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YMMV: BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma
  • Author's Saving Throw: Continuing the CS entry, ASW furthered their efforts by making Litchi look obviously not very pleased with working with Hazama/NOL and her ending involves her finally realizing how foolish her actions are. To top it off, ASW then tried pulling this with the NOL in general so they don't look like an always-evil empire thanks to the addition of Kagura Mutsuki. Head of the biggest and most powerful Duodecim family and a Colonel within the NOL, he's still an actually cool dude who'd shelter Noel and Makoto and chat with them with a smile even if they're public criminals.
    • CP actually zig-zags this for Litchi. First she's shown to be not very pleased against Hazama and Relius despite working with them, but then they made it that she didn't have a Heel Realization and instead plunged her into further depression to the point of helping Relius in attempting to reset the world. However, they've given enough hints that she's still unhappy with the choice and it was only because it's the only path available to her, making her show remorse, then proceeds to break down Relius and freed Litchi from his manipulations and gave her Carl to hang around with so she may temper her obsession in the future. Whether the saving throw succeeds is up to the player's exercise.
  • Awesome Music: Already, BlazBlue had its entire soundtrack on the Awesome Music page. This time it's all been remixed, and judging by early videos it is just as insane.
  • Broken Base/Base Breaker: The game may have gone over for the most part, but that still doesn't change a few controversial things people have claimed.
    • Noel's original costume is a DLC set. Now normally this would be alright by itself, but then Arcsys decided to include her old Astral Heat, in addition to her new one. Which means that Noel is right now the only character in the series with two Astral Heats.
    • The nixing of the individual character routes has led to some debates; some like the more streamlined experience, while others feel that the cast suffer from Out of Focus as a result, particularly the newcomers(See They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character below)
      • And the decision to kill off Terumi. Not so much that it was done, because he definitely had it coming, but the method in how it happened and who did it, with many feeling it should have been Ragna. Hakumen engages Terumi(Now separate from Hazama) in the True Ending, and with some help from Trinity, kills him with a never before seen technique. Its either really awesome or really anticlimactic
      • And the ending as well. Ragna "saves" Nu and takes her out of Take-Mikazuchi's core and has Celica heal her, no longer having any desire to destroy her. Hades/Saya shows up and the cast are helpless against her; at which point she commands for Ragna's grimoire to go out of control and morph him into Black Beast like creature similar to his bad ending in Continuum Shift.(And this is after Nu literally stabs him in the back) Ragna loses control of his body, and critically injures Jin and Noel. In the epilogue, Tsubaki decides to go after Ragna to kill him herself and Rachel tells her that she or Jin need to kill him soon before he becomes an even bigger problem. Ragna always got the short end of the stick, but this when people just started to throw their hands up in frustration with the series` treatment of the main character.
    • The removal of Library Mode from the US version has also attracted a lot of ire from fans who wanted it to clarify the story better.
    • Celica A. Mercury as well. Reading of the Phase Shift novels aside, those who like her find her sunny attitude and cute demeanor enjoyable, whereas her detractors consider her an unbearable Mary Sue who everyone speaks highly of and cares for, seems to completely dominate Ragna's character and story development and generally acts too foolish even in serious scenes. Her becoming a playable character has only fanned the flames.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Many people guessed Phantom = Nine years in advance of The Reveal.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: The story's ending quickly turns into the darkest in the series thus far, with it being the second game in the series in a row to have an ending where The Bad Guy Wins. Not only that but characters such as fan-favorite Terumi and Platinum getting unceremoniously killed off, and Ragna suffering a horrible fate as well has started to leave some fans really cynical about the story.
  • Designated Villain: For this game's story mode, Litchi can come off as such, aside being a mere Type IV Anti-Villain. She has her own Sympathetic P.O.V. and a good portion of the Sector Seven Story revolves around her POV, and she's completely non-malicious and only fights when provoked (excepting the climax where she is forced to with Relius nearby, but still with remorse), but due to the No Campaign for the Wicked in play, the player is not allowed to control her and instead given the control of her aggressors (Bullet and Tager), just because of her allegiance.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: While newcomers Amane and Bullet have their fans (especially Bullet), Azrael is the most well-received character out of all the newcomers, due to possibly being even more Rated M for Manly than Bang, and the fact that his Japanese voice actor's previous role was a certain six-armed god killer gives him even more popularity points.
    • Speaking of, this rendition of Bullet in a Ragna-inspired outfit has gotten a surprising amount of attention—and fanart—from people. She just can't help but look good in that Badass Longcoat.
  • Game Breaker: Kokonoe, who has caused the competitive community to seriously discuss a character ban for the first time since Akuma was banned from Super Street Fighter II Turbo tournaments. Nurfs have started to fix this but she is still very much top-tier.
  • Good Bad Bugs/Game-Breaking Bug: Unlimited Kagura has an OD Distortion where he rides his motorcycle into the opponent. Against normal characters this does a lot of damage, but against Relius and Carl this is a One-Hit Kill due to Nirvana and Ignis' Super Armor. Hopefully this gets patched out for the folks who do Unlimited Mars, as playing with either Clover against Kagura is a game of chance on whether or not he uses it.
    • If you use Noel's Astral on Kagura, she'll do her normal win animation of running off screen from him but the camera stays focused on Noel as she runs out where the stage is programmed.
    • Due to the fact that Terumi's stomping win poses count as hits on the combo counter, they add points to the score counter. When he defeats Ragna, Terumi is guaranteed points from a post-match 10-hit combo. This has been exploited for Score Attack use.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Litchi's Arcade win quote against Mu refers to her old world-hating form and says that she doesn't necessarily disagree with its overwhelming hatred that she wanted the world to be destroyed. This comes to a head during the story's climax, where Litchi sides with Relius to "recreate the world" where Lotte Carmine lives, meaning that Litchi actually has a secret resentment for the world. Before you call her obsessed like usual, perhaps you may want to notice that the current world would lead Roy to become Arakune and had Litchi contact Boundary corruption to save him, eventually robbing her her chance to live as a normal human being (and dooming her to become the next Arakune) in the current world, which makes her character and decision become more pitifully miserable. It's that kind of world.
    • ArcSys previously worked on Persona 4 Arena. In the original Persona 4, Izanami was revealed to be the ultimate antagonist, revealing that the previous Big Bads were just her pawns. The same thing has happened here, though the developments might not stick, depending on what happens in later games. Still, it's going to take a lot to dethrone a Goddess of Death as the main antagonist, and unlike in the Atlus version, this version of Izanami isn't running on Blue and Orange Morality or "doing what she thinks the best for humanity", but solely in for her own cruel ideal of a "Death World", thus far less sympathetic and more cruel.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: For the past two games, just about everyone and their grandmother has been belittling Kokonoe's lack of direct activity despite the fact that, as the daughter of two of the Six Heroes, she should have inherited enough power between Jubei and Nine to easily be one of the strongest characters in-series. (And the one time she actually did use the magic passed down from her mother, Kokonoe ended up killing Relius and thwarting the creation of another Black Beast.) Even when she's made playable in the console version of CP do characters like Ragna and Rachel spare no time in taking potshots at her alleged fighting ability. Then players had a chance to experiment with Kokonoe. Let's just say she most certainly lives up to the hype.
  • Memetic Badass: Not quite Kagura himself, but his bike.
  • Memetic Mutation: When Hakumen activates Overdrive in Japanese, the voice actor says "Yunito Kido!", but a lot of people mishear it as "UNIT COOKIE DOUGH!", and tend to refer it as such when describing his Overdrive.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Just in case you were thinking Imperator Librarius might be misguided in some fashion, or that Terumi and/or Relius didn't fly across the line in an earlier game, the three of them open every cauldron in the world for the sake of disintegrating every living being on earth and using their souls to summon - and slay - the Master Unit. Everyone who was terminally corrupted by the time Kushinada's Lynchpin activates dies anyway and gets absorbed into the Embryo instead, which the Imperator, now outed as Hades: Izanami, evoked from the remains of Take-Mikazuchi. Not one of them had any remorse over this heinous act.
  • Narm/Narm Charm: After Tsubaki/Izayoi is finally freed from the Imperator's control, she breaks down crying and begging for forgiveness in Jin's arms, and then Noel and Makoto break down into crying with her. While it's somewhat sweet (after all, they're finally reunited and they've all been through a lot), the noises they make are quite loud and ear-grating, not to mention over-acted. The Narm Charm comes in as some people find it still adds to the heartwarming... ness of the scene.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The new, crunchy on-hit sound, especially during Terumi's Astral Heat.
  • Player Punch: The True Ending and Epilogue. Ragna manages to destroy Take-Mikazuchi and free Nu from its core, Terumi is slain by Hakumen, and Relius is stripped of all of his resources. Relius' perfectionist attitude does not take failures well, causing him to suffer a massive breakdown, and he's now at the mercy of both his son whom he mocked before (and extremely traumatized casually long ago) AND the woman he's been playing like a puppet by using her love interest as leverage note . The heroes instate a good-natured, more proper leader (Homura, son of Tenjou) as the new (and rightful) Imperator of the NOL, which will help dispel its infamous reputation (in and out of universe) as a tyrannical organization. Happy ending? Wrong. Saya reveals herself as Izanami and the cast are completely helpless against her (Izanami never having required Terumi and Relius' help in the first place). Nu stabs Ragna in the back and Izanami forces his Grimoire to go out of control, turning him into a mindless berserker. Jin and Noel try to stop him, but are defeated (and in Jin's case, severely wounded). The epilogue has Rachel explain to a vengeful Tsubaki that either Jin or her have to kill Ragna before it's too late. Oh, and the new NOL, despite the alignment change, now ends up understaved due to Izanami's actions, meaning that facing her in the future will be even hardernote .
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Platinum possibly; she's quite a bit less grating this time around, largely due to Trinity, the most tolerable of her personalities, getting a lot more screentime as one of the six heroes. Her promotion to a regular on Teach Me, Miss Litchi also counts, where she fills The Straight Man role, and comes off as the least annoying of the three.
  • Screwed by the Dev Team: As noted above under Broken Base, Chronophantasma is a PS3 exclusive, leaving the series' 360 fans in the dirt. Unlike Metal Gear Rising, a Western release is currently not in the cards, to many a fan's consternation (while the 360 market is dead in Japan, which would explain the decision to make CP a PS3 exclusive, its market elsewhere is doing substantially better).
    • Being too large to fit on the 360's DVD-9 discs doesn't help it either. (The PSN download weights in at over 10GB.)
  • Shocking Swerve: In short, Chronophantasma is the Dream Drop Distance of BlazBlue. Really makes you wonder if Mori had Nomura work on some of the narrative.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: Drive Qualia, the ending theme for the story mode, is possibly the cheeriest sounding ending theme in the series. After the Player Punch what is the ending (which includes Ragna slowly turning into the Black Beast, Izanami creating the Embryo and Rachel saying that unless Ragna is killed off, Tsubaki has to kill her), it seems such a great contrast to it.
  • That One Attack: The Imperator's Magic Spheres, mainly because they are considered a different attack then Take-Mikazuchi which means you can get hit by Take-Mikazuchi's throw(Also a That One Attack) and be spat right into one of the spheres and take extra damage. The only way to get rid of them is a drive, which is hard for certain characters because it has to hit the middle.
  • That One Level: The period of a few chapters where Ranga can't use his Azure Grimoire in the story mode because of Celica has you face Jin and Azrael. The problem? Ragna can't use any of his Drive attacks at all, which means that not only is Ragna unable to use his own gameplay style, he can't use distorions. The worst part? Doing a drive results in you getting stuck in place for a attack and since this is Jin and Azrael, your fighting the two worst characters for such a thing.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Newcomers Azrael, Bullet, and Amane don't get that much screen time in the three routes. Azrael, while a major force, is pretty much just an obstacle for the heroes to overcome. We never find out what ultimately happened with Bullet's squad or her connection to Kokonoe, and Amane doesn't even try to involve himself in the main conflicts.
    • Mu-12 and Izayoi also qualify, sort of. In story mode they're treated as Super Modes for Noel and Tsubaki respectively, whom both get plenty of spotlight as it is. However, while both girls get enormous Character Development to attain these forms, they're actually very underutilized and you only get to use them in one fight each. Mu shows up a good portion into the story, and Noel only uses it to fight Nu (she loses), open an invisible door, and fight a berserk Ragna off-screen (which is another loss). Izayoi shows up even later than Mu does, and after Tsubaki gains control over the form the only thing she does with it is fight Carl. Although Izayoi might fare a bit better since Tsubaki is going to attempt to kill Ragna with it after he injured Jin and Noel. Should she or Jin fail to do so, Tsubaki will use it to kill Rachel as per her request.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Some of the chracter's Arcade paths provide some interesting plot points that are never addressed in the main story mode.
    • Azrael's ending has both him and Ragna unleash their full power and go all out against the other. Now while Ragna does fight Azrael in the main story mode, he chooses to restrain the Azure Grimoire and not fight all out showing a major growth in his character. Azrael then turns his attention to Kagura before being sealed away again, and his Power Limiter isn't even mentioned. While Ragna did grow as a character from not using the grimoire, how amazing would it have been to have an Unlimited Ragna vs. Unlimited Azrael fight.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: There's a lot these this time around, but the standout example is probably Kokonoe. Her entire playstyle pretty much revolves around fucking over the opponent's movement options, which is a pretty essential component in a fighting game. Her combos did tons of damage from relatively simple motions, and she was the only character with an unblockable setup that only a select few characters could escape. It got to the point when tournament scenes outright banned her from use. She's so good that even when they nerfed her in a patch that came out in March 2014note , she is still considered by many to be the best character in the game.
    • And on the low-tier end of the spectrum, Makoto get a lot of flames for being "trash tier." In Makoto's case, people are hopeful that another balance patch will bring her back up to something resembling her CS 1 self.

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