Creator: Revolution Studios

Revolution Studios is a production company founded by former 20th Century Fox head Joe Roth in 2000 with support from Columbia Pictures, the Fox network and the Starz network. From 2001 to 2007, Revolution was a production company for films before Roth left to produce on his own. The company now exists as a television production company for their existing properties (they also have a reboot of xXx in Development Hell at Paramount Pictures).

Should not be confused with the Video Games Revolution 1986, Revolution X, and Re VOLUTION. Should not be confused with the Films Revolution 1967, Revolution 1968, Revolution 1985, Revolution 1989, Revolution 2009, and Revolution 2012. Should not be confused with the 2013 short story The Revolution. Should not be confused with The History Channel miniseries The Revolution 2006, the ABC series The Revolution, the NBC series Revolution, and the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode "Revolution".

Films produced by Revolution Studios include: