Quotes / Saints Row IV

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that every now and again a situation arises that defies explanation. And so it was with the ascension of the Third Street Saints. When the Saints made their presence known to the world in 2006, they were decried for being pretenders to the throne. The people were confused: were the Saints sociopathic killing machines hell-bent on destruction, or puckish rogues living a life of mirth and whimsy? The Saints needed clarity of purpose, and so the course was set: more fun, less mercy-killing. This simple choice revitalized the Saints, transforming them from a degenerate street gang into beloved pop culture icons. But even then, the Saints were not satisfied, for it's one thing to be revered as a hero, it's another to be a hero. And that, my friends, it where our journey begins..."
The opening cinematicspoiler .

"Zinyak fucked with Biz Markie!"
The Boss (male voice 1)

"So first I'm silent, then I'm an asshole, then I become world famous, then I topple a worldwide crime syndicate, then I defuse a nuke and kill a terrorist, then I'm elected president, and then I'm in an alien spaceship in outer space fighting aliens in a simulation..." Giggles. "I have the best life ever."
The Boss (male voice 1)