Trivia / Speed Racer

  • The Danza: Sort of. Michi (AKA: "Trixie") was voiced by Michiko Nomura.note 
  • Executive Meddling: The 1997 remake. When it was failing to catch on with audiences and the ratings, the original director was fired, causing the production to be suddenly overhauled. Although this might have been for the better, it still failed to bring the ratings up and production ceased after the 34th episode, with 52 stories originally having been planned.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers:
  • What Could Have Been: As mentioned above, Mach Go Go Go '97 was meant to run for 52 episodes.

  • Big Name Fan: Internet celebrity Egoraptor/Arin Hanson has stated multiple times on Game Grumps that this is his all-time favorite movie.
  • Billing Displacement: Roger Allam plays Royalton, the principle antagonist. So where is he on the poster cast list? Nowhere.
  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $120 million (not counting marketing costs), $200 million (counting them). Box office, $93,945,766.
  • Casting Gag:
    • The Japanese dub of the film brings back three of the original voice actors, albeit in different roles. Kenji Utsumi, the voice of Inspector Detector in the original series, voices Pops Racer; Kiyoshi Kobayashi (the original voice of Mr. Black) is the voice of Tetsuo Togokhan; and Katsuji Mori (the original Speed Racer) voices Ben Burns.
    • In the Mexican Spanish dub, Arturo Mercado (the original voice actor of Speed Racer) voices Tetsuo Togokhan.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: In the Japanese dub, Speed Racer and Trixie are voiced by Jin Akanishi and Aya Ueto.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Composer Michael Giacchino was a fan of the original anime series as a child and he incorporated Nobuyoshi Koshibe's main theme when he scored the film. Emile Hirsch was also a big fan.
  • Star-Derailing Role: This film basically hurt Emile Hirsch's future in Hollywood (especially after receiving much acclaim for his previous role in Into the Wild), along with Christina Ricci's career. The two have more or less disappeared into smaller projects (in Ricci's case) or gone into smaller roles (in Hirsch's case).
  • Stillborn Franchise/Franchise Killer: Plans for a sequel were cancelled when this movie failed to perform. It also severely damaged the Speed Racer franchise as well.
  • What Could Have Been:
  • The actors who play Rex Racer and Racer X (Scott Porter and Matthew Fox, respectively) have the same birthday.