YMMV / Speed Racer

  • Ear Worm:
    • The main theme will stay in your head forever.
    • The Russian version of the intro song known as New Adventures of Speed Racer is permanently etched into subconscious of a whole generation.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: While not exactly obscure in Japan, Mach GoGoGo is mostly known there for being popular in America. In fact, even the Japanese dub of the live-action film kept the American title and names of the characters and the 1997 remake was mainly made with the intention of dubbing it overseas.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The GRX from "The Fastest Car In The World" has a top speed of 250 mph and requires drivers to take a special drug to handle the speed. 250 mph is the approximate top speed of the Bugatti Veyron which has been driven that fast without any ill effects. In fact, when it was first shown on Top Gear, the presenter who first took it to said top speed was James "Captain Slow" May.
  • It Was His Sled: Racer X is Speed's brother. This was almost convincingly subverted in The Movie, making the Double Subversion at the end all the juicier (and more heartbreaking).
  • Memetic Mutation: Everyone has parodied how every character in the show is a Motor Mouth.
  • Narm Charm:
    • The English dub. It may make everyone a Motor Mouth, and be full of all kinds of weird verbal tics... and yet, the show wouldn't be nearly as beloved as it is without the corny acting.
    • The narration dramatically reveals Racer X's true identity (it's Speed's brother!!) practically Once an Episode, which goes from annoying and slightly patronizing to ridiculously funny after about the fourth or fifth time it happens.
  • Nightmare Fuel: There was a scene from one of the episodes of "The Most Dangerous Race" where Trixie has a nightmare where she runs up to Speed from behind, and he turns around and he's a snarling blue faced demon with nasty sharp pointy teeth... Who gets set on FIRE.
    • While mainly nameless extras, racers die a lot in this series. And apparently this is the norm. Because the anime came from the Sixties, depressingly, it actually kind of was.
      • "The Car Hater" has a scene where normal citizens get involved in horrific crashes (sometimes even catching on fire) because some thugs were paid to sabotage many cars.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Except it's so bad it's awesome.
  • Subbing vs. Dubbing: Many people actually prefer the dub because, well, a lot of people grew up on it and it has its Narm Charm from being made in the 60s.
  • Woolseyism: The "ninjas" were changed to "Assassins" in the dub. Which is actually correct, given their role in history.
    • Also while it did have renames, cut scenes and so on, it was one of the very first anime imports that tried to keep the spirit of the original show as faithfully as possible.