Roleplay: Warrens Of Oric The Awesome

Dariush: "Uh, what? We started out as a simple stick figure in some sort of a top-down parody of oldschool dungeon crawlers. Now we're in a graphic sideview sprawling open-ended RPG kind of thing with characters, deep story, sociopaths and murder, occasional flash animations and danceoffs. How is this even remotely consistent?"

Your name is Ciro. You have traveled for some time from your land, the Kingdom of Haria, to the dungeon you now stand in: the Warrens of Oric the Awesome. You do not know who Oric the Awesome is, but if he's so awesome, he probably has awesome loot, too!

An illustrated suggestion adventure started by Freeformschooler on the Bay 12 forums. It mixes inspiration from classic dungeon crawling and other retro video games with an ever-evolving storyline and a respectable host of side characters. May be found here.

This game contains examples of the following tropes: