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Nightmare Fuel: Saints Row IV
  • While Saints Row IV is a bit more whimsy and light hearted compared to the previous games, there are still some very disturbing and nerve wracking moments, such as Shaundi pouring her heart out to a simulated and seemingly dead Johnny Gat, until he suddenly comes alive and tries to kill her. And then straight afterwards, the Boss has to navigate the Morningstar plane alone and jump over endless voids while screaming and disembodied voices flutter about in the background, disturbing the Boss.
    • The rescue mission mentioned above is extremely dark. It begins with the player on the same plane they jumped from during the third game only going backwards. When the player reaches the cockpit they find Shaundi leaning over the corpse of Johnny Gat in a room splattered with his blood. Then, without any warning whatsoever, the corpse comes back to life and attempts to kill Shaundi, forcing her to kill Johnny all over again with her own hands while screaming in regret and horror. After that the whole place turns (even more) surreal as the Boss is forced to navigate their way back through the plane with some serious Interface Screw, while faint voice clips mocking Shaundi play in the background. Fortunately, after the creepy first half of the mission is over the player gets to fight Veteran Child in a night club filled with sex dolls.
      • Falling into the Void produces even more nightmarish sights and sounds (Camera Screw and such), with the Boss (Female1) saying something like "Let's not do that again..." after respawning in a voice that sounds genuinely disturbed.
  • Crossed with Tear Jerker but arguably when Zinyak destroys the Earth since it happens so quick and sudden and it's one of the few moments in the game that is not parodying tropes or Played for Laughs.
  • While the 50s simulation is noticeably off, it gets creepier once the Boss sees people glitching. He/she swears, and the police officer replies in a creepy voice with "We don't use that kind of language in Steelport..." Suddenly, the entire diner just stands in unison and starts shambling forwards like zombies.
  • The fact that Johnny had spent the time from his Disney Death to his rescue being forced to watch his girlfriend's murder over and over.
  • Using camera manipulation, you can take a peek inside CID on the ship. What do you find? A disembodied floating Kinzie head.
  • The police transforming into Zin. That is all.
    • Not nearly as bad as some of the Virus Injections that spawn completely mis-built models with Elastic Man-esque mangled limbs, or giant eyeballs, etc. Or when pedestrians stand near a Rift...
  • While most of "How the Saints Save Christmas" is funny, the sight at the North Pole is genuinely disturbing - Clawz put the heads of all 9 reindeer on pikes.
  • The sight of Kinzie's lifeless body with her eyes still open while her mind is captured by Zinyak is unsettling to say the least.
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