Fridge: Saints Row IV

Fridge Brilliance
  • The homie conversation between Keith David and Maero reveals that the Boss has never talked about Maero to Keith. It's Played for Laughs with Maero as the butt of the joke, but what was he responsible for? Possibly the darkest mission in Saints Row history, where the Boss had to personally put Carlos out of his misery after a keelhauling. Maybe the Boss never talked about Maero because it brought bad memories to the forefront.
  • Why did the Boss add an 8 heavy weapons manned turret on the White House (other than for the obvious reasons)? Keep in mind that he/she is a President Evil.
    • Or just Genre Savvy enough to know that sooner or later, someone was going to come after him, ready to start problems. The Boss lost one friend due to letting himself get soft and dropping his guard. Never again.
  • The Boss picked one of the few countries in the world (the United States) where cabinet ministers and advisers don't have to be elected representatives of a Parliament. Which perfectly explains who he has in his / her cabinet.
  • They never DID find Johnny Gat's body because Zinyak abducted him. Johnny had never been dead to begin with, so there was no body TO find! This does raise the question about Zombie Gat who you unlock at the end of Saints Row the Third, and why Philipe Loren talks about using Johnny's body as an example not to resist him. It could just be a clone Loren used, though.
    • Though how exactly Zinyak got on the airplane in the first place to abduct him seems like Fridge Logic. That is until the end of the game when you learn that the Zin have time travel capabilities and that Zinyak has been using it to abduct or make copies of earthlings he had taken a liking to.
  • How does the Boss survive taking out the nuke and falling tens of thousands of feet into the Oval Office without a parachute? By the end of Saints Row: The Third, you should have unlocked No Explosion Damage and No Fall Damage - the Boss is immune to both!
    • Likewise in all previous Saints Row games you could always pull a parachute from nowhere. Perhaps there was one hidden in the combat suit aswell.
  • Similar to the above, note how in the real world you regenerate health the normal way. Boss did that in the previous games so of course they're still going to have the ability outside the simulation!
  • Why does Zinjai only show up to advise the Boss in the Golden Ending? If you play through the entire text-based adventure series, it turns out that Zinyak was very much a Bad Boss, going so far as to stuff Zinjai into the simulation after he invented it. By completing all of the loyalty missions, the Boss shows that they care deeply about all of their subordinates, thus convincing Zinjai that they're a much preferable alternative to Zinyak, so he volunteers his services and hands over the keys to time-travel technology that will keep the Genre Savvy Saints in power.
  • The mission title ""Back By Popular Demand" seems to be giving the player the false hope for the return of Gat. However, the title actually refers to the return of SR2 Shaundi, who is also very popular.
  • Ben King still refers to the main character as Playa instead of Boss. This is not merely a reference to Saints Row 1, but also reinforces that King sees himself as an equal partner to Boss, not a subordinate. This is further reinforced by King still wearing HIS colors.
  • Look closely at the shoes of the jumpsuits the Saints wear on their spaceship. The shoes have a split in the middle fitting the Zin biology. They are most likely designed to adjust to the wearer's anatomy.
  • You can spend an hour collecting code clusters to upgrade your powers, making the game super easy, right? However the story missions have a tendency to strip you of such powers. Suddenly you find out that you're going to have to put in the extra effort buying upgrades after all.
  • Fun!Shaundi is far more spacy and clueless than she ever was in Saints Row 2. But it's a simulation of who she was, from Zinyak no less. It's intended to be a mockery to troll the real Shaundi.
    • Or that's how Shaundi remembers herself, what with her low self esteem and survivor's guilt. Fun Shaundi becomes a LOT less airheaded after "proving" to her future self that she wasn't just a worthless burnout.
  • The existence of the Power Armor actually gives a reason for the superpowers in the simulation to exist. Kinzie (or the Wardens) aren't just pulling those powers out of their ass — they're patching them over from whatever training simulations exist to teach people how to use that armor!
  • In the two missions set in the 50's any swearing is bleeped out except for the last lines, which demonstrates that The Boss has broken it.
  • By merging Enter The Dominatrix and Original Saints Row 4, Volition lost something they planned ahead for: the music. Look how puny the selection is, to the point that they had to cut a station. Now, imagine the new stuff as added on, instead. Then, go listen to some of the songs from Saints Row: The Third. In particular, Rise, Rebel, Resist and Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon. Some of the Saints Row: The Third soundtrack selection makes a ton more sense if you take into account Enter The Dominatrix.
  • Mr. Sunshine from Saints Row 2 appearing as the DJ for 420 makes no sense at first, but remember that other prominent gangs and gang leaders appear and are explicitly said to be based off the memories of the Saints (and Ben King) trapped in the simulation. Sunshine is probably another creation of the simulation. Him being the only member of the Sons of Samedi to return might also be a meta joke about the fact that the man just did not die until the Boss cut off his head.
  • The locations of Pierce's Audio Logs in Virtual Steelport are rather significant: one is in a basketball court (mirroring his Japanese advert for Saints Flow), the second is in Sunset Park (where you first meet him after arriving in Steelport), and the third is in Broken Shillelagh (which is his favorite hangout, as well as the Saints').
  • "The Boys Are Back In Town" is about old friends returning to much cheer, violence, and nostalgia. The same things that come with the return of Johnny Gat and his loyalty mission where the song plays.
  • Why didn't Viola tell the Saints about Johnny's abduction? Because she was using them to get revenge on Killbane, and letting the Boss think the Syndicate killed their best friend and Killbane crashed his funeral helped keep them focused.
    • It's entirely possible she didn't know. Philippe Loren was unconscious during the entire relevant part, and presumably wasn't in any hurry to talk about how thoroughly Johnny beat his ass. Once he got back to the ground and found out Johnny didn't make it off the plane, he has no reason to let anybody believe anything other than 'Johnny Gat died there'... which Philippe might even believe himself, if he thinks Johnny died on the way to the exit after leaving him for dead.

Fridge Logic
  • If they have Power Armor that grants super powers, why didn't Zinyak send anyone out wearing that to fight the boss when he's on his ship?
    • Seeing as how they have the technology to give it all powers, including mind control, shrinking, and life steal, why aren't they making use of these to pacify prisoners?
    • Zinyak underestimates the Boss at every turn of the story. He even thinks he is going to win all the way until the end. It either never occurred to him to try, or he was just being another overconfident Bond villain that is an idiot and doesn't just kill the threats. He does seem to have sadistic fun in "playing" with his victims. It proves to be his undoing as is usual in these kinds of situations.
    • Forget about why they don't use the Power Armor themselves, or why they even have these things - why does the Power Armor have 5-finger gauntlets when the Zin only have 3 fingers on each hand? It's like they are specifically built for human use!
      • Maybe Zinjai secretly created it for Boss, when seeing that they had a reasonable chance to take down Zinyak. See Fridge Brilliance.
      • Maybe because it wasn't a Zin invention but instead a trophy from some other conquered world whose people were more human-sized and human-shaped. The Zin just never got around to adapting it for their own use.
      • Judging by the robotic arms in the changing room, the sounds made as the armor gets put on, and the fact that it's a perfect fit for any body type, a suit is tailor-made whenever anyone needs one. Presumably, a Zin soldier who stepped into the armory would get a three-fingered version.
  • The Boss gets their powers by collecting code clusters to modify their own abilities. Occasionally, a quest will have you fight an NPC granted similar super powers (either a Zin warden, or an in-universe NPC). Why not just program all enemies to be super powered?
    • The simulation has finite resources and super powers seem to really mess with the code. Which is just fun to abuse.
      • This happens visibly — if you use your powers frequently, or have several powered friends and enemies, the graphics glitch constantly.

Fridge Horror
  • While being trapped in your personal hell is horrible, it becomes worse for Johnny when you realize that he was abducted in the third game. We don't know now much time has passed between the end of SRTT and the first level of this one, but afterwards there's a five year Time Skip to the present. We also don't know how long Boss was in his own simulation before Kinzie busted him out (it was, at least, enough time for her to escape, free Keith David, and steal an alien vessel and learn how to pilot it). At the very least, he was trapped in there for over five years. At worst, he could've been there for near enough a decade. A decade of reliving Aisha's death and his inability to save her. Wow, that must suck. On the plus side, when he escapes it, it helped him get past her death and come to terms with it, and now he's happy to move on with his life (and possibly start a relationship with the boss).
    • Well, that's not entirely true, because Oleg and Josh are at Camp David, which, in the intro, they talk about doing that weekend. So the Boss may have only been in the simulation for a few days, tops.
      • Due to the revelation that the Zin have time travel, it is entirely possible that Johnny was abducted only very shortly before the invasion begins. In fact, he could have even been at the Boss's side and been preventing things in an alternate timeline that Zinyak had already experienced and that is why Zinyak would have gone back to the plane and taken him off. So he may not have been in the simulation too much longer than the rest of the Saints.
      • According to a homie conversation between Gat and Keith, Gat was trapped for years.
  • So Boss was first a dude, who got blown up after becoming The Dragon to a powerful street gang. Then he could possibly have a sex change operation and take over the city, again. In doing so s/he becomes crazy with rage at the other gangs, not to mention Julius. Then things get crazy. Then weird. Then awesome. Then rat fuck insane. Then Boss is helping Santa save Christmas. Here's where the horror bit comes in: what if Boss snapped completely because of Carlos' death, Aisha's death, the attempts on the lives of the other Saints, Julius' betrayal, Gat's death, Shaundi's, Viola's and Burt Reynolds' deaths, STAG trying to wipe out Steelport to get at the Saints? Any one of these incidents could well have had Boss go off the deep end and go into a power fantasy, or the trauma made them twisted enough that s/he imagines giving presents from Santa's sleigh as s/he wipes out half of Steelport in a chopper, ala The Pyro from Team Fortress 2.