule of Cool and Rule of Cute.
  • Oh yeah and it learns attract by level up.
  • Sadly, Gen V has ended.

In Super, sixth gen pokemon related-to-dream will be a villain
  • At the very least, they will be important to the plot. Let's follow the pattern : There are Gengar, Drowzee and Darkrai, and then Munna.
    • Alternatively, it would be random pokemon who appeared in dreams, like Gardevoir and Hydregion.
  • Jossed

In Super, the protagonist will disappear at the end...
...because it was All Just a Dream
  • Taken from other WMG: the protagonist is in coma and the entire game is their Dying Dream
  • Alternatively, the protagonist itself is a dream, like Tidus.

...for no reason, just like in Gt I

  • Human was simply summoned to solve the problems. Once they did, they will be sent back.
    • There will be a plot to bring the main character back, similar to Gt I.

... the human was Killed Off for Real

In Super, the problem is caused by human
  • Rescue team had no villains. Explorers plot was caused by Darkrai, a Pokemon. Gt I was caused by Bittercold, which is not a Pokemon. There are no human villains before.
  • To add the twist, the villain is actually You
    • You are actually a human villain, but managed to be defeated. As a result, you get amnesia and turned into Pokemon. Plus, it makes a nice call back to the Rescue Team and Explorers. In rescue team you are wrongly accused as causing the disaster. Imagine if it turned out you are really the cause this time. It also draws a comparison with Darkrai, who turned good after amnesia.
    • It also explained how the protagonist would disappear in the end. Maybe Redemption Equals Death?
  • Jossed, sadly.

    Red/Blue Rescue Team 
The Pokemon that serve you were on your side all along.
Before you head off as fugitives, you are able to buy things, store things and link moves ect. It seems a bit odd that the stall Pokemon are able to serve you, specially while asleep. They only pretend to be asleep to avoid detection and therefore be seen as a follower of the main character, as that would make them "the enemy".

You and many important characters in the Rescue Team games are sharing dreams.
The partner and the citizens of that world are projections. This explains why you woke up in an entirely different place and have no memory of how you got there.

The voice at the end of Murky Cave is Mesprit.
So let's recap. You go to the Murky Cave to help Gengar break the curse he unwillingly put on Gardevoir back as a human. The only way to break the curse is for Gengar admit to his error, and thus, feel remorse for what he has done. Consider that for most of the time, Gengar was rather a jerk. The act of putting away your ego and such, proves to Mesprit, the being of emotions, that Gengar has reedemable qualities.

There are two timelines in Red and Blue Rescue Team.
Just think about it- the player leaves everything that they had as a human behind just so that they could rescue the Pokémon world. In order to continue on their human life without any suspicion, as a sudden disappearance like that would be quite noticeable, an alternate timeline was created where the protagonist was sent to the MD world. At the end of the main storyline, the timelines were to be reunited again, but because of the player's choice, this was prevented from occurring. Therefore, there are now two separate timelines; one where the player remains a human, and the other a Pokémon.

In Mystery Dungeon Blue and Red your human identity is N
It makes sense. N can understand what Pokémon are saying, he treats them as friends and refuses to own any, he wants to keep separate the Pokémon world and the human world - all of these are ideas he learned while living as a Pokémon. The several or so years spent in a Pokémon body with only them for company would also explain some of his awkwardness and distrust of people.
  • This theory is down below. And this theory is Jossed if the main character is a girl.
    • If N changed his entire goddamn SPECIES, I don't think changing from XX to XY or vice-versa is that big a stretch.

The Judge of Darkness in Murky Cave from Red/Blue was really Giratina or Arceus
How else would it be able to allow someone to enter another persons heart?
  • Since when could Arceus OR Giratina do that? And even if they could, those two didn't even exist back when the game was made.
    • That hasn't stopped anyone before.
    • He's freaking GOD he can do anything he wants.
  • I'm talking in-universe not out.
    • Anyway, given the appearance of Munchlax in debug mode, it would be possible that GF had already thought up one of the two by 2005.
  • Mesprit would be a better fit, what's with him being the representative of emotions.
  • I initially assumed the Judge of Darkness was Nintetales speaking with a dramatic persona and using his/her magic or whatever. Mespirit certainly could have been thought up by that point, but I think it is more likely this entity is supposed to be interpreted as a powerful non-Pokémon spirit (no pun intended) of some sort.

    Gates to Infinity 
In Gates to Infinity, The Player Character actually does have their memories of their human lives—It's just that Nobody bothered to ask them about it.
When you think about it, it sort of fits. I mean, you don't expect someone (even a pokemon) to hear your life story from the start, so since nobody asked or mentioned about it, the player character just never talked about it.

The unseen Greater-Scope Villain in Gates to Infinity is Arceus
Arceus designed the world he created so that free will could be maintained without causing too much misery by creating the Bittercold so that it would collect the misery of every living being should it become too much, destroy everything and start life over

There's probably going to be a Sequel to Gates To Infinity
Just a meta guess, but since it did happen with The Mainstream Pokemon Games, It could happen with PMD. it might come in as Downloadable Content, Or it'll come as a completely separate game, probably right after X and Y have been released (maybe with a possibility of all Gen. plus Gen. 6 Pokemon added to to the mix, though I would guess it would require the game to be booted up to a larger console for THAT many at once). After all, when you think of it, with all the little loose ends it has, It does leave room for a sequel
  • Additionally, if it's a DLC add-on to the story, it could Retcon the player character coming back to the Pokemon World if you said "yes" or just continue off the save file made when you said "No" instead for a whole new arc.

The HAPPI bylaw applies to founding members.

The reason that one of the core party have to stay behind during the Great Glacier expedition isn't Gameplay and Story Segregation. In order to form a team with HAPPI, you require at least four members. These are considered founding members, and while you can recruit as many Pokemon as you have badges for, only these ones that are "on the record" count for the rule. One can assume there are ways of getting others on the record, such as if all the founding members planned to retire, but they probably require too much time and paperwork for the situation.

The player character was originally supposed to enter the world in a ball of light, like how they left it.

The fact that that didn't happen was Munna's first attempt at stopping the player.

There's a reason why you can't play as Cyndaquil in Gates to Infinity
You see, at the start of the game the player ends up in the middle of a glowing Magnagate (Round, glowing circle) and then winds up literally falling into the Pokemon world. No big deal, but Cyndaquil's final form is Typhlosion, which has many Pokedex entries that say that it can make explosions by rubbing its fur together. That, and Cyndaquil's eyes are shut, implying it can't see that well/is blind. (Unless it can see through it's eyelids) Yeah...

Gates To Infinity is actually one of the few Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games where the human turned Pokemon protagonist doesn't come back.
This is more so going off the "after game" (or the "lack of" after game) than some generic 'lol it's all in the partners head' bullcrap theories. Unlike the previous games in the series, Gates To Infinity is one of the few PMD games where the partner fully understands and accepts that the player character can't stay in their world, and opts to send them off with a smile instead of crying over it. And then there's the fact that the player doesn't come back right away unlike the previous games, and when the other characters try to think of ways to bring the player back, he's the only one whose reluctant to bring him back sense he understands that the player character has friends and family in his own world too.
  • And then there's the "after game", in which unlike previous PMD games which felt like they could be a direct sequal, Gates to Infinity only has like one or two dungeons the partner has to travel in order to bring the player back, and then the only thing left to do is Legendary Challenges. That, combined with the fact that the 'Hill of Universial Order' nearly pooped itself over the partners wish when the partner tries to bring the player back, seems to suggest that what we're seeing here might not be 'canon'.
    • tl;dr version: The after game is more of a 'what if' scenario instead of actual canon, and the partner learns to stand on his own without the players help to further build his 'Pokemon Paradise'.
      • Personally, I'mma disregard this one, okay? Nothing against you, but that just seems a little sad, and I hate that type of ending.

Umbreon and Espeon are teenagers with attitude.
I mean, they seriously fit the bill in being "overbearing and over-emotional". Okay, Power Rangers jokes aside, they honestly seems a little immature. I mean really, Espeon breaks down in tears over getting Swadloon involved, and Umbreon jumps to the conclusion beforehand that she lost the Entercards. Also, if you want to object on the grounds that they can't be teens because of how they're researchers and such, I just feel like reminding you....the player and partner characters are unevolved (and heavily implied to be) kids who can knock out very powerful legendaries and convince them to join the team. I highly doubt a pair of 16-year-old archaeologists are THAT unlikely. note 

Emolga is gay
He seemed a little too close to Dunsparce one might think. Not to mention he was the only male in the inn note  to not find Virizion attractive.
  • So.....not falling for a beautiful woman at first site makes you homosexual? Great to know.
  • There's also point of being able to choose gender in the Japanese version.

    Future games 
In the next Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game, there will be...
  • Pokemon from Pokémon Black and White.
  • A Big Bad that is an Expy of N, with his allies being of Pokemon that follow him.
  • Having two rival teams out of your guild, representing Cheren and Bianca. One will be strong against the protagonist, the other will be weak against protagonist.
  • Somehow become darker than the second game.

Any more ideas or if you wish to disprove me? Just add them in.

  • Rather than an Expy, N could himself be the villain.
    • Why would N/N-Expy be an antagonist? PMD already takes place where there aren't any humans. I guess it could work if the plot is to figure out what happened to the humans/reunite with them.
  • It will turn out Genesect is behind it all, whatever "it" is.
  • However, I'd like to add the suggestion that the villain could be human. Think about it. Be manipulating things from the human world and sending his Pokemon, serving as Psycho Rangers to the actual Guild the player is a part of, The Dragon, his strongest Pokémon, the fully evolved starter Pokémon with an elemental advantage over yours, acting as the Big Bad until his master is revealed, to do his plans in his stead, only coming to the Pokémon World after his Pokémon are defeated and arrested, taking on Pokémon form for the final battle. And in the end, it's revealed he's actually The Rival from the human world to the hero.
    • Or this human could be the one responsible for the human-less world, in order to make a Evil Plan to conquer the world. The human's name? Ghetsis.
    • I agree, though think it would be better if the fully-evolved start were the final boss. Then when it's defeated, the rival gets cowardly since he has no more Pokemon to hide behind.
      • The only logical reason that I'd think Ghetsis would be responsible for the fact that humans aren't in the Mystery Dungeon world is because Ghetsis' plans worked out and the Mystery Dungeon world is What N was hoping to create while he got the human world. And being perfectly honest, I don't believe this because I don't think that Ghetsis is the complete monster like everyone says he is.
      • And then I played Pokemon Black and White 2...

One or more of the kami trio will be the villain/s of the next games
It would probably help their reputation if they were actual, cool villains.
  • Maybe both Tornadus and Thundurus could be villains. Then a big part of the plot could be to go find Landorus and stop them...

There will be trainers you have to run away from in one of the games.
If you get caught, you have to fight all their pokémon. If they capture you, you have to play a minigame to break out of the pokéball.
  • Interesting idea, but it would never happen, considering that the Dungeon games take place in a human-less world.

PMD4 starter guesses, courtesy of Bwburke94

Water: Squirtle, Totodile, Mudkip, Piplup, Oshawott, Panpour note 

Grass: Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Treecko, Turtwig, Snivy, Pansage note 

Fire: Charmander, Cyndaquil, Torchic, Chimchar, Tepig, Pansear note 

Electric: Pikachu, Blitzle note 

Normal: Eevee, Meowth note  , Minccino note 

Fighting: Machop note  , Riolu note 

Ground: Cubone note  , Phanpy note  , Drilbur note 

Dark: Zorua

Psychic: Munna note 

Flying: Starly note , Pidove note 

  • Jossed for Gates to Infinity (which only had Gen V mons and Pikachu) and Super. Still possible in the future entry though.

A future game will feature an Evil Counterpart of The Hero.
Like you, they were summoned to the Pokemon world in order to save it from some terrible threat. And like you, they find out near the end of their journey that once they've completed their task, they'll be sent back home, leaving behind their partner and all the other friends they've made.

They didn't take the news well. Unwilling to complete their mission if it means losing everything they've gained there, they pull a Face–Heel Turn and rage against whatever they see as responsible for their plight. Maybe they become The Dragon to the Big Bad, or overthrow them and rebel against the forces that want to send them back. This is where your hero comes in, as they're summoned in order to deal with this new threat.

Next PMD title will be based on Pokkén Tournament.
Next PMD title will not be just a roguelike title; it will be a Beat 'em Up Fighting Game running a Pokkén Tournament engine and inspired by Tekken's Scenario Modes. It will still be based off Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games and have some elements borrowed from them. However, tweaks will be imposed:
  • Explorer Team Fights and NPC Duels could be made into missions in which you need to perform certain requirements, like beating a super-fast enemy, defeating the enemy while both fighters are poisoned, etc. Some popular cult classics like Pichu Brothers and Team Charm will appear in Explorer Team Fights.
  • There will be a new guild "Pokkén Force", an expy of Tekken Force which protects the Mystery Dungeons and you must fight them over to uncover the dungeons.
  • The player will start out without partners but gains one through progress. A Mission Control will be guiding the player throughout the game, but it will show up and fight you in certain points of the game. Somewhat similar to MSX2 Metal Gear.
  • Some Support Pokémon will show up as bosses in this PMD mode's NPC Duels, such as Espeon and Umbreon based on those from Gates to Infinity.

The future Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game will be branched again.
  • In the Gen VII PMD games, the games will be splitted, named after Pokémon Sun and Moon. In the story, you are the one dispatched from one of the Private Military Contractors depending on the version, sending into the mystery force behind the conflict.
  • A few starter Pokemon will be the villains or part of villain teams, such as Litten will be the leader of new, reformed Team Skull. Or Pikachu in Team Instinct.
  • There will be a major plot twist regarding the storyline: One of the Heel–Face Turn villain teams will point out that your partner is the real leader of the terrorist faction behind the villain teams, and those villain teams are actually Mistaken for Terrorist teams. You must kill your partner in order to end the conflict.
  • Or rather, the plot twist will be a direct polar opposite to SMD's: your partner was Nihilego in disguise all along, and they only teamed up with you to learn your ways, in order to take over the world for some reason. In the end, you either must kill them or they will perform a Heel–Face Turn.

The next PMD Game after Rescue Team DX will be Explorers DX
  • And it will be based on Explorers of Sky.
  • Both Meowth and Munchlax will be back to being potential Hero Starters though.
  • It won't be too different from the original, story wise. Especially since how full of story the original was.
  • It will include a music compilation from Super Mystery Dungeon

Future Mystery Dungeon Starter Guesses (Not saying they will all be in a future game, but they're potential starters)
  • Kanto: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Eevee, Meowth
  • Johto: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Tyrogue, Mareep, Teddiursa
  • Hoenn: Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Skitty, Ralts, Aron
  • Sinnoh: Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Riolu, Munchlax, Shinx
  • Unova: Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Axew, Mincinno, Scraggy
  • Kalos: Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Pancham, Espurr, Goomy
  • Alola: Rowlett, Litten, Popplio, Rockruff, Alolan Vulpix, Poipole
  • Galar: Grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble, Galarian Zigzagoon, Yamper, Rookidee

     Multiple PMD games / general 
The Wigglytuff who sold Friend Areas in the first game is the Guildmaster in the second.
Explains why Friend Areas are no longer necessary and how the two Wigglytuff act similarly.
  • Alternately, he could be that Wigglytuff's son; we do get to see his parents and some of his past in his sidestory, after all.
    • This could be Jossed, as the second game establishes that it takes place in the past. Unless the first game also took place in the past, before the second one...
    • Pretty sure the Wigglytuff in Red/Blue is female. I remember the partner Pokémon referring to Wigglytuff as a "she."

The Dugtrio in Time/Darkness/Sky is the Diglett from Red/Blue Rescue Team.
There was actually a Time Skip between the two games; during that period he grew up and set off on a journey to find himself. His father was a braggart who exaggerated his own experiences to sound better; whether he was aware of this or not, he wanted to live up to that 'legacy' and have adventures of his own. Thus, he traveled across the sea, then joined Wigglytuff's Guild. He also had a son of his own and is raising him to become an explorer as well.

Humans are extinct by the time of the first two Mystery Dungeons.
Why don't any humans ever show up in the Mystery Dungeon subseries besides the PC? It's because they went extinct long ago, and are remembered only for assorted ancient artifacts.
  • Makes sense, the flashback of Gengar's past human life a thousand years ago shows him dressed in what looks like modern-day clothing, so unless the Pokemon world is subject to Modern Stasis this would suggest that it takes place in the distant future.

The heroes were pulled from the past.
Perhaps Dialga or Celebi did it.

The first two Mystery Dungeons are in the same world. The PMD2 hero is a foundling.
  • This troper has a theory. I'm assuming that PMD1 and PMD2 are in the same world, but generations apart. Whether they also share a world with the mainstream games is up to you. Anyway, my theory is as such: some time before PMD1 took place the world was inhabited by both humans and Pokémon, but humans eventually left the world for some reason leaving Pokémon behind. It can't be long before PMD1 because several human constructions are still standing. Eventually, generations later, at some point between the present of PMD2 and the future of PMD2 the humans return, and are all but wiped out by Primal Dialga, leaving only a few humans left, including the player, probably as a baby. One by one the remaining humans are picked off, leaving only the player, who is taken in by Grovyle. The rest is history. Future history.
    • I think you've got it. If what you said is true then that means that the 'world of humans' mentioned in PMD 1 is the past, and that is where you were pulled from. That really explains everything, good job!
    • My theory is that the humans left the PMD world before the first games for some reason, and some humans returned (along with the player as a baby and his parents) after everything went to hell in the Bad Future of the second games. Then Primal Dialga picked off those humans, but not the player's parents managed to hide him until Grovyle found him.
  • The part of same world is confirmed.

Actually, the first two Mystery Dungeons take place in the very distant past.
Explained in the Explorers games. However, in the Red and Blue games, time isn't being messed up. Anyway, the games take place in the past before humans even appeared. This would suggest that Pokémon are the original inhabitants of the world. Humans are either aliens or descendants of the Pokémon. Finally, the world that PMD2 takes place in is the same world where the original is set. The original area is simply the mainland, maybe even part of a larger continent, and the PMD2 world is simply an island off the coast of the main landmass.

  • Except in PMD1 one of the Friends Areas is described as being a 'ruined human laboratory', so it can't have been in the distant past.
  • Best part is that you can use legends IN THE MAIN GAMES to help support this. One of the old legends implies that Humans are skinless Pokémon, and that they took off the skins before going into villages. This could be a bit before Pokémon started doing this, and why there are a few, although rare, humans, and why some Pokémon freak out a bit when they find out that you are human. After all, you are essentially a Pokemon who tore off their own flesh
  • If they took place in the distant past, then where did Mewtwo come from? What about the Porygon, Voltorb, and Magnemite evolution families?
    • What does Magnemite have to do with this? I am sure they aren't man-made (or have man-made origin in Voltorb's case), unlike the other you mentioned.

The Arbok of Team AWD and the Medicham of Team Charm were once members of Team Meanies.
Call it youthful indiscretion? It wouldn't be the first time a couple of kids fell in line with some jerk promising grand things — "Oh, we'll rule the world one day, you'll see!" Eventually, of course, the team drifted apart, and after Gengar had to take care of plot-related details, Ekans and Medicham went their separate ways. Both ended up as part of new groups, Ekans evolved, and everything worked out pretty well. (Plus, this theory makes certain events in Sky more... interesting.)
  • Does that mean that Team Charm's Gardevoir is the same one rescued in the first game?
  • It's possible, but in when Team Charm and Team AWD face off in Special Episode 4 in Sky, wouldn't Medicham and Arbok have recognized each other? Or at least, Arbok would've recognized Medicham?
    • Maybe Arbok did recognize her, but didn't want to say anything out loud so that Weavile wouldn't get angry with him?

Gardevoir from Team Charm is the same Gardevoir from Red/Blue Rescue Team.
Sometime after being released from Ninetales' seal in Murky Cave, and with no memory of why she was sealed in the first place, she decided to strike out on her own. Eventually, she meets Lopunny, who invites her to join her Rescue Exploration Team, and she accepts. They later meet Medicham, and the rest is history. This theory helped by the fact that, statistically, Gardevoir seems to be the most experienced of the trio. (highest level, etc)
  • Gardevoir appeared in town and joined the player's team after being freed in the original dungeon games.
    • Well, she could just quit sometime afterwards (we don't know how many times passed between two games) and joined Team Charm later.

Grovyle from Time/Darkness is the human protagonist from Red/Blue.
I mean, this is a WMG page after all.

The Xatu in the first PMD is the one who opens Treasure Chests in the second.

The first Wigglytuff is the Guild Master's mother
As in the one from the first game.

The human from the second game is actually the future self one from the first game.
When time broke down, they were reverted to their human form, the canon partner for the first game was a Treecko who became Grovyle. Having saved the world once, they try doing so again, eventually traveling back in time, the player ending up in the same situation they did in their original adventure, but not knowing it. Also, they could be Gengar, who was the reincarnation of a human.
  • Alternately... If the protagonist is Gengar, who is still wanting to make up for his past actions, then Grovyle is the R/B player character (combining this with a guess seen above). No idea where this would put the R/B partner, but Gengar and Grovyle eventually started working together after saving Gardevoir.
    • How does Gengar have a Dimensional Scream anyway?
    • The partner of Explorers is the child of Red/Blue's partner. The team split up after a while (Let's face it, almost everyone restarts their games at some point), and the two ended up with a distant relationship, thus explaining why the Explorers partner doesn't recognize Grovyle. Due to non-specified genders in the first game, we could assume that the R/B partner was male, and ended up with the Explorers partner's mother.

The human from the second game is the alternate future version from the player of the first game
After the future was saved,the world had a happy history up until the point were the player character from Darkness/Time was born, only that the planet wasn't paralyzed and all. But another problem arose in form of the meteor, The higher power that Gardevoir worked for knew that the Player saved the world in an alternate timeline and thus he/she was chosen to save the world...again.
  • But the Explorer player had Dimensional Scream.

The games take place on an alien planet.
Hence why humans don't exist in the games.
  • And yet they know about Humans existence. Explain.
    • The planet is within close proximity to Earth. If Pokemon wish to go to Earth, they use special transporters. However, not all Pokemon are aware of what humans are like. They just hear about them through rumors. The partner could be one of those Pokemon since he/she didn't know his/her kind could work with humans as a team.
  • I`d say Parallel Universe
    • To be more specific, PMD takes place in a parallel universe to ORAS.

Humans are from parallel universes
In the pmdverse, humans do not evolve naturally (in the Darwinian sense). However, the pmdverse exists alongside universes in which they do eg. the main series [[spoilers:in both iterations]]. The unstable spacetime that allows for the existence of mystery dungeons allows humans and their works to cross over from their native universe to pmdverse, though this is very rare, enough for humans to be regarded as mythical among the residents of the pmdverse. While they can be summoned directly, the summoner would have to know humans exist, making it likely that the first humans in the pmdverse arrived on accident.

The events of the games prior to Gates to Infinity are just an illusion created by Munna
The player characters were indeed former humans, but this was Munna's way of making sure they never meddle in Kyurem's plans. That was how they eradicated the other former humans mentioned by Hydreigon. The events in the games could also be their dying dreams.

The "It takes place in the past" and "It takes place in the future" theories are both true.
However the first two games took place in opposite order. Pokemon: Time and Darkness takes place in the main series' prehistory, while Pokemon: Red and Blue Adventure Team takes place in the distant future. The 4th gen Mystery Dungeon games occurred while humanity was in its primitive tribal stage, just beginning to begin a relationship with Pokemon. In the Bad Future, the main series didn't happen. When it was negated, humanity didn't have the threat of Primal Dialga and rose to dominance, and after tens of thousands of years the main Pokemon series began. Tens of thousands of years later human civilization collapsed and reduced them to their previous era of savagery. With Time and Darkness, humans were mythical to Pokemon because they were just starting. With Red and Blue, humans were mythical to Pokemon because we'd been thrown back to that Stone Age. Now wait, you ask: a number of Pokemon appear in both games that need human civilization around to explain them. Well I've got two possible explanations for that: one is that time travel was used, and the other is that both that place tens of thousands of years into the future, but between the second and first Mystery Dungeon games society rebuilt itself. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity take place at the end of the Special Episode of "Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky." When everyone in the Bad Future was spared, the Powers That Be solved the problem by creating an entirely new universe for them. Gates of Infinity is the future of that timeline, but set in the same era as the main series. This explains why there, you're transported from another world-you were pulled from the main series timeline to the Gates of Infinity Timeline.

  • Likely jossed considering that Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon has the members of Team ACT (Red/Blue)and the members of Team Skull (Explorers) show up at the same time, even on-screen simultaneously if I recall

The Pokémon world is a dream world/afterlife
All the human characters are either dead, or in a coma.

The dungeon-dwelling Kecleon take over Monster Houses for their shops.
While finding items in mystery dungeons is pretty easy, the best stuff tends to be inside Monster Houses. The Kecleon are aware of this, so they specifically seek out Monster Houses. When they find one, they summon their buddies, slaughter everyone inside, then gather up the goods and set up shop. That's why Kecleon are so strong and how they're able to instantly call in help if any adventurers try to swipe their stuff.

Humans are alive and well, but the Pokémon towns are far away from them.
Apparently humans very rarely visit, if ever.
  • I always thought this was true as well. It explains why all the Pokémon know what a human is, even though you don't actually see any in game.

It is taboo to mention someone's real name in public.
The Pokemon do have names besides their species names, but for some reason there's a strong taboo against using them in public. Not even the confusion of having, say, two Kecleon running a shop or a pair of Ursaring is enough to overcome it. The Pokemon that join your team signal their working relationship with and trust in you by telling you their real names, and Alakazam, Chatot, and so on probably refer to the hero and partner by their species names. The partner is forward enough to ask the hero's name at the beginning as they can tell the hero's extremely dazed and probably needs all the bits of memory they can get.
  • Perhaps using a given name is an extremely informal method of address, used primarily for close friends and those of lower status.

All Pokemon have unique names; the games simply omit them because of Nominal Importance.
The only Pokemon whose names matter are the ones the player inputs themselves: The Hero, his/her Partner, and everyone they recruit. Everyone else has names; the game simply doesn't use them because this story is ultimately all about the hero and their friends. Wigglytuff's name isn't mentioned because the Guild's called "The Wigglytuff Guild", and revealing his real name would just confuse the target audience, wouldn't it? Same goes for Chatot, Bidoof, Sunflora and the rest: it's easier to just address them by what they are and conserve details rather than juggle extra names. Plus, this lets any fans who really care about such details to invent their own, putting that much more of a personal spin on their version of the story.
  • I support this. It would be difficult for the new player who is unfamiliar with the new gen of Pokemon to remember their names, especially if they had their own nickname.

Pokemon believe in the Power of Names, and thus only reveal their "real" name to close allies (unless they are a transformed human ignorant of this view)
As seen on the Black and White WMG page.
  • I would agree, except the Partner always says their name when they’re a total stranger.

Palkia is responsible for creating Mystery Dungeons.
None of the Pokemon seem to know or even care why the same dungeon is different every single time you go inside. The existence of Dialga and Palkia has also been shown to be a little less than common knowledge. It's reasonable that Palkia could use its powers over the fabric of space to keep these dungeons constantly rearranging themselves. The Pokemon inside these dungeons could even be attacking you as a side effect of being exposed to these powers. When you beat the crap out of one, sometimes you knock enough sense into it to make it want to join you.

Berries are the Pokemon-world equivalent of energy drinks.
Ever wondered why they cause immediate rejuvenation? This is made even more evident in the first TV special, where they cause whoever eats them to suddenly perk up or become hyperactive.

The Adventure Squad trio of games are Lighter and Softer as part of a Batman Gambit by the developers.
The Explorers games got a LOT past the radar, so just in case the Moral Guardians happened to catch wind of that, the Adventure Squad games are Lighter and Softer by comparison. This way, the Moral Guardians won't find anything objectionable and will dismiss the series as "kiddie fluff"... at which point the fourth games will spring the Surprise Creepy on any players lured into a false sense of comfort by the third trio.
  • Confirmed, sort of... so the fifth game will be Lighter and Softer again?
    • Considering the plot is Pokemon turned to stone, I think the pattern is broke.
    • The Japanese website says that Super Mystery Dungeon takes place in a High School A.U., or at least a school. Whether or not this means the game OVERALL is Lighter and Softer in the same way that Persona 4, a murder mystery is, is unknown.

The player character is asleep in a hospital on life support. The reason he/she stayed is because he/she doesn't want to wake up.
  • Why all these horrible WMGs? Why does everybody want to think of the worst?!
    • Agreed! What is WITH you people?! Sadly, I get the feeling everyone is just going to ignore us and carry on with these ridiculously tragic WMGs.
    • Frankly, this is the only time when “Main Character is in a coma and dying” actually makes any sense. Because it’s far more likely they haven’t suffered abuse and aren’t orphans, considering how the Player always acts. They seem to be a normal, well-adjusted if naive person. Yet they throw their entire human life away, permanently, to become a Pokémon. Plus it means Pokémon like Gardevoir who made you into Pokémon aren’t choosing someone who will want to go back once done with the job. They pick someone with nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Someone who can put their whole heart and soul into saving the Pokémon world, with no regret. They give them a second chance at life as they’re dying. It’s honestly optimistic, not “horrible” or “tragic”.

The Pokemon aren't talking.
It's Translation Convention. In PMD2 though, you may or may not have been able to understand Grovyle when you were a human.
  • Maybe in Poke-speech, but the player can understand them, so they ARE talking to each other at the very least.

The land of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon started off as an uplifting social experiment.
Considering how people exist in the Bad Future, people seem to still be around in some form. A group of scientists, interested in Pokemon's potential for intelligence, wanted to see how a truly independent Pokemon society would develop. The supposed ruins of human buildings are the human structures used for this experiment. Humans are no longer around as part of the experiment, and because centuries have passed since this experiment began. Artificial and resurrected Pokemon like Porygon are there to watch it progress. Legendaries decided to migrate here because it allows them to be respected as the Poke-gods that they rather than glorified super-pets. The wild Pokemon in the Monster Houses are un-uplifted Pokemon.

The Rescue/Exploration Team Badges provide a psychic link between teammates
The badges are made using super advanced junk Pokémon found that humans left behind. The badges provide a temporary psychic link that allows the rescue or exploration team to see what each other sees and share the same bag (which, by the way, is a small dimensional hole). The badge can also be used to teleport Pokémon out of dungeons, but only if they are not the leader. For that, an 'Escape Orb' is needed to provide more power. The badges can also teleport a team to certain relays across the continent, which is how you can get to places so fast. The regular series's gym badges are probably prototypes for this tech.

The one asking you the questions in the Explorers personality quiz is Celebi
.This game repeats the first game's "This is the portal that leads to the world only inhabited by Pokemon". In the first game it made sense, since you're from the human world, but in this game, you're from the future. However, you did enter a portal to go back in time: The Passage of Time!
  • Um, yeah. This one's heavily hinted by the personality quiz music returning in a certain scene...
  • Plus, this could explain why Celebi seems to recognize you when Grovyle takes you to meet her.
    • So wait, the personality quiz is the time travelling rift? What, Celebi set up everything?! (The Man Behind The Man Behind The Man?!)

The Mystery Dungeon Pokemon are descended from genetically altered Pokemon.
The land of Mystery Dungeon did have humans, but they all died out. Before that time, a group of scientists genetically altered their Pokemon to be much more intelligent, cooperate with each other, live in houses, and use money. Poke is the currency the humans used.

After the other humans found out about the genetically enhanced Pokemon, the scientists and Pokemon were driven from the land. They landed in Mystery Dungeon Land and colonized. The humans built the Friend Areas Power Plant and Decrepit Lab for themselves. They also built the beginnings of Pokemon Square.

Eventually, the humans died out. The Pokemon bred with the native Pokemon and created intelligent, competent Pokemon - the Mystery Dungeon Pokemon. The Max Elixirs, Proteins and T Ms were created by the scientists and left behind. The Pokemon now live so well because they are so intelligent. Nowadays, nearly every Pokemon is related to the genetically altered Pokemon. Also, the gummis were a kind of fruit altered to enhance intelligence.

You're an orphan with no friends.
That's why you don't care about your family in any game, and in the originals you didn't care about former friends or any connections. You're more than content with staying.
  • World of talking animals and awesome adventures > School, homework, work, your boss/teacher, over-restrictive parents, annoying little brother, etc any day!
  • But the player has no memory of his family or friends in the real world. Would you rather go to a world where it's a crapshoot whether or not you were accepted in life, or stay in a world where you already have friends, one of whom would be particularly distraught at you leaving?
  • Probably not the case in Gti, which deliberately downplays this idea.

The Bittercold and Dark Matter are the same/similar beings.
  • Both of them are said to be made of the negative emotions in Pokémon's hearts, but there are a number of differences, such as appearance, and abilities. Here's this troper's theory on the differences; The Bittercold came about because Kyurem tried to accelerate Dark Matter's forming process in an attempt to get the wait over with. The end result is that Dark Matter was "stillborn", left half-formed, and so it wasn't sentient. Despite this, it still had it's mind control powers, but it used them purely on instinct, to disable anything it saw as a threat; hence the Winds of Despair. If we take a look at the cores of the Bittercold and Dark Matter You can see that they look almost exactly the same. So, the Bittercold is what you get when you try to wake Dark Matter up early.


     Crossover with the main games / other media 

The player fought Shadow Pokemon at some point
Some of the Mons you fight within the game are actually Shadow Pokemon corrupted by someone (or something) somewhere for whatever reason. These are the ones that show no remorse and will mercilessly slaughter or otherwise harm anything and anyone who gets in their way (whatever "their way" even means) i.e. a non-Shadow acting the same way would be an instant CM.

But why don't any of them use Shadow Moves, you might ask? Well I propose that who- or whatever is corrupting them decided that, instead of changing their type and overpowering their moves, they would destroy or at least shut down the Mon's sense of morality ('cause if those damn moral codes hold you back, then how 'bout we just not give a shit about them?) and let 'em hurt people for shits and giggles. Will purifying fix this? I dunno, I've never tried it.

In fact, this could be why Darkrai is so horrible in this continuity, unlike in any of the others.

These Pokemon are more evolved then their main game counterparts
Our meaning of evolved, not the metamorphosis kind in the series. They're sapient for one thing. They don't appear to follow any animal instincts like the main game Pokemon. They don't hunt and they all appear to be either herbivores or omnivores. They naturally get along with other Pokemon no matter the species or gender. They have a better sense of the world then most Pokemon in the game continuity and they can create buildings. Due to the lack of exposure to humans and human things however, they still don't understand certain things, such as potions or computers.

The mons are M.D.C creatures
It explains how they can survive things that can kill a normal human being.

Dusknoir's ancestor used a Master Ball on Primal Dialga.
When everything started going pear-shaped in Mystery Dungeon 2, various Pokemon attempted to get control over Primal Dialga in a vain attempt to restore his sanity. At some point, a Dusknoir (or a lower Pokemon in the evolution chain) found a curious relic left over from human times; it proved to be a Master Ball, and this ancestral Dusknoir used it on the raging time god. It obviously didn't fix much, but this is why the Dusknoir of Grovyle's time seems to act as both Primal Dialga's enforcer and keeper.
  • Alternatively, Dusknoir is descended from one of Dawn/Lucas' Pokemon.

The Mystery Dungeon Series takes place in Pokemon Storage Network
The whole shebang takes place in the Pokemon Storage network inside of the main games, sometime after the original games, as early as Gold/Silver. I know only the following in support of this theory.

Bill from the main series is introduced as having turned himself into a pokemon of some kind during a teleportation device accident. The Pokéballs (And PC boxes) are described to be able to make an environment the captured 'mon likes. The PC network from Bills storage system has a central server, where all the Mon's are stored (Elsewise, you could never reach them from just anywhere with a PC.)

Bill, after his teleporter incident was confused as to whether he was human or not.

So my wild mass guess:

The Player Character is sent intentionally into the PC network to check the program for errors. This explains why the levels are randomized: The infinite challenge and stimulation keeps your Mons in storage from getting bored. The Time Gears are physical manifestations of the Kernel that underpins the whole system, and the places like Treasure Town or whatnot are mass hubs on the Central Servers where the Mons are left free.

Time is also accelerated from the outsider's perspective. That's why humans and their appearance are common knowledge, but their absence is unremarked upon, as they know deep down they're in some kind of deeply involved simulation.

  • Out of curiosity, what does this mean for the I Choose to Stay part of the Rescue Team games, or the ending of the Explorers set?

    • Or, after Bill was transformed into a Pokemon. The computer actually created a digital copy of said Pokemon (Yeah the games said Clefairy, but we can pretend to ignore that and pretend it's in a parallel universe) and uploaded it onto the Wi-Fi into the PC. And that copy with no memories is basically "Avatar, Pokemon Style" though even the backstories are fabricated, as it's part of the simulation. So yeah, we're playing as Bill, which a glitch may or may not have made his Poketar a female.

  • Why can Pokemon evolve there, though?

The game takes place in an Alternate Universe...
...where Lance succeeds in destroying the world in Pokémon Adventures! Lance said that after his plan succeeds the world would be entirely populated with Pokemon except for a few skilled trainers after he succeeded in his plan, so the humans that are left after the apocalypse would have likely died out. A few decades after humans become extinct, the Pokemon would start to develop sentience (if Pokemon "evolve" all the time, they'd likely develop that in a situation where there are no humans around), and the rest is probably history. Pokemon probably know about humans because there are still remaining ruins of human civilization (it's probably no less than fifty, and no more than a hundred years past the destruction), or because there were legends that told about humans.

However, this can't solve the problem as to where the human protagonist in Time/Darkness came from in the future, which leads to my next WMG...

  • Maybe the player character is descended from the trainers Lance selected? While there would only be a few of them, yes, that would actually help explain why the protagonist is a human but we see no other ones. There were so few humans to start with, that they left very, very few descendents behind. They probably had some form of specific population control to ensure that there were still a few people around, but not too many to keep them from abusing the Pokémon.

The Mystery Dungeon world is an alternate universe where N's plans succeeded.
N wants to create separate worlds for humans and Pokémon, right? This would explain why the Pokémon in Mystery Dungeon know of humans, but none appear.

A future PMD will connect the mystery dungeons in that title to the Dream World.
This will be used to explain their random nature, as well as give the developers an excuse to use the alternate Dream World Abilities and moves for all the pokemon. (This will be handled the way they already handle pokemon that have multiple potential Abilities: they'll just have both.) At first, the game will appear to be Sweet Dreams Fuel, with pokemon happily living out their dreams of adventure by exploring the mystery dungeons; however, soon the Surprise Creepy kicks in, as they gradually discover signs that there are disadvantages to the Dream World making things real. Ultimately, they'll have to face the Big Bad's evil plan to corrupt the Dream World for its own ends...

N is the ancestor of the Explorers hero.
However he/she ended up with the future crew, they're a human who understands Pokemon. N wound up passing the skill down.

N is the Explorers hero.
Though this kind of breaks down if you played as a female...
  • If N changed his entire goddamn SPECIES, I don't think changing from XX to XY or vice-versa is that big a stretch.

The Explorers games take place inside the PC system
This is how your Pokemon keep themselves entertained when you're not using them. The other exploration teams are the player's other Pokemon, and the Wigglytuff Guild are part of the program. Normally, the system does its job pretty well. But when a bizarre glitch appeared in the PC system, the player character and their Grovyle were sent in to attempt a bug fix. The glitch interfered with the transfer, and the PC lost their memory and landed on the beach. This is also why there's a personality quiz at the very beginning of the game - it's preparation for the transfer, trying to make sure the PC is converted into a Pokemon that matches their battling style. (The part where you choose your partner, on the other hand, I have no clue.) At the end of the game, Dialga restores the PC by, essentially, copy/pasting them from their battle with him. The original PC and Grovyle were successfully pulled out of the system after fixing the glitch and are living happily in the human world; the version of the PC that comes back to live in the Mystery Dungeon world is a duplicate. This also neatly explains any problems with the world-building: it's not meant to make sense, it's meant to be an in-universe fun virtual reality game.

The Mystery Dungeons are games within the main series of games.
It serves as a decent explanation of why one series is so drastically different from the other. In the main games, virtually no Pokemon are sapient: the Pokedex has referenced Lucario and Lapras as being capable of understanding human speech, Alakazam's ridiculous IQ, and a few other hints of intelligence, but as far as gameplay goes, Pokemon are no closer to sapience than your average wild animal. It also explains that whole "Darkrai" thing; outside of Mystery Dungeon, Darkrai is established as not being in any way malicious. Nintendo as a company does exist within the main series; the only reason Mystery Dungeon has never been brought up is because of the Law of Conservation of Detail.

The Pokemon are reincarnations of human characters.
  • Legendaries could be an aversion, considering they're generally immortal.
  • The hero is the exception to this: you were literally plucked from your time period, and turned into a Pokemon. As for why you could exist in the future, that's because someone managed to bring back the humans.
  • The single exception to all this would be Cyrus, since he'd still be in the Distortion World.
  • Gengar is likely Paul. After all, he's a jerkass and could've very easily cursed himself. The entire experience could be one big Ironic Hell for him. (Considering Gengar in canon, this isn't much of a stretch.)
  • Whiscash/Torkoal: Old Man Weedle.
  • Team Skull: The Team Rocket trio. Koffing = James, Zubat = Jessie, and Skuntank = Meowth. That's right!
  • Darkrai: Motherf*** GHETSIS!
  • Grovyle: [Insert character voiced by Dan Green here]

The original Mystery Dungeon games occur in future!Oblivia
Future Oblivia collided with Hoenn due to shifting tectonic plates. This awakened the weather trio, who proceeded to destroy stuff. Due to this, the area was abandoned. My proof? Well while the islands potentially shifted around, stuff remained. Like the legendaries, the Latis, beasts, birds and Celebi, not to mention Mewtwo. Mt Freeze, Thunder and Blaze are Mt Sorbet, Layuda and Faldera respectively. The wireless tower fell to disrepair, becoming Mt Steel. The Pokemon are making the best of what is left of human technology.

Ghetsis is responsible for the lack of humans.
Let's face it, if it furthered his goal, he'd take it. Wiping out humanity may have been an unintended side-effect, or worse, part of his plan. At some point, Ghetsis obtained a great power(the Creation Trio, Jirachi, etc) to kill all humanity, into a way that would reincarnate them all into Pokemon. Afterwards, he would use the disorientation and general lack of knowledge about human beings to conquer them all. Alternatively, it was a test drive in order to find a way to have total control of their minds.

The meteor in the first game is from a variant of the ORASverse
However, the Link Cable is used as intended, sending the meteor to the pmdverse where it gets destroyed by the native Rayquaza anyway. Note that both meteors contain a Deoxys that can be obtained after the meteor's destruction.

The Mystery Dungeon universe is the result of the Mons playing Sburb
Someone out there made the game, the Mons played it, they won and then repopulated in the universe they created. Said population was that of the Mystery Dungeon world. To extend from that, the meteor in the first pair of games was probably from the Reckoning of a future session to which Deoxys will be a vital character.

On that note, the group of players who created the original universe from which the Mons came may have been some of us, and in the process of repopulating started the Training system to prepare the Mons for the game, knowing they'd play eventually. Gotta have good-quality players, after all.

  • Side theory: Due to "the physical result of ascension to the god tiers [having] ties to the cultural image of perfection and perception of what godhood should be like for the species in question," (source) God Tier Mons would automatically become their final evolutions upon ascension—even if there were other evolutionary stages between. I.E. a Charmander who dies on its Quest Bed/Crypt would rise up as a God Tier Charizard.

The protagonist in PMD universe is Solid Snake.
  • Solid Snake is a codename used for extremely-skilled soldiers who excel in stealth and exploration. And the protagonist in PMD is a stealthy tactical fighter. This might link in Metal Gear properties in PMD games.

Dark Matter and, sequentially, the Bitter Cold are in fact Ultra Beast.
They're both eldritch creatures that seemingly come from other universes, and they only seem intent on destroying the worlds they form in. Just like the Ultra Beast in Sun and Moon are implied to have done with the Gen I-V univserse before X and Y...


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