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The Reason You Suck Speech: Professional Wrestling
  • Gorilla Monsoon cuts down Bobby Heenan after Andre the Giant's loss at WrestleMania III.
  • Mick Foley:
    • As Cactus Jack, his legendary Cane Dewey promo was this to the very fans of ECW.
    • A legendary promo delivered by Vince McMahon to Foley in 1998, where after several weeks of Foley and his various alter egos failing to defeat "Stone Cold" Steve Austin he publicly called Foley an embarrassment and berated him for several minutes before telling him, "Your services are no longer required." Foley was reduced to tears at the end of this segment, as even then rabidly-heel color commentator Jerry Lawler was at a loss for words.
    • Triggered by seeing his book thrown in the trash, Mankind gave a devastating one to The Rock on the 10/18/99 Raw, calling him out for the way he treated Mankind in the past, along with his general Jerk Jock, egotistical ways. The Rock, who always has a comeback for everything, had nothing to say.
  • On the July 19, 2011 episode of Raw, John Cena delivers an epic one to Vince McMahon, calling out Vince on the Montreal Screwjob and what it did to Shawn Michaels' career and how he had no intention of being the next one to be Vince's fall guy and get a black mark on his career all just because Vince doesn't like the guy he's going up against. (If you're a Cena-lover, you'll relish this. If you're a Cena-hater, you're liable to just roll your eyes and think "There goes WWE's self-appointed moralist again.")
    • Cena again delivers such a speech on the 11/21/11 episode of Raw, reversing a planned Hannibal Lecture by Awesome Truth into a brilliant TRYSS, meant to drive the two cohorts against one another. It works.
  • Through 2011 and into 2012, John Laurinaitis has been getting under the skin of most of the Raw roster. One person especially who has never liked "Big Johnny" would be CM Punk. Heading into the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Punk has been having problems with Laurinaitis of the Stop Helping Me! variety, which finally came to a head on the January 16, 2012 Raw with a beautiful TRYSS which made for early candidate to Pipe Bomb of the Year, as Punk called out Laurinaitis for how it must've ate him alive with jealousy that while his brother was one of the legendary Road Warriors, he himself was so utterly terrible and/or bland/nondescript in the ring (which has some basis in reality, as he gets almost no credit for the RKO / Gringo Cutter / Diamond Cutter despite the fact that it was the Ace Crusher first) that he had to trade in his tights for a suit to get anywhere in the business, whereas the anti-authority rebel Punk is the WWE Champion and has accomplished more in the past year than Ace has his entire career. This and some prodding by Mick Foley to at least admit his true intentions led to a Villainous Breakdown which was oddly enough the most interesting Laurinaitis has ever been.
  • Edge was quite adept at handing these out to various wrestlers throughout his career. But perhaps the most noticeable and famous was his promo to Matt Hardy after the latter's return after being fired due to the Lita scandal. After hearing Hardy's awful return promo in which he said he hoped Edge would die in a car accident, Edge responded the next week in a six minute destruction of Hardy as a person and a wrestler. Deriding Hardy for his lack of commitment to Lita and how he was only in his position because of riding Edge's coat tails, ended with Edge pleading Hardy to buckle up and be safe so he could have the pleasure of beating him at SummerSlam.
    • This promo was not totally appreciated back around the time that it happened for already-stated reasons, but over time it (as well as Edge and Lita themselves) would end up a case of Vindicated by History with each passing headline involving the three parties over the years. See, Edge did beat Hardy at SummerSlam, by KO at that, and then won the feud overall a couple months later. Then he went on to establish himself as a legend over the next few years with world championship titles and top notch main event feuds in the double digits before retiring World Heavyweight Champion and becoming a first-ballot happily retired Hall of Famer, whereas Matt would descend into a bonafide Attention Whore and even lose his status as the "responsible" Hardy brother as his career dwindled to the point of failing even as a midcarder in TNA, making Edge's statements in this promo more and more prophetic by the day.
  • Ric Flair verbally destroys Carlito in only two minutes.
  • On the 5/14/12 edition of Raw, John Cena was at it again, verbally tearing apart John Laurinaitis and his egotistical rule as General Manager of both Raw & SmackDown.
  • See Dolph Ziggler verbally dissect AJ Lee over her Clingy Attention Whore Yandere tendencies when she tried to stick up for John Cena.
  • After Lacey left Jimmy Jacobs for Austin Aries, Aries would rub it in by destroying Jacobs over his poor leadership skills.
  • Muhammad Hassan, a Politically Incorrect Villain, received a lot of heat after a controversy in 2005 (an episode of SmackDown! where his minions, disguised as "terrorists" attacked the Undertaker, was unfortunately aired the day of the London bombings). The next episode, he came down to the ring, and responded to an article from the New York Post that he deemed offensive, and proceeded to give a brutal TRYSS to the whole attending crowd of Smackdown. With quite valid points. Behold.
  • John Cena does it again for a third time on the 12/2/2013 edition of RAW, this time to Randy Orton. He precedes it with a Big "Shut Up!" before going right into his TRYSS, ripping Orton for essentially defecting from Evolution, and namely his mentors Ric Flair and Triple H, who saw huge potential in Orton. note  He then finishes it off by brawling with Orton in a preview for their TLC Title Unification Match, putting him through a table.
    • We could really start a sub-folder for Cena, as the next week at the Slammy Awards, he ripped into Orton for his laziness (again) and also for having no respect for the title he held or for the Hall of Famers who had assembled onstage for the ceremony.
  • Triple H gave one to both Batista and Randy Orton during the 3/17/14 episode of RAW after they start whining to him about Daniel Bryan possibly getting into the title match at Wrestlemania 30 should he beat HHH. Hunter proceeds to label Batista as a stuck-up "Hollywood movie star" who has the temerity to think he knows better than him, and lambasts Orton for his inability to win matches without Hunter's support. And just to twist the knife further, Hunter modifies the stipulation to his match with Bryan and makes it a contender spot for a third spot in the title match, ensuring a Triple Threat to Batista and Orton's protests.
  • AJ Lee famously pipebombed the cast of Total Divas, calling them 'cheap, interchangeable, expendable, useless women' who turned to acting because they sucked at wrestling, and repeatedly slammed them, saying that she had done more in her short time as champion than all of them had done in their combined careers, and that they would never even remotely measure up to her.
  • Jim Cornette tends to give these out like treats on Halloween to pretty much anybody who's crossed his path, both in Kayfabe and reality.
  • Paul Heyman delivers a brutal one to Vince McMahon three days before the 2001 Survivor Series.

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