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Creator: Film Roman

Film Roman is an animation studio founded in 1984 by former Bill Melendez Productions director Phil Roman. Its first work includes the animated specials based on Garfield, as well as Garfield and Friends. Since then, they have worked on a number of other animated media, including:

However, in 1999, Roman left the company, but has yet formed another animation studio called Phil Roman Entertainment, which has produced Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. Film Roman itself is currently owned by the Starz/Encore premium TV networks group, which acquired the previous owner, IDT Entertainment, in 2006 (IDT had acquired Film Roman in 2003); The Weinstein Company also owns a stake in FR.

Bento Box Entertainment, formed in 2009 and a subsidiary of Film Roman since late 2010, has produced Neighbors From Hell, Bob's Burgers, and Allen Gregory.
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alternative title(s): Film Roman
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