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Western Animation: Cro
An educational/informative show about mechanical engineering and technology. It was based on an excellent children's technology book called "The Way Things Work" by David Macaulay. The show ran from September, 1993 to October, 1994. A total of 20 episodes.

The premise: A mammoth from the ice age is frozen in a glacier, and thawed out by a scientist and her kid sidekick. The mammoth, named Phil, can speak perfect English and comes from a surprisingly sophisticated tribe of mammoth scientist/engineers. Each episode, Dr C. and Mike would, in a cold open, encounter a tricky engineering problem with some device, and Phil would tell a story about solving the same problem years ago. Cue titles, then a Flash Back.

The titular Cro was a young human boy (presumably a Cro-Magnon man), whose adopted Neanderthal family was assimilated into the mammoth community. Although the humans were, for the most part, pretty stupid, the mammoths found their opposable thumbs useful.

Each Flash Back would have the mammoths coach Cro and his Neanderthal familiy through the solving of a problem with some type of simple machine. It differed from the typical Bamboo Technology in that all the devices were built on a foundation of good solid science.

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