Suspiciously Specific Denial: Western Animation

  • From The Simpsons:
    • "He said, uh, 'We wouldn't dream of sacrificing the blue-haired woman!'"
    • "Behind The Laughter:"
    Lisa: To prolong the run of the series, I was secretly given anti-growth hormones.
    Homer: That's ridiculous. How could I even get all five necessary drops into her cereal?... What?
    • Quoth Grandpa: "Homer is not a communist. He may be a liar, a pig, an idiot, a communist, but he is not a porn star!" However, he did seem to say this with such furious indignance that his response could be explained by his common portrayal as a senile Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
    • Homer is typically unable to detect when someone is using this trope. Like when he's searching for his long-lost brother, and the worker at the department of records, who isn't allowed to tell him where his brother lives, says, "Your brother could be anywhere... even Detroit." Homer doesn't get it. After missing several other incredibly obvious hints, Homer bribes the man to tell him. Homer is then surprised to learn that his brother is in... Detroit!
    • Tiananmen Square:
    On this spot, in 1989, nothing happened.
    • In "Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em", Marge tells Bart she got a letter from his school and he stammers, "A fire? I didn't start a fire in the teachers' lounge! I mean, what fire? I mean, a letter from school? Please elaborate."
    • At the end of "The President Wore Pearls," a subtitle informs viewers that the producers, on the advice of their lawyers, have never heard of a musical based on the life of Eva Peron.
    • From "Bart Has Two Mommies"
    Homer: You haven't seen Bart for a few hours, so you automatically assume I let something terrible happen!
    Marge: I didn't say that.
    Homer: I know what you think: "when stupid Homer wasn't looking, Bart got kidnapped by a monkey!"
    Marge: I could never think of something that horrible!
    Homer: And now I'm using sarcasm to confess the whole thing, so later I can say that I already told you!
    • Homer again, in "Bart After Dark": "Now Marge, you're going to hear a lot of crazy rumors about Bart working in a burlesque house..."
    • A map at Area 51-A notes "You are here. We are not."
    • In "Round Springfield", Krusty held a press conference to address charges that his products were unsafe, his theme park was a death trap, and that he was marketing videos of Tanya Harding's wedding night:
    Krusty:And I contend that those tourists were decapitated before they entered the KrustyLand House of Knives.
  • Futurama:
    • In the episode "Bend Her", a female Bender is seen singing a verse of a 'national anthem' atop an Olympic podium.
    Coilette: Hail, hail Robonia — a land I didn't make up!
    • From The Farnsworth Parabox:
    Fry: Leela, what have you done?
    Leela: What do you mean why was I looking in the box?
    Fry: I mean your hair. It's all different.
    • Yet another example:
    Bender: (enters Fry's bedroom) Aha!
    Fry: (hides holophonor behind his back) Bender? I was just not playing the holophonor!
    • From "Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV":
    Farnsworth : Well, that doesn't mean that no-one is coming, or that you two are total losers. Who gave you that idea?
    • "That Darn Katz!" manages to have a suspiciously vague suspiciously specific denial:
    Nibbler: Can you at least tell us what's going on down there?
    Farnsworth: We're certainly not building something sinister, if that's what you're implying. Now come on, Bender. Something sinister won't build itself.
    • In "The Prisoner of Benda", Bender denies planning to steal a Hungarian Emperor's crown when nobody had accused him or even said anything.
  • Family Guy:
    • In the episode "Sibling Rivalry", Peter accidentally destroys all the samples in a sperm bank.
    Nurse: Mr. Griffin, you've been there for an awfully long time. Are you all right?
    Peter: Yep, yep, fine, fine. And just that you know, everything in there is exactly the way it was when I went in. There is absolutely zero chance, that I spilled all the jars, and had to refill it with my own sperm. Zero chance.
    • And from the episode "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar":
    Timeshare salesman: Each residence has 200 feet of pristine oceanfront. No city noise, no flesh-eating ogres, no pollution.
    (all said while he flips rapidly through slides showing scenes of bloody carnage and ferocious monsters tearing people apart)
    • When Peter is digging in the backyard in "E. Peterbus Unum":
    Stewie: If you find a human skeleton with a Lincoln Log in the temple, I didn't do it. But I need that log to finish my recreation of James Madison's cabin.
    • "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks"
    Brian: I roomed with Scott Hamilton at prep school. Nothing happened.
    • "The Fact Guy Strangler" is built on this. Lois refuses to accept that her brother is a psychotic killer even when there is evidence clearly in front of her. It's only when Brian snaps at her she stops.
    • In "Petergiest", Brian tells Lois that there might be spirits in the house and they spot the kitchen chairs stacked in a pyramid with the fridge on top of it. Lois then says that she must have flipped everything upside-down overnight and forgot about it.
    • In "You May Now Kiss The... Uh... Guy Who Receives", Mayor West announces an increase in taxes that has nothing to do with the fact that he recently bought a solid gold statue of Dig 'em the Sugar Smacks mascot.
  • South Park:
    • This one from the episode "Pink Eye" also qualifies as a Noodle Incident:
    Officer Barbrady: You're probably wondering why we're standing here with a pile of money and no pants on.
    Chef: Actually, uh...
    Mayor: Well, I can assure you that it has absolutely nothing to do with the Japanese Mafia.
    Officer Barbrady: Not a thingy-dingy.
    • In "A Million Little Fibers":
      Geraldo Rivera: Who is this?
      Oprah Winfrey's Asshole: ...this is definitely not Oprah Winfrey's Asshole.
    • In "The Coon", Cartman disguises himself as a raccoon-themed superhero and tries to fight crime. He meets another child superhero named Mysterion and immediately comes to hate him for supposedly stealing his idea. After several ineffective attempts to discover Mysterion's identity, Cartman/The Coon consoles himself with the knowledge that Mysterion cannot know his identity either, but unfortunately for him, Mysterion is not so easily duped:
    Mysterion: Well I suppose you must be Cartman, because you're fat.
    Cartman: No, I am NOT Eric Cartman AND HE'S NOT FAT!
    • "A Ladder to Heaven"
    God: Saddam. I've been hearing rumors that you're secretly building weapons of mass destruction up here.
    Saddam: Weapons of mass destruction? Nooo! This is a chocolate chip factory. See?
    God: It looks like a chemical weapons plant.
    Saddam: Look, God, if I was gonna secretly build a chemical weapons plant, I wouldn't make it look like a chemical weapons plant, would I? I'd make it look like a chocolate chip factory or something.
    God:...Alright, just checking.
    • In "Bass to Mouth", Catatafish did NOT make an underage fish perform bass to mouth, or ass to trout, although that's the same thing, not that he did it.
    • "Creme Fraiche"
    Randy: What are you doing?
    Sharon: Just blocking some channels.
    Randy: I wasn't watching the food channels!
    Sharon: Then how did you know I was blocking them?
    Randy: I know...because...I don't know that! That's what I'm trying to tell you!
    • "Jewpacabra"
    Company rep: Hello. I would just like to assure you first that Sooperfoods is not an antisemitic company, but...
    • "Fishdicks"note 
    Jimmy: I've always wanted to work with you [Cartman]. You're so smart, and totally not fat.
    Mrs. Valmer: Eric Cartman you are handsome and not even remotely fat.
    Wendy: [After Cartman slays a dragon] ... And he's totally not fat!
  • Darkwing Duck does this several times...
    • ...starting in the very first episode:
    • Also, from the episode "Adopt-A-Con":
    Darkwing: Hold the phone. You're not Megavolt; you're Tuskerninni, in a really bad Megavolt disguise.
    Tuskerninni: I am not Tuskerninni, and this is an excellent disguise!
  • On Invader Zim, Zim's first words addressing the class: "Hello, friends. I am a perfectly normal human worm baby. You have nothing, absolutely nothing to fear from me. Just pay no attention to me and we'll get along just fine." The sad thing is, all but one kid in the class fell for it, or at least cared enough to actually hear what he was saying.
  • The Fairly OddParents loves this trope, and usually mixes it up with an Ironic Echo Cut. For example:
    Timmy: Morning guys.
    • Fortunately, Timmy already knew about the super powers but played along. The real surprise was Vicky, who's usually smarter than Timmy's parents (not that it says much about her), not suspecting anything near the end of "Channel Chasers" when she received a letter from someone who signed as "Deep Toot" and wrote in the back "I am not your sister".
  • Correction —Butch Hartman LOVES this trope! There are just so many in Danny Phantom, listing them all could take up so much of this section of the page!
    • In "Parental Bonding":
    Jack: (Whilst being Overshadowed by Danny) I know these things because I'm his Dad, and not him.
    And later:
    • Vlad, the series' Big Bad and hero's Arch-Enemy, also does this the second time Danny calls him a "fruit loop." His subsequent rant ends with, "I am not a fruit loop! And I am not a villain!" Er, Danny never said you were...
  • Sheep in the Big City had the evil lair of the Angry Scientist (not Mad Scientist) with a sign outside saying something like "Not an evil lair" even though it was Obviously Evil.
  • Slacker Cats
    Buckley: "I never wear Louise's underwear!"
    Eddie: "Who ever said you did?"
    Buckley: "Nobody... but people talk and they might say that I sneak into Louise's room, put on her underwear and dance to "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls... but I don't do that."
  • Animaniacs. The therapy that Thaddeus Plotz and Wakko Warner receive for their coulrophobia: "A clown is my friend. A clown will not bite me and throw me in the basement. A clown is not a big spider..."
  • In American Dad!:
    • "Oedipal Panties" has:
    Steve: There's a cure for ick! I picked some up at a pet store!
    Klaus: Oh, that's great news! What a wonderful fact that I'm just finding out just now!
    Steve: Wait a minute...
    Klaus: What are you suggesting? That I deliberately infected you with ick so your friends would ostracize you and you'd be forced to stay home and keep me company? Don't be ridiculous!
    • In the episode "Francine's Flashback":
    • "inverted in the episode Not Particularly Desperate Housewives"
    Francine after getting kissed by her neighbor Linda:wow that fake lesbian kiss of yours saved my life (It Makes Sense in Context)
    Linda: Fake;oh yeah of course; fake...
    [stan enters scene]
    Linda: Oh there's you're husband. I better get home to my husband who I love and am sexully attracted to as I am sexully attracted to all men and only men...
Jackson: Mermaid? No.

  • Used in My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure:
    Sweetiebelle: We didn't open [the box] and let a crazy, old dragon steal the wishing star, or anything. (beat) Want a cookie?
  • Jean is quick to deny that she's spying on Scott in the X-Men: Evolution episode "Fun and Games". Scott, of course, never accused her of such.
  • In an episode of Drawn Together, during an incredibly elaborate role-playing exercise, "Chocalandra" (Foxxy) lays down to Xandir the ground rules for living with "Daddy" (Spanky).
    "... and don't leave the stove on all night! And don't dry the laundry in the stove! And don't use the stove as a heater! [quietly aside] I ain't allowed to use the stove no more..."
  • From Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog:
    Robotnik: Snooping as usual, I see!
    Scratch: Not me! I didn't hear nothing about Von Schlimmer's dreamamajig!
    Grounder: Me neither! Especially I didn't hear the part about the clown!
  • In an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Frylock kills a man and transplants his brain into the man's body to impress a woman. When the police come to arrest him, they ask if he's seen anyone resembling a police sketch of Frylock's original body. He responds, "French fries? That's ridiculous. Who'd want to date someone with french fries growing out of his head?" Naturally, the policeman points out that he didn't ask that particular question.
  • In the Bump in the Night episode "Not of This Boy's Room," Bumpy is accidentally kidnapped by aliens. Upon meeting one of them, Bumpy asks the alien if they are planning to do anything bad to the planet. The alien specifies that they have no such plans.
  • An episode of The Emperor's New School has Kuzco accused of stealing an exhibit from the museum. Molina suggests that Yzma is responsible for the crime. Principal Amzy states that she "hasn't committed any crimes...today".
  • Phineas and Ferb does this several times in succession in the episode "The Lake Nose Monster", although in a subversion, it doesn't work:
    Phineas: Candace, I can assure you that a ferocious man-eating lake monster does not exist in Lake Nose.
    Candace: Wait a minute, so does a friendly, non-ferocious lake nose monster exist? Do you have proof of that, hm?
    Phineas: Do we have proof? No. (Winks at Candace)
    Ferb: Well, if such a creature did exist, I believe it would all be our responsibility to look after and protect it.
    • In "Phineas and Ferb Interrupted", Perry the Platypus returns to Dr. Doofenshmirtz's after already having defeated him once that day. Doofenshmirtz greets him with "Perry the Platypus! (sniff) I mean, (sniff) I wasn't crying."
    • Perry's fake Evil Con ID from "A Hard Day's Knight" says on the bottom,"Note: Not a Platypus."

  • The Happily Ever After Fairy Tales For Every Child episode, "The Golden Goose" combines this with Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?:
    (Three sisters notice Simpleton with the eponymous goose)
    Sister 1: Are you sinking vot I am sinking?
    Sister 2: No! I vould never shneak into zat man's room vile he vas sleeping und shteal a few golden feathers from his goose.
  • In the Mickey Mouseworks short "Purple Pluto", in which Minnie accidentally turns Pluto purple, she heads off to the store to find a solution. When Mickey asks what's up, she shouts out, "Pluto is not purple!"
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes: "This is not, I repeat not, a tasty cheesy trick!"
  • Newton, from Ned's Newt, whenever he shapeshifts into some kind of disguise, will introduce himself along the lines of: "Hello, I am [insert whatever disguise he's wearing] and absolutely no newt."
  • A slight variant in Archer:
    Archer: Wow, that was impressive! Not many women can bring me to orgasm with my mother in the room. [beat] I would think.
    • A more usual example:
      Archer: What is it with serial killers and skin?
      Krieger: I'm not a ...serial killer!
      Archer: Wait, why did you emphasize the word "serial"?
    • In The Honeymooners, A livid Malory shouts a suspiciously specific premeditated murder threat that also carries the implication that she's done it before. A fact that Ray lampshades:
      Malory: I am literally going to kill him.
      Ray: Well, figurativ
      Malory: Literally! I'll lure him to my condo in Miami, drug his Steak au Poivre, drive him out to the Everglades, slather him with rancid chicken fat, and toss him to the gators.
      Ray: That's pretty specific for a hypothetical.
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the second season premiere features several members of the cast getting brainwashed by the Big Bad. Turns out that even when brainwashed, Applejack is a terrible liar, as most of her lies consist of this trope.
    • In the episode Read It And Weep, Rainbow Dash invokes this when intentionally losing a board game to Twilight and Fluttershy in order to get back to secretly reading a Daring Do book.
      Rainbow Dash: You win some, you lose some.
      Twilight: But you don't lose some! I don't think you've ever lost a game of—
      Rainbow Dash: *yawns* Thanks for coming!
      Twilight: But yesterday you were desperate for things to do!
      Rainbow Dash: Do? Who said anything about Daring Do? I told you I'm not interested in reading!
  • A variant appears in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Flash and Substance," when Mirror Master responds to allegations that the Flash made him "eat [his] own laser kaleidoscope":
    That's a rumor! A complete exaggeration! And anyway it was a laser pistol!
  • From Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. When Starfire is asked by a young girl if she is sad she invokes this trope.
    "No thank you please. I am sad about nothing and I do not have the boy troubles."
  • In an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog that takes place in China, after Courage defeats the villain, background character, Di Lung, who is acting as the villain's right hand man in this episode, is found de-boning Muriel. When Courage goes to stop him, he insists that he isn't "de-boning" her, but is "re-boning" her and begins putting her bones back in.
  • In an episode of Two Stupid Dogs, Little Dog tried to use a cat puppet to distract a cat. During his long-winded introduction to the cat, he twice claimed to be "a cat, not a puppet" and ended stating he was "definitely not a dog".
  • WordGirl uses this trope a lot. For example:
    • The eponymous Word Girl (as her secret identity Becky) will often claim that she is not Word Girl.
    • The villains like to use this, too.
      The Butcher: Hi! I'm not the Butcher!
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Menace of the Madniks", Booster Gold specifically denies being in any way to blame for the Apocalyptic wasteland. It takes Batman about three seconds to realise he's been meddling with Time Travel.
  • When Judy saw Doug at her school and her friends see him: "I don't know him, I've never seen him before, and he's definitely not my brother."
  • In the Gravity Falls episode "Double Dipper", as part of a scheme to get Robbie away from Wendy, Dipper has two copies of himself make off with Robbie's bike, leading to this line:
    Dipper: Oh, tough break. I wonder who those guys are that aren't me because I'm right here.
  • On Moral Orel Reverend Putty does this in the middle of a church service.
    Rev. Putty: And all this is the fault of just one, lone person. (beat) Um, Orel, can you excuse us for a moment while we talk?
    Orel: You and everybody?
    Rev. Putty: Yeah, don't worry, it's not about you.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man accidentally looses Captain America's Shield which lands on the Latverian embassy, and into Dr Dooms hands. Spidey ask Doom for the shield claiming it isn't the real shield of Captain America.
    • In "Spidah Man", one of the reasons Spidey spent most of the episode in Boston was Jameson offering ten million dollars to whoever unmasks Spidey. At the end of the episode, he was seen announcing the reward has been called off and claiming it had nothing to do with his newspaper's sales having decreased as a consequence of Spider-Man leaving New York.
  • In The Weekenders Tino and Carver burst in on Tish wearing a lot of make-up and costume, preening in front of the mirror. As soon as they do, she immediately says "I wasn't playing dress-up".
  • Hilariously mocked in the Looney Tunes short "Bugs And Thugs," when Rocky and Mugsy are hiding in the stove under Bugs's suggestion:
    Cop: Alright, rabbit! Where's Rocky? Where is he hiding?
    Bugs: He's not in the stove!
    Cop: Ooooh, he's hiding in the stove, huh?
    Bugs: Would I turn on the gas if he was in there? (Bugs proceeds to turn on the gas)
    Cop: You might, rabbit, you might.
    Bugs: Would I throw a lighted match if he was in there? (Bugs throws a lighted match into the oven, causing the inside where Rocky and Mugsy are hiding to explode)
  • Ramjet of Transformers Animated IS this trope, so much so that his article on TFWiki.net has it as a running gag:
    Ramjet, certainly not the Liar Starscream, is the original Starscream, and not a clone.
    This entire article is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The fact that it's about Ramjet (who isn't a big fat liar) has nothing to do with anything. So there.
    We never said that this article spoke truth. You can't prove anything!
  • In a first-season episode of Dilbert, Dogbert is seen on TV chairing a group discussion of the financial markets. One participant asks if they're talking about the stock market, which Dogbert confirms. He responds:
    Good. I thought for a moment we were talking about the white-slave market, which I of course know nothing about.
  • In "Another Tree Problem" on Peg + Cat, the reason why Peg wants to borrow Ramone's giraffes is not because Cat is stuck in a tree again. No, absolutely not.
  • Terrence takes this Up to Eleven (combining it with Saying Too Much) in an episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends where Mac and the other friends are looking for Eduardo, who has run away:
    Terrence: What’s wrong with you?
    Mac: Well, if you really want to know, one of my friends ran away from home, and we can’t find him anywhere.
    Terrence: You should check the junkyard. (Quickly face palms.)
    Mac: What?
    Terrence: Uh, nothing…
    Mac: Terrence, what are you doing with all those potatoes? note 
    Terrence: Uh… Well… they’re not for Eduardo if that’s what you’re thinking. I mean, why would he want all these potatoes? So he could eat them all before he fights the Extremeazord Ultimate Battlezord Tournament? Where do you come up with this stuff?
    Mac (Deadpan) I didn’t. You did.
    Terrence: Yeah, like I would ruin everything by telling you how I found Eduardo and got him to fight for me down at the junkyard. How dumb do you think I am? (Leaves with sack of potatoes and slams door behind him.)
    Mac: Pretty dumb!