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Video Game: Vanguard Princess
Those who wish to keep the status quo, and those who wish to break it down. In a not-so distant future, when global conflict and strife have brought the world to exhaustion...

Amidst the worsening wars, a passenger plane was shot down by accident. One after the other the passenger were confirmed dead, but one young girl returned uninjured. Before long she grew up to be beautiful, but as time passed, a mysterious ability began to awaken within her. At first she was brought to a private research institute, but once the government's attention came to her, the began to analyze her power for military purposes. Her power, capable of distorting even the laws of the cosmos, came to be called "Tactical Sorcery".

She showed remarkable combat skills, but the military sought for even greater power and she was subjected to cruel human experiments. And then, after a certain accident, her powers began to ran wild, and cause the "Astral Impact". The shockwave, tinged with powerful magic, reached over a wide area, and bestowed numerous girls with the blessing of "Tactical Sorcery". Before long, girls with magical powers became a common at the front lines. Because of their beautiful appearance in combat, they were called "Vanguard Princesses", and an inspiration to the soldiers.

One year had passed and the war was coming to an end, when she who had been thought missing was reborn as the "Enforcer of Reason" and began to plot the downfall of mankind. And as if something was leading them there, the Vanguard Princesses proceeds to the field of battle...

A freeware game released on June 26th, 2009, Vanguard Princess is an indie Fighting Game created by former Capcom employee Sugeno Tomoaki (a.k.a. Suge9) with Enterbrain's Fighter Maker 2nd. While the game's entire cast are female, it does not play like a button-masher like most all-girl fighting games, nor is its gameplay is derived from games such as the Guilty Gear series.

Gameplay-wise, the game is more akin to games such as Street Fighter II. However, there is something that makes this fighting game stand out from the rest: It's a "2-on-2 fighting game". Before each match, players can chose one of four support characters to help assist them in battle, and they key to this game is experiment with different support characters to utilize characters' abilities effectively. Alone, each of the main characters face chaining limitation; but with the aid of their partners, they can they can increase their chaining potential and perform effective combos.

More about the game (and how to run it on your computer) can be found here. A complete wiki is available here.

It was announced that an English localization of the game has been licensed by eigoMANGA, a digital manga-publishing company, in 2011. The English version of the game was released in late 2012 via GamersGate and Amazon Downloads for $10. The Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network release, and availability on other digital distribution services has still yet to be announced, but it was given a release on Steam Greenlight.

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alternative title(s): Vanguard Princess
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