Video Game: Mr. Gimmick

Mr. Gimmick (Gimmick! in Japan) is a 1992 Platform Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Sunsoft. In this game, a young girl receives a green Waddling Head doll for her birthday. The other toys in her bedroom grow jealous of the new toy's popularity, and that night they come to life and kidnap the girl, taking her through a portal to a Floating Island. The green doll ("Mr. Gimmick", a.k.a. "Yumetarou" in the Japanese version) leaps after her to save her.

Gimmick's main weapon is a bouncing star that he generates above his head. He can ride the star if he leaps on top of it. He can also carry in his inventory up to three of the following, in any combination: fireballs that can fly straight, bombs with a reasonable blast radius, and Healing Potions.

Frank Cifaldi made a very reverent Let's Play of the entire game as part of his 1UP blog.

Although not directly linked to the similar Hebereke series, Gimmick! tends to be linked with it in compilations.

Gimmick! uses these tropes:

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