Creator: Marvel Animation

In 2008, Marvel Comics created a label under which it would publish future animated movies and series. The movies benefit from not being as bogged down as many of Marvels past animated works by having to appease to the censors, and in general have bigger budget and better writing.

The title has expanded continuously since its founding, and has even lead to its own television programming block, as outlined below.

Though the pre-2008 Marvel-based animated series are not officially under this label, they are included here for complete reference.

The Animated Movies are:

The Animated Series are:

The programming block is:

For other Animated Adaptations produced by Marvel Comics but which were not produced under the official Marvel Animation title:

  • These series were implied to share a common universe, and were a disorganised attempt to rival the-then ongoing strengths of the DC Animated Universe.
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series
  • Fantastic Four —Released as one half of a show called the Marvel Action Hour, combined with Iron Man.
  • X-Men
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • Iron Man —Released as one half of a show called the Marvel Action Hour, combined with Fantastic Four.

  • These series have no particular connection to any of the above:
    • Spider-Man Unlimited — Spider-man is stranded on an alien planet, with some Shout Outs to Spiderman TAS.
    • The Avengers: United They Stand — A short-lived 13 Episode Series revolving around the Avengers, but hampered by multiple Avengers being unavailable due to proposed movie deals at the time.
    • X-Men: Evolution — An early 2000s series depicting the X-men as predominantly teenage students.