YMMV: Corpse Party

  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: Despite her strong Scrappy status, even some of her staunchest critics found Ayumi's fate at the end of Blood Drive tragic.
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Ayumi took first place in the Japanese poll. As for the western audience, well... see below.
  • Base Breaker: Naomi rubs some players the wrong way for her excessive Tsundere tendencies.
  • Breather Level: In Book of Shadows, the incredibly long "Shangri-La" and short but viciously difficult "Mire" are followed by "Tooth", a short, straightforward episode with only one, very obvious Wrong End and no real risk of succumbing to Darkening.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The whole soundtrack. Nicely ambient in all the right places too.
    • Corpse Party: Blood Covered: Repeated Fear's opening, Shangri-La. The ending theme is pretty sweet, too.
    • Massacre, which serves as Sachiko's theme is awesome for being equally mysterious and threatening, setting the mood for the finale.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: The main criticism for Book of Shadows is that none of the characters were sympathetic or likable and that all of the gore and killing felt it lacked any good meaning or taste.
    • The OVA Tortured Souls is beginning to get the same reaction, mostly because nearly everyone dies, and mostly in very gory and meaningless ways that serve little purpose other than shock value. Especially the ending.
  • Die for Our Ship: Some Ayumi x Yoshiki shippers tend to bash on Azusa, due to her subtle flirting towards Yoshiki, calling him 'Knight-kun'.
  • Fan Nickname: X Seed's forum has taken to calling Tokiko Tsuji (one of the murdered ghost children) "Gurgles".
  • Fridge Brilliance: Out of all of the ghost children, why is Yuki Kanno the one to show Ayumi and Yoshiki what really happened? It makes sense that Tokiko Tsuji couldn't, since she's still unintelligible even after getting her tongue back since the top half of her head is missing, but why not Ryou Yoshizawa, who only lost his tongue? Because Yuki is the only one who saw the face of the real killer!
  • Fridge Horror: Plenty of in-universe moments as the plot is pieced together, but one of the biggest involves a splattered corpse used for a bit of dark humour early on... mainly, who it turns out to be.
    • This is essentially the niche appeal of the game. You're given enough detail to comprehend the situation, but the rest is left to a horrifying imagination.
    • The way the students have to try and leave the school? By begging the forgiveness of Sachiko, the one responsible for all the horror and pain they suffered, via ritual. And even then, they only have a small amount of time to escape!
    • In an extra part, we see Ms. Yui reminiscing about her life, and it ends with her starting to cry about how lonely she is. Given the way Heavenly Host is set up, it's entirely possible that she'll spend eternity feeling the crippling loneliness she did when she died...
  • Goddamn Bats: In Blood Drive, the phantoms. Period.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The various Cruel And Unusual Deaths are accompanied by the corresponding sounds when people's eye sockets are stabbed with scissors or their tongues are cut out. While they're still conscious but unable to fight back!!! Sweet dreams...
    • This game is also heavily commended for the amazing voice-acting that gives a disturbing level of realism to the script, whether this means sobs in terror or screams of anguish as they're being brutually murdered or just saw their friends die.
  • Ho Yay: In the drama CD based on a Wrong End where Yoshiki ends up Buried Alive, Yoshiki has a hallucination where everyone is in love with him. Including Satoshi and Sakutarou. Including Kizami, who he never meets in-game (except as the "Anatomical Model" in the Science Room). In Extra Chapter 9, after accidentally breaking Sakutarou's glasses, Yoshiki has to walk him home. Sakutarou links arms with Yoshiki, who accuses him of feeling him up. It should also be noted that Satoshi and Yoshiki are on a First Name Basis, which is a bit unusual for teenage boys in Japan, plus Yoshiki's profile states that the reason Yoshiki goes along with school events is because of Ayumi and Satoshi. In Chapter 4, Satoshi hears a conversation between Naomi and Seiko just before finding Naomi hanging in the toilet stall about a Noodle Incident where Yoshiki actually touched Satoshi's crotch.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Naomi, a snappish, petty girl who embodies some of the worst stereotypes of a Tsundere... and pays dearly for them.
    • The ghost children (you know, the ones who cut out your tongue and stab out your eye if they catch you and kill Mayu by ramming her repeatedly into a wall) become this once you find out how they died. It turns out they aren't so bad once they get their respective body parts back.
    • Sachiko, herself might count. She witnessed the principal killing her mother and was killed as a result (plus, the principal later went back and cut out her tongue). On her birthday! To keep her mother from getting lonely, she started killing children to send to her. Eventually, she went crazy and started killing because she enjoyed it.
  • Les Yay: Seiko likes to tease Naomi with this, along with baiting her about her crush on Satoshi. The splash images for their chapters love playing this up as well by posing the two girls in various embraces. The first promotional images for Book of Shadows follow the same motif.
    • Corpse Party 2U gives so much from Sayaka. At one point when Sayaka, Naho, Aiko, Inumaru and Taguchi are partaking in a game to rescue Kibiki and they're stuck in a blacked out toilet, when the lights are back on, Sayaka finds herself on top of Naho...and starts nosebleeding. And that's not even getting to the fact that prior to that, Sayaka was constantly swooning over Naho. At one point she also gropes Naomi and as part of the quiz where they have to find out who has the biggest chest out of the three girls of the group, she and Naho start groping Aiko.
    • There is also a scene between Ayumi and Azusa where they're seen embracing, and Ayumi seems content about it later on.
    • Escalated in EX chapter 4 of Blood Drive. A large chunk of the chapter involves Sayaka, Magari, and Aiko all vying for Naho's attention. They not only feed her but kiss her on the cheek and agree to flirt with her equally. When Naho tries to comfort a despondent Sayaka, Sayaka talks her into going shopping with her and wearing matching outfits.
  • Nausea Fuel: see Hell Is That Noise and the Nightmare Fuel page for details. I dare you...
  • Nightmare Fuel: The game's title should clue you in.
  • Retroactive Recognition: This game was one of the first big roles for MANY popular voice actors of this generation. Some of them (like Tetsuya Kakihara and Tomokazu Sugita) have achieved MEGA stardom since this game.
  • Sequelitis: A good number of fans feel that the series hit a serious decline in quality with Blood Drive, which needlessly throws in numerous characters and events from the gaiden games and offshoot manga in a very shoddy attempt at Canon Welding.
  • Squick: Most of the game...
  • The Scrappy
    • Ayumi, for being The Load for most of the game due to being possessed so often, which leads to the player having to tread very carefully or get a Wrong End. It gets to the point where Yuka, the other resident Scrappy, can keep it together more. Ayumi is also heavily disliked for her general ingratitude towards Yoshiki, and also gets hate from the Fan Dumb for "friendzoning" him.
    • Yuka is not very popular because of her childish personality, being something of a Spoiled Brat, and the squicky fact that she's in love with her brother. That, and the fact that the girl just can't pee in the damn corner when she needs to go instead of starting an epic quest for a toilet.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: At one point, Ayumi can go Yandere and murder Naomi for her paper scrap after spending a decent chunk of the level Jumping Off the Slippery Slope. Naomi, however, gets the last laugh, leaving Ayumi to receive a very satisfying comeuppance. For those curious, it is that she crossed the Moral Event Horizon while unaware that Naomi was the only one left. She then discovers just how much she's screwed herself over, and collapses upon realizing that she'll never be able to leave the school - and the player gets to see the smile Naomi still has on her face.
    • Later in the game, Sachiko paralyzes the group after they hit her Berserk Button. The first thing she does after that is to slap the shit out of Yuka.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Or Scrappy Lack Of A Mechanic, really. Considering that the game encourages you to find other endings and you can die suddenly and for reasons you don't understand, you'd think the game would give you the options to skip cutscenes you've already seen. Instead, be prepared to sit through long dialog mashing the 'next line' button.
    • Played straight with the phantoms and environmental damage in Blood Drive. Players take less offense at the implementation of these ideas as the quantity. With phantoms in particular, unless the player has a talisman to extinguish them, they can be difficult to shake off as they progress through areas. Not even hiding in a closet to escape from them is completely reliable either.
  • Trapped by Mountain Lions: One particularly ridiculous sub-plot was Satoshi's and Yuka's quest to find her a bathroom so she could go potty. This takes up far too much time, with some toilets having no stalls, others with big holes in the way, or the stalls are full of hanged girls, to the point that so much time and trouble would have been saved if she had just peed in a corner somewhere. They even pass an empty bucket several times!
  • Trauma Conga Line: A standard in the series but especially so for Ayumi in Blood Drive. Her sister's bloody Heroic Sacrifice, guilt over casting the ritual that brought her and her friends to Heavenly Host in the first place, and nearly dying during a failed ritual to bring back her friends was bad enough. However, things quickly escalate. After accidentally helping to release Nirvana on earth, dealing with the guilt of leaving her friends behind in Heavenly Host, and finding out her quest to resurrect her friends was doomed from the start, she sets out to fix her mistakes. However, this involves cutting the Book of Shadows out of her stomach, having her eye gouged out by the Witch Queen spirit, eating the fleshy walls of Nirvana to help devour and contain Nirvana, and then ending up emotionless and wheelchair bound. While she brings the memories of her lost friends back into existence, her own existence is forgotten by everyone she knows and loves.
  • That One Level: Surprisingly, the first chapter can be this. There is one wrong end that happens at the very end of the chapter that can only be avoided by reading a specific newspaper that the game specifically warn you NOT to read in a room the game warns you NOT to enter. Worse still, the ending itself has no logical connection with the newspaper at all, so there's nothing cluing you in where you went wrong. And on top of that, every other time the game warns you not to read something, you have to heed the advice to avoid a wrong ending.
    • Also, the chase sequence inside the infirmary is perhaps one of the most difficult in the game as it takes place in a small room with parts of the floor that gives in when approached, causing you to easily get cornered. It is the only such sequence where running into your assailant only chips away at your HP rather than cause an instant dead end, but still.
    • The fifth chapter can be this for the same reasons as the first. At one point you find Naho's notebook and the rest of her notes can be found over the floors. If you have both parties meet up on the third floor before finding all five notes and confronting Naho in the Reference Room, you'll end up in a Wrong End. The game doesn't hint at any moment that you need all 5 notes to progress and Naho's notebook is also pretty easy to miss. And then there's the Kizami chase. You have to run through the Second Wing to lose Kizami and find a key to unlock the entrance. Only the key is on the same spot Sachiko is seen. This can screw over players because the game constantly tells you to avoid Sachiko as soon as she's sighted.
  • What an Idiot:
    • Mayu in "Demise". Being aware of the "Groundhog Day" Loop and that she died when she entered the infirmary, she decides to keep away from it, specially after seeing the ghost children coming inside. Later, Mayu noticed some weird bruise-like mark on her stomach but kept it secret from Kishinuma. She also noticed similar markings in Nana's legs. Later, Nana's legs are chopped off at the same area they were marked. Mayu assumed a similar thing would happen to her given the marks in her stomach. After Nana is taken away by Yoshizaku still alive, Mayu runs away and into Ayumi and Yoshiki, who ask her about what just happened.
      You'd Expect: Mayu to tell them the whole story and about the marks on her stomach. Ayumi is somewhat well-versed in the matters of the occult and even if she doesn't know anything about it, they could stick together trying to find clues. Particularly after it's been already stablished that being alone in Heavenly Host is not a good idea.
      Instead: Mayu runs away without telling them anything after she notices a similar marking on her compact.
      Even worse: Mayu, for some weird reason, is concerned with her personal appearance when she's trapped in a Genius Loci where Everything Is Trying To Kill You and her reason for running off was that she didn't want anyone to see her like that so she goes somewhere to try to hide it with make up. And where does she head to? The infirmary.
      The result: She is trapped in the infirmary. And eventually killed by Sachiko and the three children by being torn apart.
    • Yuka. She needs to go toilet at one point in Chapter 3 of Blood Covered. They had no luck with any bathrooms they've found as they either had no stalls or the stalls were unaccessible.
      You'd Expect: Yuka to just do it on the corner or in an empty bucket they passed by many times.
      Instead: Yuka keeps holding it in until they find a working toilet. Eventually, she goes to do it on the covered hallway while Satoshi waits at the Second Wing Entrance.
      Even worse: The same bucket is passed by many other characters in previous chapters, filled with a yellow, congealing liquid.
      The result: Satoshi is spirited away somewhere else and Yuka is now by herself. And eventually she is stalked by Kizami and could potentially die in a Wrong End. Because she couldn't do it on the damn corner.
    • Ayumi in the first chapter of Blood Drive. She wants to go back to Heavenly Host to retrieve the Book of Shadows and try to revive her friends once again. She asks Kishinuma for help and he, after a Declaration of Protection, throws out of the window and under a steamroller the stones that would allow Ayumi to go back, stating that going back without a plan is suicide. Ayumi runs off angrily, finds the stones and Mist approaches her again, stating he is an ally of hers, an apprentice of Hinoe and that he can take her to Heavenly Host. Kishinuma catches up, tries retrieving the stones back from Ayumi after she refuses to give them to him and promptly gets sent flying to the wall by Mist's paranormal powers.
      You'd Expect:Ayumi to, if she can't let go of her desire to bring her friends back to life, to put this on hold and properly think of a plan of action before she sets to Heavenly Host, as Kishinuma pointed out moments ago. After all, the times she tried to dive into something without properly doing her research turned out badly. And of course, NOT trust the guy that invaded her room twice and severly injured Kishinuma, has no evidence to back up the things he is saying and has an attitude that just screams Obviously Evil. Nor did he show Ayumi that he can be trusted.
      Instead: Ayumi goes with a complete stranger to Heavenly Host, believing he'll have her back in this.
      The result: Ayumi finds herself completely alone in Heavenly Host, and moments into Heavenly Host, Ayumi is chased by Mayu's spirit and ambushed by what amounts to Yoshikazu 2.0 while she's unable to run away. If things didn't turn out the way they did, Ayumi would have died right there.
      Even worse: Said stranger turns out to be the Big Bad.
  • The Woobie: Yoshikazu. He might be a shambling, murderous horror now, but in life he was a kind teacher who loved children right up to the moment he died. Being cursed into regressing to a child-like state and being under the control of a murderous rage-spirit who forces you to obtain victims for her is a fate he most definitely did not deserve.
    • And all because he was the principal's son.
  • World Of Woobie: With the exceptions of Kai Shimada and Principal Takamine Yanagihori, who are pretty much irredeemable, virtually every victim is a Woobie of some sort. It's that kind of series.