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Trivia: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Awesome, Dear Boy: In addition to So My Kids Can Watch (see below), Robert Redford wanted to be in this movie so that he could play a villain, since he almost never gets cast as one.
  • The Cameo/Creator Cameo:
    • Stan Lee, of course, as a Smithsonian guard.
    • The film's screenwriters play two S.H.I.E.L.D. interrogators.
    • Winter Soldier creator Ed Brubaker is one of the scientists at the character's flashback.
    • Joe Russo, one of the directors for the film, appears as the doctor that treats Natasha and Nick Fury.
  • The Danza: Georges St-Pierre plays Georges Batroc.
  • Doing It for the Art: Robert Redford stated that he wanted to do the film because he wanted to experience the new style of film-making that utilised high technology to bring its characters to life.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The AI in Nick Fury's car is Jim Raynor.
    • And the narrator of the Smithsonian's Captain America Exhibit is Gary Sinise, best known for playing Lt. Dan.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler/It Was His Sled: Given that the identity of the Winter Soldier is so well known, marketing makes no attempt to hide it. The film isn't especially careful about concealing the Soldier's identity from the audience either (after he loses his goggles and mask he doesn't replace them). The primary emotional beats come not from his identity being revealed to us, but to Steve.
  • Playing Against Type: The Russo brothers are predominately directors of comedy, particularly episodes of cult favorites Community and Arrested Development, and aren't exactly the obvious first choice to direct a superhero movie.
    • Robert Redford joining a superhero film is not the kind of thing one would generally expect from him. He also uncharacteristically plays the villain of the film. Heck, the directors have commented that, in an earlier age, the idea of Redford playing Captain America himself would not have been all that far-fetched.
  • Production Posse: Danny Pudi, who stars in the Russo brothers-directed Community, cameos as a SHIELD technician. Alison Brie was also in the mix to play Agent 13.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Anthony Mackie is a huge fan of the Falcon, and has gushed multiple times about how lucky he's been to get the role. He even expressed disappointment that his costume wasn't the character's classic red and white spandex.
    • It's also heartwarming that one of the things he was emphatic about when joining the project was that he was playing Marvel's first African-American superhero.
  • So My Kids Can Watch
    • Anthony Mackie did the film so that his son and other African American children can see that there are superheroes who look like them.
    • Robert Redford said that the first thing that got him interested in the film was that his grandkids liked the movies a lot.
  • Stunt Casting: Batroc's moves are pretty convincing - and that's probably because he's George St. Pierre, one of the most respected names in MMA, three time welterweight champion of the UFC, and one of the top ranked fighters in the world, like ever.
  • Those Two Actors
  • What Could Have Been: The film's writers hinted that had Coulson not died in The Avengers (or been given his own show), he might have taken Sitwell's place as a HYDRA mole.

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