YMMV / Vanguard Princess

  • Author Existence Failure: A persistent rumor has it that the game's original developer, Tomoaki Sugeno (suge9), has been MIA since 2011, with publisher eigomanga keeping his death a secret while they can still collect royalties on the game. Notably, his blog has not been updated since 2011-08-12, despite English releases in 2013 & 2014.
    • At least, people are suspecting a bad deal that caused Suge 9 to quit entirely.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: A common complaint the English version of the game gets is the lack of worthwhile single players modes and official online support. Though it is justified as it's little improved from its doujin game roots.
  • Les Yay: The animation of Kurumi's Liberty Art where she fuses with her assist character. Both Kurumi and whichever assist she's with are showing some Barbie Doll Anatomy and just before Kurumi is transformed they were about to make lip contact.
  • Moe: All of the assists except for Juliet. Out of the main cast there's Kurumi, or maybe she fits the Cloud Cuckoolander more. Her conversations with Juliet and Eri would suggest so.
  • That One Boss: Hilda Rize was a push-over in the original Japanese version (despite having the potential), however, she became an absolute cheater in the eigoMANGA's English version. An update for the English release has mitigated this.
  • Wild Mass Guessing: Lilith is the real Big Bad.
    • Her profile explains that she took over the Girls' Academy, and goes around claiming to be the "Daughter Of Satan". So, what if The Government are but puppets, and Hilda is just an annoyance on her real motives? And there's a DLC in the Steam version which centers on her, probably to someday expand on her story after Hilda's defeat?
    • So, Kurumi has her own DLC; what would be a possible story for her?
    • Her profile explains that she heard voices, promising to unveil the secrets of her past, so, her adventure took her to a colorful adventure, where even her friend Eri came along (That would explain the candy-themed stage, so they would be the focus of the story). However, this happens during a new conspiracy by The Government, who seek revenge against the girls who shattered their plans, and take away their powers, which is why the rest of the Vanguard Princesses decide to go to the battlefield once again. Little do they know that Hilda would come back to finish what she started.
    • Metawise, just what is going on behind the game's scenes and how much content is actually made by Suge 9 and how much by eigomanga. As such, it's believed that the Lilith and Kurumi DL Cs were Eigomanga originals, same with the comics. Mini-hilda is considered a Suge 9 creation.