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Saints Row IV takes place in 2016 because of the 5 year time skip
Assuming "Zero Saints Thirty" takes place in 2011, this would mean The Boss got elected in 2012, and the game takes place in summer of 2016, when the Boss's low popularity with voters would matter a lot if they were trying to be reelected in upcoming November election.

The ship-based cast is expies of the crew of Serenity.
You've got The Boss/Mal. A badass that will violate moral boundaries for the sake of those they're close to, and doesn't care about anyone else besides their crew. You've got Shaundi/Zoe, a hard-ass high-ranking female that rarely shows much emotion to anyone, but does have it, and will show it to those she trusts the most. You've got Gat/Jayne, a badass rough-and-tough killer who doesn't quite care for plans or anything, just shooting things and having fun, but also has an emotional side. You've got Kinzie/Kaylee, the weird but cute genius girl who is hinted to be rather kinky (Kaylee met Mal while fucking his previous engineer in the engine room, and if Kaylee doesn't sexually get off on engines, I'd be amazed). You've got Matt/Simon, the young dorky genius guy with sexual tension with the dorky female (though, the same kind between the two, but still). You've got Keith David/Shepherd Book, the older black man with a sexy voice and more wisdom than the rest of the people. The only three there's not a good parallel for are Pierce and CID on the Saints' side, and River from the Firefly side of things, although you could consider Kinzie a combined expy of River and Kaylee, which leads to EWWWW.
  • Backed by the fact that Nathan Fillion is God.

Shaundi was right, Loa Dust does make you invincible.
Well, almost invincible, and you need to take a whole lot of it. However, look at Mr. Sunshine, the Boss and her. Mr. Sunshine has to be beheaded. The Boss is Made of Iron, and by the end of The Third, made of adamantium. Shaundi is similarly tough, seeing as she manages to fight alongside The Boss with ease now. Everyone else just didn't take enough.

Cyrus Temple is actually Kinzie's father
Kinzie's nightmare is pretty reasonable for an ultra kinky nerd girl who actually lost her job due to her not fitting in (while the Mossad lie was also a part of it, had they done a quality investigation, they would have found it to be a lie, plus she does admit the "moonlighting as a dominatrix" part was true, and she seems to think it was more a part of her firing), besides for Cyrus, who doesn't seem to fit. Additionally, her rage during her loyalty mission seems similarly out of place. Matt Miller revealed her secrets, got her fired and almost got her killed, and according to CID and his homie conversation, he has naked pictures of her, and they develop a respect and trust for each other over time. Cyrus is a dickhead, sure, but him running her nightmare Steelport and being the subject of so much hatred that it outright makes her go homicidal seems a bit strange. However, in 50s Steelport, it's mentioned that he's much younger looking. Why would the mental idea of Cyrus that is most dominant in Kinzie's mind not be the one that she knew after joining the Saints? It's simple: it wasn't the first time she knew him, because he's her father.

Cyrus Temple is the antithesis of everything that Kinzie Kensington is. She's a forward-thinking tech loving non-traditional girl that shuns people (although desiring someone to be close to), and he's a conservative, militaristic, traditional man with very good people skills. However, deep down, they're quite similar. Both are extremely vindictive toward anyone they feel wronged them, to the point that they'd screw themselves and betray things they believed in and put a lot of time into to get revenge. Kinzie, when pushed to the edge, enjoys destruction and violence just as much as everyone else, and is willing to get up-close and personal and beat the shit out of people.

Now, what would lead to her hating him that much, him being in her personal nightmare, and her being his opposite yet so similar? Why does she know younger him? Because he was her (abusive, controlling) father. Think about it, why would she end up in the FBI? There's no way she would have chosen to join on her own. It involves working for others, obeying orders, being around tons of people and losing independence. She joined the Saints due to needing to. Why would she want to be in the FBI, unless she was forced to join the government in some way by her father? She's not even too broken up about going from being in a group massively slaughtered by the Saints (FBI attacks in Saints Row 2 at max wanted) to being in the Saints. In fact, she doesn't care. At all. The fact that he's a part of her worst fear seems to be logical, if he was a controlling, abusive factor in her life. And, quite obviously, it would be easy for her to erase any records of their relation. Also, in their homie conversation, Pierce and Kinzie talk about Paul, and Kinzie is about to explain who he is to Pierce, but he threatens her with a secret about something in her White Crib desk. Sexual stuff is no threat to Kinzie, and as secretive as she is, most things wouldn't be kept in a sentimental-type location like a desk. A family photo perhaps?

Additionally, even saying some of who she is is genetic, a lot of her issues likely come from some earlier trauma. She doesn't even know to wash her hair, which seems to indicate that her family was extremely dysfunctional, and she apparently had nobody she was close to while growing up, ever, which would make sense if her father was an abusive, misogynistic man with his entire life being focused on his career. Considering that she comments in one of her homie conversations in this game that the Boss has banned her from using the word "sister(s)" due to her constantly seeking a "familial connection", her mother was likely dead as well.
  • This make's Kinzie's cyber-nightmare even more extremely creepy than it was, given that she was married to him.
    • Given how extremely abusive he'd already be in this theory (again, doesn't know how to wash her hair), yeah, I could see that happening.

Assuming that Saint's row 4 will have the same 3-act format that Saints Row The third had, Killbane will be the Disc-one final boss of the first act.
  • Jossed.

Predictions for Saints Row 4

  • Killbane and Dex will collaborate with the aliens.
    • Zinyak and the aliens will be revealed to be Dex and the remnants of the Masako using stolen secret Ultor technology.

Saints Row 4 will have a One Last Job storyline

Assuming that the ending where Shaundi, Burt Reynolds and Viola Dewynter all die is canon, the game will begin with Boss, having retired from the gangster life, visting the graves of his fallen comrades, telling them how sorry he is that let them die, eventually he is contacted by either Pierce, Zimos, Kinzie, or Oleg for One Last Job, and he decides to except it. ** The game seems to take a mix of the two, with Boss taking power even though s/he stopped STAG's terrorist attack.

Julius will be the main character of Saints Row 4, and the game will have Metal Gear Solid 3 expies.
Well Keith David is the Vice President. Interestingly there is a line that's censored at the beginning of the game, so it might be that Boss going for revenge will be retconned like other elements have been.

The fourth Saint's Row game will be a Red Faction prequel.
  • With the above guess established as canon, at some point in the fourth game The Saints will, in association with the Ultor Corporation, colonize Mars and the logical thing will happen from there.
  • May be Jossed, considering Earth is Atomotized. The Earth was is bad shape in Red Faction though but not to the Earth-Shattering Kaboom way.
Respawned people are hallucinations.
You regret killing people subconsciously, so your subconscious creates fakes to make you stay sane.
  • Wouldn't killing the respawns then make you really insane?
  • What makes this all the more insanely possible is the fact it would explain a lot of things, and that, while some events of the Saints Row series may be real, others could be the result of the Protagonist's mind becoming more and more warped:
    • It would explain the shift from the somewhat reality-themed first game to the surrealistic sequel, as a result of the people he/she murdered, and he/she also probably got hit in the head in the boat explosion, which caused a form of permanent brain damage that makes him/her see things, making his/her's "hallucinations" problem even worse.
    • Lin's, Aisha's, and Carlos' deaths were met with no small amount of denial by the Protagonist, and fueled by his/her inner desire to have them back, they DO return with a phone call to a voodoo company... but given his/her insanity, he/she only remembers that he/she was the cause of their deaths, so he/she only "sees" them as zombies and hears comments over the radio that they are zombies, corrupting the good memories he/she had of them.
    • The killing of Julius Little (the closest thing he/she had to a father figure) and the betrayal of Dex (a non-psychotic former close friend) actually wrecked the Boss' mind even more, to the point half the people he killed in the Looney Tunes-like mission "Ultor Family Fun Day" in the mission pack "Corporate Warfare" were either hallucinations, or real people he/she was actually killing — And the ninjas at the rooftop? Either cops trying to put you down, or the memory of all the Ronin you slaughtered coming back to haunt you.
    • ...The thing that may dismiss this theory, I admit, is the fact that, after I killed a cop, one of them said: "Don't worry! Nobody stays dead in Stillwater!". I kid you not.

You can control robots in Saints Row 4
  • Confirmed, mecha will be part of the game.

Possible plot of Saints Row 4

First of all the story will be slightly different depending on which final mission you did first if you have a game save of Saints Row: The Third, or, if not, the game gives you a choice of whether or not Shaundi is alive. No matter the choice, the Boss is forced to return to Stilwater either way, but the HOW is different:

  • If Shaundi is alive (Route A), the Saints return to Stilwater for the premiere of Ganstas in Space there, but the Boss is attack and/or the festivities are ruined when a gang shoot out erupts between members of three upstart gangs wishing to fill-in the partial vacuum left by the Saints during the events of the third game. Thus, the Boss has to boot out these losers from Stilwater.

  • If Shaundi is dead (Route B), the Saints are chillin' in the Broken Shillelagh or the Mayor Pierce Washington's office when a mysterious black garbed gang attacks them out of the blue. Though dispatched easily, the last remaining member blurts out a cryptic warning, saying that Stilwater will be the center of the coming reckoning before dosing himself with cyanide. This sparks worry in the Boss and feeling a bit homesick at this point with returns to Stilwater.

At this point, both A and B have established that Stilwater is under siege by three rival gangs, all of whom are connected to the Syndicate whose true colors are significantly DARKER than all the other groups faced before or after. The three major gangs are:

  • The Deckers: Though returning and still having the neo-cyber-futuristic look, they drop the Goth and Emo trappings as Matt Miller officially quits when he is ordered by the leading gang of the Syndicate to set up shop in Stilwater, wanting to avoid the Boss at all costs. They are instead led by a new female leader and makes the gang in Stilwater a mostly all-girls club with a new style to compliment the neo-cyber-futuristic look.

  • The Sons of Samedi: Another returning gang, it turns out that the Sons are in fact members of the Syndicate and have becoming much bigger internationally since their defeat in Stilwater, becoming far more successful in their home of the Carribean and in Africa. The gang is led by the cousin of the General, who was once an African warlord turned crime lord after the death of his brother. Initially volunteers to gain territory in Stilwater to take revenge against the Boss.

  • The Remnants: Either the combination of whatever dregs still remained of not only the Brotherhood but also of all three gangs from the very first game forcefully puts together by the Syndicate or an entirely different group all together.

One major plot point during the game would be the intense rivalry between the Sons and the Deckers, not only due to differing methods of crime and beliefs, but also because the Sons' new leader is a chauvenist who believes women are only good for making children and is forced to be in League with a a entirely made up of girl that can go toe-to-toe with his gang. The Saints take advantage of this and excellate the rivalry to where the leaders of both factions duking it out in a no holds barred dreamscape of epic proportions with the Deckers' leader using a tricked out internet avatar similar to what Matt Miller used and the Sons' leader using a dream avatar induced from drug-induced trance. The Boss uses BOTH methods simultaneously to enter the fight and make a MeleeATrois, with you choosing which one to take down to make permanently brain dead, forcing you to defeat the remaining fighter back in the real world.

Meanwhile, the overall story arc will involve the Saints directly facing against a group calling themselves    The True Syndicate   ,the gang that controls the entire Syndicate and the guys that Phillipe Loren used to answer to before he was killed. The leaders, whom are never seen and fought until the very end of the game, believe themselves to be the ancestors of the few sinners whom survived God's cleansing of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and use their global organization as their way of bringing together all of the planet's Evil together and spreading the word of their near-fanatical devotion to crime, making the group essentially a cult bordering on Satanic. Backstory reveals that Killbane , having no idea the true leading group ever existed and thinking the Syndicate was merely a equalized coalition or something went rogue by electing himself the new leader after Phillipe's death without going through proper channels.

In Route A, the Boss chews out Viola about this when she reveals she knew about these guys from beginning and never bothered to tell him/her.

Things are further complicated when STAG is involved. However, leadership, interactions with them, and ultimately the story depends on the Routes:

  • Route A: Commander Cyrus returns with a new second-in-command, forced out of retirement and once again clashes against the Saints. However, Cyrus is a bit more mellowed out towards the Saints due to the TRUE Syndicate revealing themselves and seeing them as the bigger threat, leading up to a an epic Enemy Mine when the Syndicate go into their master plan.

  • Route B: Kia is the Commander of STAG due to Cyrus getting killed off. She comes back after somehow surviving her own false terrorist plot to incriminate the Saints due to unseen cybernetic implants and replacements and quite possibly even MORE extreme then before, resulting in STAG not only managing to COMPLETELY decimate the Syndicate but also starting to plan possible world domination to eradicate all crime off the face of the Earth.

Now comes the endings, dependent on which Route is taken and once again having a choice of final missions that effects the final ending:

  • Route A: The TRUE syndicate has revealed that their final plan is to summon the single demon or legion of demons the leaders are worshiping onto the Living Realm, sacrificing the souls of all of Stilwater and using the city as said demon('s/s') main landing spot. The Saints then team up with STAG to siege the Syndicate's base of operations and then battling against its leaders one by one, whom allow their patron 'gods' to take control of their bodies, turning them into horrendous monsters. The Boss finally encounters the Top Leader of the Syndicate. Instead of fighting the villain, he bounces instead into the now, thankfully, human sized portal into Hell. Here you have the choice of either following the madman into Hell, or just shutting down the portal.

    • Going Global: The Boss shuts down the portal and is declared a National Hero by the President. Skip to somewhere in Switzerland where The Syndicate, no longer having the TRUE Syndicate as its leader, come together to decide who will run the entire organization. Killbane makes his appearance to declare himself the leader and for anyone who objects to face him in combat. Enter the Boss. This leads to a giant shootout mission where you have kill off all the Syndicate Leaders and then search out and kill Killbane himself all within a time limit. Afterwards, the Syndicate then belongs to the Saints, making the Boss essentially ruler of all crime on Earth.

    • Fallen Angels: The Boss winds up in Hell. The True Syndicate Leader ambushes him with a more powerful demonic form and ready to kill the Boss.........but then he gets rescued by Julius and Johnny Gat . They then become your homeys in this final battle where you not only have to destroy the True Leader but also the souls of every single major rival gang leader the Boss has ever killed in the entire series. Soon the battle is over, and the Boss meets up with all the other members of the Saints whom wound up in Hell. Flashforward, with a funeral set up for the Boss with control the Saints going to Shaundi and Kinzie, who reveals that she had feelings for the Boss. At the same time, in Hell, the Boss has become one of the top ranking Lords as well as gaining the ability to freely go between Hell and the Living Realm freely without having to possess someone. The final scene has the Boss, along with Julius and Johnny Gat, bursting into Lucifer's throne room and preparing to takeover Hell itself.

  • Route B: The President of the United States along with delegates from the United Nations converge together in Stilwater under the pretense of discussing how to deal with international crime, especially the Saints. Kia, however, plans to rig explosives around the meeting location, basically a repeat of her previous successful plan to discredit the Saints but on a much, MUCH larger scale. Kinzie catches wind of this, and the Boss goes off to save the day. He manages to disarm the bombs and publicly reveal that Kia was the one who blew up the national landmark from the previous game. However, at this point, she's mentally at a state where she doesn't care anymore and, in a fit of rage, uses the President of the United States as a meat shield to make her escape.. A chase ensues, and during and after you are given the choice of either rescuing the President or focusing entirely on killing Kia.

    • Klingon Promotion: The Boss manages to rescue the President, but then Kia gets away. Luckily, the President orders a full on missile strike on Kia's escape vehicle, which is soon completely destroyed with little chance of her being alive. The Boss is then declared an international hero recognized by both the US and the UN. As a reward for preventing Kia from taking over the world, the Saints are allowed to keep Steelport as a separate city-state as well as one other wish. Flashforward to a random country in either the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, or South East Asia ruled by a bloody and violent dictatorship. NATO ships and choppers arrive, but instead of soldiers, members of the Saints arrive with the final mission being a gansta blitz on the country, with the Boss gunning down the leaders of the country and becoming its new ruler. It is revealed the Saints are to be the ones officially sent in by the UN to various dictator controlled countries who refuse to crack down on human rights violations with the gang allowed to conquer the first country they are sent to with automatic UN membership. The Boss chooses Oleg to become the country's new president, which has become the Saints' first ever non-US turf. A short epilogue plays, telling how the country became prosperous and enters a new golden age while under the Saints' control, with the small country becoming a major player in world politics and the Boss eventually revered as a God by the inhabitants.

    • New World Order: The Boss allows the President to be killed, by Kia gets away anyway. A few days later, nothing is heard from Kia... until she makes an international announcement that STAG has officially broken off all ties to the US and plans to systematically destroy every major city on the planet unless the governments of each country enact and carry out death penalties to every single criminal and gang member no matter the crime, even littering, with Stilwater being the first city she wipes out just to show STAG's power. She arrives in a truly MASSIVE airship that's even BIGGER than the Daedelus. Basically World War III erupts, with STAG against the entire UN with the Saints spearheading the attack on the airship. The Boss manages to get inside and cause it to self destruct and/or strapped enough bombs at major weakpoints to blow the ship out of the sky, but then has to face off against Kia, who has strapped herself inside a freakin' giant mech, while under a time limit. The Boss emerges victorious and escapes the airship. The Boss is declared a National Hero and (s)he becomes so revered by the US public that (s)he's unanimously elected as President. A short epilogue plays where the US under the Boss's leadership leads to the country reaching a level of prosperity unseen since during and right after World War II, and (s)he becomes so popular (s)he is the first president to have four consecutive terms of office. His final act as President before willingly stepping down and retiring was to officially open the very first completed colony on Mars...

    • Unlikely and since Hughes is running for president and will likely be in office by the time of Saint Row 4, she probably won't help them and she will more than likely be the main antagonist. Also, KIA dies in both endings, she either dies in the explosion if you go after Killbane or the boss kills her if you rescue Viola,Burt and Shaundi.
    • Please, PLEASE be the writer for Saints Row 4. This sounds awesome in about 20 different ways.
    • THQ rang: you're hired.

The final mission of the fourth game will have The Saints fighting off an alien invasion with a modified Daedalus.
As noted here, the planned DLC that mutated into a sequel featured an alien invasion. In the darker finale to Saints Row 3, Kinzie mentions that once she obtains the plans to the Daedalus, they could have a new one operational within a few years. You do the math.

Assuming that the ending where you save Shaundi, Reynolds, and Viola is canon, the forth game will feature an Enemy Mine between the Saints and STAG
  • (Not original poster) What if both endings are canon, to an extent? Everyone is saved, the movie is still made, and the Boss still declares Steelport his own city-state. And STAG merges with the Saints like Ultor, and becomes the new Steelport Police Department/Armed Forces. That also potentially allows cutscenes from both endings to form the opening of the next game. Plus, Rule of Cool - the Saints have a private army. With laser-armed VTO Ls and tanks. Either way, they will also have Daedalus - either the original, or Kinzie's rebuild.
** Both endings are in some way canon. Boss saves Shaundi Viola and Reynolds and STAG are shown to be terrorist, before Boss becomes President.

The storyline of Saints Row 4 will have the Saints trying to acquire nukes and become a nuclear power.
  • The game designers said they were going to follow on with a logical extension of the third game's ending. Unless this is a case of God Never Said That? I am quoting that second hand.
** Logical extension as in all out nuts to the wall anything goes craziness by all accounts: Gangsters in Space was a movie, The Trouble With Clones gave Boss superpowers and the fourth game is an extension something called Enter the Dominatrix with is a play on The Matrix and throws in an alien invasion when Boss becomes President.

In Saints Row IV, Viola dies
  • If one looks at the list of achievements/trophies for Saints Row IV, one will notice that one of the missions is called "Dewynter Blues". There is a mission with a similar title in Saints Row: The Third called "Stilwater Blues", where Shaundi is kidnapped for the first time in The Third, which is reminiscent of Shaundi being kidnapped in Saints Row 2. If this plays out the same way, then "Dewynter Blues" will be reminiscent of Viola's twin sister, Kiki, being killed in The Third.
    • semi-confirmed. She's only mentioned once, but given that the Earth is destroyed, she presumably died with it.

Shaundi's sudden change in attitude will be explained in Saints Row IV
[[spoiler: Shaundi from Saints Row: The Third meets her old self from Saints Row 2, so at the very least it will be touched upon. confirmed, the fan-theory that it was a combination of her sobering up and Gat's death is now canon.

Shaundi's 'nightmare/baggage' used against her by the Zin in IV will be Gat's death.
A scene in the trailer showed Shaundi in an area similar to the Syndicate's plane, and it looked like Gat's body was next to her, with a knife stuck in it. Plus, it would be a nice way to give her and Boss some more closure.
  • confirmed, even though Gat shows up alive somewhat later.

Alternatively, Gat will be referenced in some way in Saints Row IV
Because why not?
  • Confirmed: Gat will return in all of his homicidal glory.

  • Alien invasion. Ramping up the emotion. Reliving traumatic events. Atlas mechs. Keith David teaming up with who you can make Shepard. It's pretty much inevitable.
    • Alternatively, it will end up a parody of said game. It would feel good to have Mass Effect 3's Gainax Downer Ending parodied.
      • Half-confirmed, it's more of a Shout-Out to Mass Effect 2 - The game even has loyalty missions and parodies the romance options

Keith David voices the Vice President, but it's actually...
  • Julius. Three reasons why this is possible.
    • Each game in the series has a Retcon from the previous one. In the second Boss can be female, and becomes nothing more than a sociopath. In the third game s/he tones this down a lot, Shaundi is completely different and the Saints are seen as celebrities that they wouldn't be if they were the way they acted in the second game. The fourth merges both endings from the third and seemingly completely ignores certain events. Speaking of...
    • A conversation with Shaundi is censored when she mentions who MI-6 helped the Saints kill. If it was Killbane he lived in the ending where Shaundi is saved. The Saints may have killed him later but this has yet to be confirmed.
    • The secret mission where Boss kills Julius is never brought up. If Boss never did seek revenge then having mellowed out on being a psychotic asshole s/he may have sought out the old gang leader in a role reversal. Keep in mind a moral choice at the beginning of the game is to either work on ending world hunger or cancer, perhaps the most heroic thing Boss has ever done. If s/he's done that then maybe Boss and Julius have made amends, especially if Troy and Gat seem to had done so.

"Keith David" is actually Julius impersonating Keith David, and will pull a Face–Heel Turn.
  • This seems like exactly the sort of meta twist this series would pull off. Perhaps Julius survived getting shot by the Boss through the interference of the aliens, and considers Earth getting enslaved by space aliens to be better than letting the Boss run the free world.
    • Related to the above, maybe he'll turn out to be the real Big Bad of the game. You'll end up killing Zinyak in an anticlimactic fashion partway through the game, like Phillipe Loren in Saints Row 3.
  • Jossed about being Julius (they just sound alike), and being the Big Bad over Zinyak. Confirmed for the Face–Heel Turn, but he makes a Heel–Face Turn back.

Shaundi will play an important part in the story.
  • No shit right? However like the third game you have to make choices. Well Saints Row IV look to be going for more emotional punch. In the third game you had to choose whether to sacrifice her to kill Killbane. In the fourth there's two Shaundis. What if you could only save one and that determined to some extent the ending?

Kenzie will pull a Face–Heel Turn by joining the aliens.
She seems slightly more annoyed than usual with the President, and eagerly points out to Zinyak that she is smarter than everyone else, showing some of her ego. Would it be too much of a stretch for her to get so arrogant that she would ditch the Saints and join the Zin?

If the boss ever gets a canon Love Interest, it's Kinzie.
Well, there must be a reason why she was the one specifically snogging the boss in one of the Saints Row IV trailers. Not to mention the Ship Tease in another trailer when she thinks the Boss was saying she was beautiful (he was talking about a giant robot, but still). On top of that, one of the bosses in Saints Row: The Third confesses love for her when she says she'll swipe the Daedalus's specs in the Kill Killbane ending.
  • The achievements suggest there will be numerous romance options in the game.

Dex will return in Saints Row IV.
In the gameplay video of the 1950's suburban scene Shaundi (as the Boss' housewife) mentions characters which include Dex. Plus with the Boss as President, Dex definitely would have something to say.
  • Jossed. That and a picture during one of the simulations are all we see of Dex. YMMV on whether it's a clever jab or the devs sticking up the middle finger.
  • Though there is still the possiblity of coming back in the DLC.
    • Confirmed, in Gat Out Of Hell you are "finally going to be able to kill dex".

The game will end with the Saints defeating the Zin, stealing their technology, and taking over the galaxy/universe
Because if this really is the grand finale of the Saints Row franchise, what better way to wrap things up then with the Boss becoming the ultimate badass/ruler of the known universe?
  • And then what? For the sequel they take over all the universes? Are they going to fight BioShock Infinite?
    • Going into other universes is a possibility. Or maybe the Saints decide to join forces with Heaven to take over hell and rule it as their own (after beating the devil to death with phallic-shaped dildos).
    • Yes.

Killbane is responsible for bringing the Zin to Earth and will return as a supporting or even main antagonist.
  • Seeing as how they're going with the Save Shaundi ending from SRTT, Killbane's status is still wide open. He probably went into hiding then found himself living under saints rule again with the Boss becoming the President and esaped earth (as in Gangstas in Space) but instead of going to Mars, found the Zin.

The Ending will Of SRIV Will hold the Biggest Sadistic Choice in the Series yet
Where the Boss has to Choose between being the Ultimate Ruler of the Universe at the cost of the death of all the Saints, Or save the Saints but will forever be caged in the Simulation.

The ending will reveal everything was a Dying Dream
The Boss never became leader of the Third Street Saints. He never became a celebrity. He never went to Steelport. He never defeated the Syndicate or STAG. He never became president. He never fought Zinyak. He's spending his final days in a coma in the hospital wing of Stilwater Prison.

Gat is a Zin clone
  • He'll partner with you during the game but in the final couple of missions he'll be forced to betray you and the boss will have to kill him. Of course by then you'll have found their cloning facilities and make another so you don't alienate players who still want him for the sandbox.
    • That, or he's wasn't killed at all, he just got abducted by the Zin.
      • Jossed sadly, instead we get a half baked betrayal from Keith David A pity really, with the simulation being designed to break the boss it seems a missed opportunity.

Angel and Zimos will make cameos.
They seem to be more interested in things other than politics (Angel loves wrestling, Zimos likes pimping), so they might just register a few mentions here and there, maybe on the radio.
Former wrestling superstar Angel De La Muerte has started the Steelport Wrestling School, giving guidance to a fresh crop of pupils. The veteran's regimen has drawn some fire for the dire actions its students must make, such as wading through a pool full of piranhas, punching each other with barbed-wire gloves, and something called the Margarine Treatment.
  • At least one trailer showed a Saint in a ridiculous-looking Nice Hat and Pimp Duds, so Zimos is all but confirmed. Still need to wait for Angel, though...
    • Zimos is mentioned a couple of times but never specifically shown on screen, given a couple of other returning characters were Back for the dead they may be saving Zimos for a DLC.

Boss is the God Emperor of Mankind from Warhammer 40k

After becoming bored from trying to unite humanity under one banner through peaceful means. The soon to be Emperor went on an extended drinking binge for several decades, partially losing his memory and joining a street gang for kicks. Because Boss Emperor is the biggest badass ever to walk the Earth, he raises his Saints (or rather, his "angels") from rabble to ruler of the most powerful nation on Earth. When a minor xeno fleet attacks Earth with a paltry few thousand warships, the Boss Emperor unites his followers, eradicates the attacking species, and restores Earth with advanced technology, thus ushering a new age of humanity from the lofty heights of his Golden Throne. Afterall, who else could hold the Imperium together as a living corpse? As to the God Emperor's sex, well, that's what the Inquisition is for, to suppress the truth.
  • Given the sheer mayhem the Boss causes, the Boss as an Avatar of Khorne is more likely.

Southern Female Boss is from Alabama.

Sometimes, she'll mention life on a farm, and has various voice mannerisms common to the Deep South in general. What sells this WMG, however, is that she'll sometimes shout "Roll Tide!" in combat.

The "Real World" is part of the simulation.

Everything from the President's capture onwards was part of a carefully constructed simulation where, even when the Boss seems to break free, he's still in the simulation. Their spaceship? The attacks on the Zin's mothership? Johnny's survival? Zinyak's death? All part of the simulation, all to placate the Boss and keep them from breaking free. It would definitely explain Zinyak suddenly appearing during the Dance Party Ending.
  • Also, many of the simulation-based mechanics and effects, including health packs/cache dropping from dead enemies and the CRT-turning-off effect, appear even in the "Real World."

Earth wasn't destroyed....

  • A version of the Saints from later down the time stream mastered being able to teleport stuff across the universe with the Zin tech....and swapped earth's location with the Zin Homeworld at the last second.
    • That, or it was destroyed, but the Saints were able to restore it with the Zin's technology. After all, Zinyak promised that he could rebuild the world and reincarnate all of it's inhabitants if Keith David agreed to betray the Saints, and kill the Boss. Even if it would have been a moment of him saying "I Lied" if Keith accepted, Zin technology would probably be advanced enough that it would have been plausible to develop a "restore planet device" about a few years down the road, especially with GageteerGeniuses Kinzie and Matt working on them ( plus all the other assorted HistoricalDomainCharacters who were also abducted/cloned by the Zin).

There will be a Donnie DLC in the Future

  • There Lies Unused/Cut Content in the saints-row 4 Data Regarding Donnie, Lin, and William Sharp. All three have Unused Audio Logs, Homie lines when Called, and even have Working Models that can be added with Mods (Sharp however seems to use a placeholder as he looks abit like the congress men from the first mission) and Donnie uses a Matrix outfit with a purple shirt as if he joined the saints instead of his Racer/Mechanic look,It Could however be his Superpower-Homie Costume, next thing is, all three were main characters in Saints row 1 Rollerz arc, so the DLC could be about saving Donnie from his simulation were he has to relive Lin's Death. after all, the audio logs states how he escaped it and works for the boss now.
    • Confirmed-ish; Donnie plays a minor role (mostly as the Butt-Monkey again) in Enter the Dominatrix.

DLC will feature chapters of freeing figures of other alien races from the Zin
There was a TON of foreshadowing that Zinyak was abducting far more than humans. Featuring new aliens as NPCs, Homies, or even unique enemies would be an opportunity Volition would have to be six flavors of stupid not to try out.

DLC will feature Dex returning
Dex threatens to wage war on the U.S. unless his demands are met. Dex will have an army of aliens(possibly enemies of the Zin) cyborgs(think Metal Gear Rising Revengeance turned Up to Eleven) and gangsters under his command. The boss(now president once again with the Earth being restored) uses the simulation along with the time travel device to recruit more allies(Donnie, Troy, Lin, Carlos, Oleg, Josh, Kiki, Viola, etc).Then the saints track down Dex to some Wretched Hive city overseas called Stalwart where he rules with an iron fist. You manage to stop Dex's terrorist plans early on but get stranded in Stalwart with no transportation(Dex has a forcefield that prevents any UFOs or gunships from arriving), so you then have to free the all the territories from the control of Dex's army. You get guns that have elements of your superpowers(I.E. freeze-ray, mind-control gun, TK device) along the way. When you finally confront Dex at the end, it's revealed that he was responsible for the Zin coming to earth in the first place as he found some of their technology and used it contact Zinyak and somehow convinced him to go after earth(something like he lied to Zinyak that the boss was planning to invade and/or blow up other planets and that the Zin were next, which was convincing enough to Zinyak due to your characters sociopathy and Zinyak's own ambition to be leader)

CID Is The King
During the last of the "Professor Genki's Mind Over Murder" events, the commentators speak of a great warrior called the King who resisted the Zin the same way the Boss is doing but failed when Zinyak tore his conciousness from his body and trapped him within his own simulation (and as speculated by the commentators perhaps a little insane). Not far into the game, somebody with a grudge against Zinyak appears to you who tells you his real body is long since gone, DLC fodder perhaps?

  • It also fits with the fact that CID's sidequests include the Genkibowl ones. In fact, I got that dialogue from the commentators as CID's very last sidequest.

Zinyak had plans for using human as super soldiers for the Empire all along. That or he secretly wished to be defeated by a human.
The Iron Saint armor has 5-finger gauntlets. Zin hands only have 3.

Any post-ending DLC will feature Jane Austen as a homie.
And she will be the snarkiest of deadpans as befitting her legacy.

A crossover with Dead Island is not just an idle joke.
  • The Saints have done zombies before. They've also done pathos. So how do they get to Banoi? Thanks to messing with time they end up in Sainthaven, Australia, an offshoot of Sydney. Aside from Boss thinking that's the coolest city name ever because survivors had escaped only to turn out they are infected the plague begins spreading across the city. The police are not able to deal with it. The Saints though are, however due to playing through time the only special abilities they have are individual fury modes or a Limit Break. So they have to shoot, stab and melee the zombies in gory ways that makes Dead Island look like Bananas in Pyjamas.

Several Dead Homies will reappear as Data in DLC
  • Lin and Carlos anyone?
    • This may actually be confirmed since there are audio logs of both Donnie and Lin hidden in SR 4's game files.

Oleg is still alive:
Oleg`s super strength and durability plus intelligence rivaling Kenzie`s would make him a dangerous asset to the Saints so Zinyak traveled back in time and kidnapped him or the Saints might go back in time and save him.
  • Given the circumstances of Oleg's death - blown up with Earth and there was no one currently living to see him die for their memories to get affected - grabbing him is very unlikely to cause a time paradox. There's no reason they can't go back and get him seconds before the planet goes up.

We will meet the King in Enter the Dominatrix

Just Throwing it out here, It's said that ETD happens in an alternative Zin Invasion storyline, Where the Saints are trapped in a simulation ran by an AI program known as the Dominatrix. so there is open room for the chance to Meet the King, Bonus Points if we find out that the King is Cid and Twice the Points if Cid is a Raptor

Future DLCs will shows the Saints messing with history.
A lot of signs point to this being the last game in the series, but the fans and developers still show a lot of interest in the game. One fun continuation would be for the player to get to travel back to different periods throughout earth's history to rescue his/her favorite historical figures.

Pierce just hates casual sex.
When he replies that he doesn't swing that way in response to the Boss' suggestion to casual sex, he means that he dislikes having sex without a meaningful and romantic relationship with it. But the Boss is a generally charming and powerful person, so he couldn't resist.

One of the ways Zinyak conquers so many planets, is by trial and error
Think about it. He captues Gat several years before the events of SRIV, because the first time he tried to invade the planet, He met resistance from The Saints, and concluded that Gat was the greatest warrior. Zinyak fails at applying trial and error against the boss because it takes too long for him to realize how big a threat the boss really is. Huge mistake, which costs Zinyak his life and emipre. OP here with an elaboration on the guess: Originally, the bank heist goes south like in the SRTT beginning, however Gat isn't captured by Zinyak. From that, Loren dies on the plane and the Syndicate gets more or less curbstomped, which includes the death of Miller and Viola. Whether or not Kinzie, Oleg, Zimos or Angel joins is anyone's guess. The Saints decide to tune down their media whoring and stay strong during the five years between the two games. At this point, The Saints has taken over several cities, maybe even claimed independence from the United States. Here Zinyak invades, and quickly ends up in a fight with Gat who kicks his ass and possibly kills him. Zinjai, not sure if Gat is any better than Zinyak, uses time travel to go back and make sure Zinyak takes Gat out of the equation before the invasion. If the boss completes all the loyalty missions, Zinjai realizes that his new boss treats his crew well and decides to join the boss instead of Zinyak.

If the boss hadn't chosen to do the loyalty missions, Zinjai will simply travel back in time, tell Zinyak that not only Gat, but also boss and perhaps Kinzie needs to be removed from the equation - then they will succeed in taking Earth.

  • Alternately, after taking a beating from Gat, Zinyak teleported straight to his time machine and headed back. The reason he couldn't do that when the Boss started beating on him (and thus had to rely on his giant mech) was because Kinzie and King's plan to destabilize the simulation had also damaged the time machine and he wouldn't have been able to fix it quickly enough to escape from a power-armored badass whose Voice with an Internet Connection friend could track his every move.

The Boss's Presidency
The whole game is Zinyak's personal hell
  • After getting the simulation up and running and testing it on Zinjai, he decided to go through it himself, just to prove to the Empire and himself that his mind was unbreakable. Unfortunately for him, his nightmare involved seeing his empire crushed and ultimately being murdered by puny humans, and Zinjai sabotaged the machine so that he'd fall victim to Your Mind Makes It Real.

The ending forms a mild Stable Time Loop
I like to imagine that some ancient Frankish king found some old graffiti left by a Saint and liked it, thus later inspiring the Fleur-de-Lis iconography the Saints ended up recursively adopting.

The events of Saints Row IV are actually a movie: a follow-up to Gangsters in Space.
Similar to the theory that Super Mario Bros. 3 is actually a play, SRIV is actually a big-budget movie riding on the success of Gangsters in Space.
  • This makes sense if you take the Dance Party Ending and Enter the Dominatrix as depicted; Zinyak is just an actor playing his part (whether in a suit or an actual alien) and otherwise gets along with the crew. To go with the below, Saints Row V could be the rise of The Boss to the actual Presidency.

    Saints Row V Speculation 
Saints Row V speculation.
  • A prequel focusing on Julius and Ben King and the Origins of the Saints.
  • A Time Travel Quest, involving, saving Aisha, and saving Johnny from being abducted by Zinyak.
  • A Stealth Sequel, advertised as a reboot with a new protagonist, with Earth somehow restored.
  • An alternate continuity sequel ignoring SRTT and SRIV
  • Given Deep Silver taking the reigns and putting in a couple of Shout Outs to a certain game there'll be a part where we get to do to Charon what we would have really loved to do in that game.
  • It'll be revealed that Earth's destruction was a simulation for ultimate emotional torture and when the Saints go home, they are public enemy number one because Dex has used resources to take over the world in the Saints absence. So basically a larger scale SR 2.
    • Or if they aren't joking with the Dead Island crossover, it'll be revealed that the events of the first two DI games took place in the Saints absence. The Boss will have the ability to telepathiclly fuse himself/herself to a playable character in Dead Island, fusing the player traditions of both games.

If there is another game, it will be an alternate universe where the Kill Killbane ending of SR 3 is canon.
It would basically be a gritty reboot/sequel that would return the franchise back to its gangster roots. Saints Row 4 could be some sort of fan fiction written by someone. Matt Miller maybe, or even the protagonist. Johnny stays dead, Shaundi is dead, and the Boss would be on a downward trajectory of sorts.

Saints row V will feature Set Right What Once Went Wrong as it's key component
The entire storyline consists of using the time machine to head to the Boss pre-invasion and giving him a set of notes, but if two of the same person are in a room, reality breaks, so the Saints have to run around themselves.

Except Gat.

The problem? Time Machine's half-busted and fixing it inovlves running across space and time stealing stuff from everywhere, getting back from malfunctioned attempts, and hijinks.

Saints Row V will be Saint's Row: The Western
As a riff on Red Dead Redemption, steampunk, and other such things, taking place in a Stilwater that's still recently settled. The player will be the Boss's ancestor, and leader of an earlier incarnation of the Saints as an outlaw gang.

To tie back to the earlier games, with the introduction of Time Travel at the end of Saints Row IV, maybe the final Big Bad is a supporter/relative of Zinyak who's trying to invoke a Grandfather Paradox on the Boss by going back in time to kill their ancestor, thus ensuring that the Saints never thwart the Zin invasion. Of course, this could lead to Saints from the present day also going back in time to stop him, and becoming the past Boss's homies.

Bonus points if all this mucking around in time changes history to accelerate Earth's technological growth so that, by the time Zinyak shows up to invade, his ship is blown away by a purple spaceship with gold spinners, which the Saints then use to conquer the Zin homeworld...

Whatever the plot, more Internet celebrities will be DLC.
Perhaps Yahtzee and Angry Joe? They'd both fit in perfectly. Yahtzee's avatar could be his famous insane Saints Row 2 character.

Saints Row V will involve time travel gone wrong.
The Boss, in a fit of drunken stupor, will attempt to go back in time and rescue all of his dead friends and save the world from destruction at the hands of the Zin. Kinzie will warn them that this is a bad course of action to take, but the Boss will do so anyways. Going back in time, to a time where the past Boss exists, creates some sort of paradox. The Boss either is not the boss, rather just a lackey or the second-in-command, or the Saints no longer exist, and the Boss has to go find his friends and rebuild the non-existent Saints.