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Shirtless Scene: F Ilm

  • Cam Gigandet in Twilight and, soon, Robert Pattinson in New Moon.
    • As some may not know Cam was taking his shirt off earlier in Never Back Down.
    • Also, Taylor Lautner in New Moon. Notice the insane amount of squealing that comes from the female audience.
    • As the Spoony One says in his review of the movie, its biggest draw was Native American muscle.
    • Seems that every guy in New Moon got a case of the missing shirts.
      • The curse. You mean "the curse of the missing shirts." [1].
    • Lampshaded in Eclipse when Edward and Bella meet Jacob, only to find that he had driven there shirtless, leading Edward to ask "Does that guy own a shirt?"
      • Also parodied in Vampires Suck. When asked why he just took his shirt off for no apparant reason, the Jacob Expy reveals that it's in his contract to do so every ten minutes of screen time.
  • Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This qualifies because in the book Harry sinks until his entire body up to his neck is underwater so Myrtle can't sneak a look at him. In the film, he's not so prudish, but does make an effort to cover his more delicate regions with bubbles. Censor Steam meets Hand or Object Underwear! Though saying that, he doesn't seem to mind Myrtle looking at him when he's underwater with her.
    • There was also an audible response from certain members of the audience when he strips to his underwear to retrieve a sword in a frozen pond in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In Part 2 after the trio escape from Gringotts and fall in a lake, Ron and Harry promptly strip off their shirts to change into drier clothes. Unfortunately for the straight males/lesbians in the audience, Hermione does not do the same.
  • Related: Daniel Radcliffe played a mentally atypical boy in the play Equus. One scene calls for him to strip onstage and stay that way until the end of the play.
  • Tobey Maguire has gotten quite a few of these in the Spider-Man Trilogy films.
  • Comes up several times in Stomp the Yard. The training sequence that occurs just before the climactic championship faceoff ends with the hunky protagonist and his equally ripped team members jogging up a mountain in nothing but their shorts. When they reach the top, the team stands on the peak staring off into the sunrise for a good couple of seconds, to give the audience a moment to fully enjoy it.
  • The Mortal Kombat movie featured a lot of shirtless men, most notably Liu Kang.
  • Casino Royale gave us more than enough of Daniel Craig's massive pectorals, massive shoulders, and complete lack of neck. He's also completely expressionless. Daniel Craig is often called "Casino Royale's Bond Girl".
    • Not to mention his instantly-legendary walk out of the ocean in those little blue swim trunks. Blatant, blatant Fanservice.
      • That was an accident. According to the script, he was supposed to just swim around and lock eyes with the woman. Then he hit a sandbank and was forced to get up just as the camera started rolling. The director liked this.
    • Craig is not the only James Bond to do it. All the others (except possibly Dalton) did too.
  • During the climax of 28 Days Later, Cillian Murphy is topless and bloodstained. Of course, this is comparatively a blessing, because he also gets completely naked for no good reason in other scenes.
  • Reign of Fire has a few of these. Matthew McConaughey willingly takes his shirt off twice-the second (and last) time being when he throws himself at a dragon, which eats him. Though the amount of protection provided by his shirt against the dragon's teeth is debatable, he nonetheless had little reason to take it off apart from showing off his tattoos.
    • It's urban legend that Matthew McConaughey is contractually obligated to take off his shirt at least once during each movie.
    • In Surfer, Dude he chose to be a Walking Shirtless Scene.
  • Speaking of Reign of Fire, let's not forget Christian Bale's shirtless scene
  • Help! has a scene in which The Beatles, taking refuge in a bathroom, get attacked by a hand-dryer that conveniently sucks up most of their clothing, George's shirt in particular. And that's not even getting into the part where Paul shrinks and his clothes don't...
  • Film and stage performers were doing the shirtless scene long before the invention of television. The ur-example of modern times has to be Clark Gable in the 1934 film It Happened One Night. Gable's rugged good looks and rough charisma had already made him a star. Here, he is wearing the standard garb of an early 20th century middle-class male: white shirt, suit, tie, and fedora. When he "takes it off" in a motel room in front of Claudette Colbert, the audience learns that, beneath those mundane clothes, Gable is... not wearing an undershirt. Gable in an unbuttoned shirt with his buff, manly chest showing has been claimed to have caused sales of men's undershirts to crash in America. (Snopes doubts it.) It allegedly took World War II and/or the acceptance of T-shirts as outerwear for the T-shirt industry to recover.
  • In the film featured in the MST3K episode "Future War", the male lead takes off his shirt while he's about to kill the a bad guy near the end of the film. This is so strained and awkward that one can't help but think he would be better off waiting until the evil cyborg about to kill him was disposed of...
    • He tugs on it for a second or so while making a constipated face.
    • Not quite as awkward as the headbutt-induced Clothing Damage.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King has Frodo shirtless during his capture in the Tower of Cirith Ungol in which Sam rescues him.
    • In the book, he was completely naked.
    • Then there's Gandalf being resurrected in The Two Towers, though we don't get to see much of it.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest had its fangirl-drool-inducing scene with a shirtless Orlando Bloom getting flogged.
    • Also, there was a brief shot of a shirtless Jack in the third film, during the Davey Jones' Locker sequence. Turns out he's got some really impressive tats.
  • The beach-volleyball scene in Top Gun. Bonus points as this scene was completely gratuitous.
  • Hoot has one of these featuring then-teen idol Cody Linley.
  • Both combatants of the climax fight of the martial arts movie Undefeatable suddenly turn the whole scene into a Shirtless Scene for no reason at all mid-combat by tearing their shirts off in a hilariously inappropriate over-the-top macho manner while growling bestially. The narm this causes must be seen to be believed. (TROPER'S WARNING: NSFW and probably not good for your sanity either.)
  • Robin Williams in The World According To Garp, The Survivors, Moscow on the Hudson, The Best Of Times, Club Paradise, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire (in a case of Fan Disservice), Fathers Day, and License To Wed (more disservice).
  • In Way of the Dragon before their iconic showdown at the Colloseum, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris both take off their shirts and then start pulling off martial arts stances. Not one to be outdone, Bruce Lee starts cracking his back and shoulders which also helpfully causes his pecs and delts to pop out.
    • Actually every single Bruce Lee movie has at least one of these, and we would be sorely disappointed if there wasn't.
  • In Working Girl, Harrison Ford gives his stenopool an eyeful when he changes shirts without closing the blinds on the glass separating his office from theirs.
  • Disney's Swiss Family Robinson has the four Robinson men - including the youngest son - shirtless several times throughout the film. Fritz and Ernst almost go into Walking Shirtless Scene territory during their time exploring the island.
  • In the movie Picnic (1955) and the William Inge play it was based on, Hal's willingness to be shirtless, especially in mixed company, marks him as both more virile and lower-class than his college roommate.
  • In The Long Hot Summer, the director decided to take advantage of Paul Newman's impressive physique to make the in-story heroine visibly uncomfortable. Didn't make her too uncomfortable in real life, however.
  • The Chosen One in Kung Pow! Enter the Fist rips off his shirt in one particularly odd arm-move at the start of the movie.
  • In the end of Kung Fu Hustle, Sing's use of his ultimate fighting move turns the shirt he was wearing into shreds.
  • Obligatory in each installment of the Transporter franchise. In the second one, he fights shirtless and covered in oil; in the third, he fights a group of Mooks while using first his jacket, then his tie, then his shirt as Improvised Weapons, then proves Genre Savvy enough to have a back up suit, which he puts on while the woman he's transporting claps.
  • Lucky Number Slevin has Josh Hartnett spend a large portion of a day wearing nothing but a towel. Convenient that the gangsters had time to spare for a chat, but not enough time to let the poor guy get dressed.
    • Not that anybody's complaining about that particular plot hole...
  • The Monkees' film Head features a long (and awesome) scene with Micky Dolenz shirtless in a desert; also a scene with Davy Jones as a boxer fighting Sonny Liston.
  • Lord of the Flies: Most of the boys are shirtless.
    • Depending on which film you watch (specifically the older black and while one(s)), half of the boys are completely naked, as they are in the book before they learn what a sunburn is firsthand.
  • The Drover in Australia apparently showers by taking off his shirt, soaping up, then dumping a bucket of water over his head.
  • Shua gives us a nice one in Sky Blue.
  • In Mulan, Shang takes his shirt off just before the Training Montage for apparently no reason other than fanservice. The gratuitousness of this is lampshaded by Yao: "I'll get your arrow, prettyboy. And I'll do it with my shirt on."
    • The scene was deliberately added by the production team in order to give Mulan some fanservice to look at.
  • The sixth rule of Fight Club is "No shirts, no shoes."
  • Parodied in Walk Hard when Dewey and Darlene had sex for the first time. She didn't know he was so buff.
  • X-Men:
    • X-Men Origins: Wolverine took this to an extreme, much to the delight of Hugh Jackman fangirls. During a dramatic escape scene, not only does he erupt from a tank of water completely shirtless (and indeed naked, muscles + dripping water...), but he then proceeds to escape, running and fighting his way out of the building. Viewers get a lovable full-body shot (in which censorship is barely provided by his leg from a mostly-side-shot) when he jumps off a waterfall.
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past: The younger Magneto is bare-chested when he's analyzing the Sentinel schematics.
  • Hugh Jackman in Christopher Nolan's The Prestige (2006). A quite unexpected and totally gratuitous shirtless scene. He's in the bedroom pondering about some magic trick, while his girlfriend is fully clothed.
  • In Dead Poets Society, Neil gets a Shirtless Scene at a very... weird moment.
    • In fairness, doesn't like nearly every student get one earlier in the film?
  • The film adaptation of The Outsiders had two gratuitous shirtless scenes: One is Dally in the hospital, laying in his bed after stating that "The nurse gave him a dress but he didn't want to wear it" and a strictly Fanservice moment of Sodapop getting out of the shower, just barely after he got a Modesty Towel on.
  • Youngblood Rob Lowe walks to the locker room wearing a towel which drops to the floor and Cynthia Gibb gets an eyeful.
  • Parodied by Chris Farley in Billy Madison.
  • The 1936 Flash Gordon film serial has many, many scenes with Flash shirtless (or nearly so), especially while fighting, being whipped/tortured, or working up a sweat olive-oil coating. Basically, the whole series seems built on pulp sci-fi, Yellow Peril, and multiple varities of Fanservice.
  • In Escape from New York, Snake is stripped to the waist before engaging in a Blood Sport with a huge guy (you also briefly glimpse him shirtless in the sequel), revealing the upper part of a large cobra tattoo on his stomach. Makes you wonder what the rest of the tattoo looks like...
  • Yul Brynner in The King and I and The Ten Commandments. A shirt can never contain his awesomeness.
  • Will Ferrel seems to almost insist that every movie he is in have some shot of him shirtless, at best. In worst case scenarios, he's flaunting around in wet bikini style briefs. Always assume you will see the latter in a movie starring him.
  • Used to great effect in American History X. In the flashbacks showing Derek Vinyard during his stay in prison and his time as a gang leader he is often shirtless or in a tank top to show off his Nazi tattoos. During the scenes set in the present and after his renouncing of his Nazi ways he's always wearing a shirt that hides the tattoos, which combined with the different haircut and the usage of black and white in the flashbacks disassociate him from his past. After he tells his story and officially rejects his former gang he steps out of the shower, the audience sees his tattoos and the disassociation is shattered, driving home the point that no matter what he does in the future he will always have been a skinhead, will always be that man and will always carry the scars of his past.
  • The entirety of Cool Hand Luke. Good Lord.
  • Tim Allen has a shirtless scene in Galaxy Quest. Of course, like most of the film, this is meant to lampoon Star Trek (where Kirk frequently went topless). In case it wasn't totally obvious to everyone, Alan Rickman lampshades it at the very end of the scene when he comments "I see you managed to get your shirt off."
  • Will Smith's character Del Spooner in I Robot has two which were a blessing to fangirls (and some boys) since he was in probably the best shape of his career. And don't even get this troper started on the Shower Scene...
  • If it stars Bradley Cooper, there will always be a reason for him to take his shirt off.
  • Only after Sendhil Ramamurthy had joined It's A Wonderful Afterlife, Gurinder Chadha wrote a completely gratuitous shirtless scene for his character. "When I signed up for the movie, that scene was not in there. My mother was thrilled: Can't you keep your clothes on in something?"
  • In Equilibrium, Preston (played by Christian Bale) wakes up from a rather intense dream shirtless and sweaty, which kinda detracts from the drama of the scene.
  • Much like the above scene, in Revenge of the Sith Anakin awakes from his first nightmare of Padme, and he's well.... shirtless and sweaty, needless to say, it kinda made me forget about Padme.
  • The original TRON gives us Jeff Bridges taking his shirt off when he walks into his office with his best friend and his best friend's girlfriend (who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend). Other than "Flynn was really working up a sweat from playing video games," no explanation for shirtlessness is given.
    • And given a Fanservice Shout-Out in the sequel when Alan shows up to tell Sam about the page. Of course, Sam does explain it by saying he smells "like jail." There's a second where the Armory Sirens strip Sam to his shorts before fitting him with a gridsuit.
  • Most of the male cast of Exit to Eden.
  • Thor gets a wonderfully long and gratutious shirtless scene that made for great trailer fodder.
    Darcy: You know, for a crazy homeless person, he's pretty cut.
  • Captain America: The First Avenger has Steve Rogers shirtless with his newly attained muscular physique after the Super Soldier Serum was applied. It even had Peggy Carter Eating the Eye Candy, which was not scripted.
  • 1/3rd of Youth in Revolt has Michael Cera shirtless.
  • The opening credits of the 1993 film adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing" features much of the male cast washing up before meeting with Leonato and his household.
  • In Walk Like A Man, there's a deleted (?) scene where Colleen Camp is in the backyard being pampered by two smooth chested, blonde and buff young men while three other smooth chested, blonde and buff guys next door look on.
  • Sebastien Guy doesn't wear a shirt for longer than 10 seconds in Close Enough to Touch.
  • The film of Master and Commander has one midshipman going shirtless while in sickbay. And there's Dr. Maturin going shirtless as he operates on himself to remove a bullet.
  • In Withnail & I, Paul McGann seems to lose his shirt (and trousers) every couple of scenes. This comes back to bite him when he attracts unwanted attention.
  • A lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies. Notable is Film/Commando where he dons a tactical vest on the beach before leaving to attack the compound in Val Verde, but he of course sheds it in the first few seconds of the fight for now particular reason.
  • Jean-Claude van Damme; that is all.
  • Jack gets three in Oblivion (2013).
  • The Balcony, the 1963 adaptation of the Jean Genet play, featured a pre-Spock Leonard Nimoy shirtless in a prison cell. I said goddamn, goddamn!
  • Raleigh is seen without his shirt a couple of times in Pacific Rim. His first Shirtless Scene in his introduction is justified, as he and his brother have just been woken at 2 a.m. by a kaiju alert. His second one is more gratuitous - he is changing his shirt in his room while the door is wide open - but it is used to build up the Unresolved Sexual Tension between him and Mako, who is shown Eating the Eye Candy.
  • The Lightning Thief: Remember those two scenes with Percy swimming, which was the first thing shown in the commercial? It wasn't in the book.
  • Vlad gets a few in Dracula Untold. After turning into a vampire, he gets a partial one, waking up in the river with his armor now missing sleeves, exposing Luke Evans' well-toned arms.

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