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Funny: Corpse Party
You wouldn't think one of the most frightening survival horrors since Amnesia would have any funny moments, but oddly enough...

    • In Extra Chapter 1, we actually meet the guy who says that. Surprisingly, he's a classy gentleman type. His name is Shimoda.
  • In Chapter 1, Seiko interrupting your searching to ask if Naomi has any of a certain type of medicine.
    Naomi: ...You really have no shame, don't you?
  • For those playing Book Of Shadows, you can go to the "Cursed Phonograph" section of the Bonus features to listen to the music in the game. When you select one, it'll do a slideshow of screenshots. Imagine playing "*Twinkle*Girls*" and getting a screenshot of Naomi holding her head in pain when the spell to revive Mayu fails.
  • Bit of Dark Humour, but seeing Kizami getting ambushed and wonked in the head by Yoshizaku while he is chasing Yuka is hilariously satisfying, given how much of a bastard he's been over the series.
  • Yoshiki tells Ayumi to blow her nose after appeasing Ryou. Ayumi does so, but...
    Yoshiki: What the hell!? Not on my shirt!
  • In the "Soulful Testimonies" of Book Of Shadows, Tomokazu Sugita talks about how the light went out when he was going to take a bath, so he bathed in mostly darkness. He then suggests taking a Ziploc bag, then corrects himself by saying he shouldn't mention brand name products, since it'll probably be censored (and it is). He suggests putting the game in a watertight plastic bag and playing Corpse Party in a "Darkness Bath" with bath powder added so that the water is blood-red.
    Sugita: Who would do such a thing, you ask? I would. I would do such a thing.
  • Naho acting like a cat to Sayaka's master. Equal parts hilarious and Moe.
  • Seeing the normally serious and uptight Fukuroi getting absorbed into a H-game.

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