Recap / It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The following is a list of episodes and summaries for the darkly humorous, FX sitcom, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, about a quartet of loud, selfish, narcissistic characters who work at one of the worst bars in Philadelphia, Paddy's Pub. As of season nine, the show now airs on the FX digital cable spinoff channel, FXX.

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    Season One 

     Season Two 

    Season Three 

    Season Four 

    Season Five 

    Season Six 

    Season Seven 

    Season Eight 
  • "Pop-Pop: The Final Solution": Dennis and Dee are given the difficult decision of whether or not their Nazi grandfather should continue to live on life support. Meanwhile Charlie, Mac and Frank look for a dog painting said to be created by Adolf Hitler himself that was in Pop-Pop's box of Nazi memorabilia.
  • "The Gang Recycles Their Trash": Philadelphia's trash men are on strike and the gang decides to go into business for themselves. Mac, Dennis and Charlie use a limousine to collect trash from Philadelphia's rich while Frank and Dee try to undermine the union by getting the city's garbage contract.
  • "The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre": In this parody of zombie horror movies, Dennis, Frank, and Charlie are arrested after everyone goes on an insane rampage, Dennis lives in fear of a horrible thing he did to his ex-wife Maureen, and Sweet Dee freaks out over her crashed car.
  • "Charlie and Dee Find Love": Charlie and Dee find themselves mingling with rich people, and they each manage to find a love interest that inspires them to stick around for a tennis tournament that gets out of control.
  • "The Gang Gets Analyzed": The Gang pays a visit to Dee's therapist's office in order to determine whose turn it is to wash the dishes.
  • "Charlie's Mom Has Cancer": Charlie's mom tells her son that she has lung cancer and needs money for an operation. Meanwhile, Frank thinks his ex-wife is still alive and is hiding money while Dennis is trying to shock some emotion into himself.
  • "Frank's Back in Business": When Frank's old company runs into trouble, he puts on his CEO's suit and heads into the corporate jungle, but his decision to make Charlie his right-hand man doesn't work out very well. Elsewhere, Dennis is mistaken for a Canadian businessman after finding his wallet at the bar.
  • "Charlie Rules the World": Charlie, Dee, Mac, and Frank become immersed in an online role-playing game, while Dennis goes inside a sensory deprivation tank and takes a trip inside his own mind to find out what reality is.
  • "The Gang Dines Out": The Gang goes to Guigino's Italian Restaurant in separate groups, and each group causes a scene when they fear that one of the groups may be planning to humiliate them in public.
  • "Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense": Frank and Dennis go on trial after Frank crashes his car into Dennis' while Dennis was at a red light eating cereal.

    Season Nine 
  • "The Gang Broke Dee": Mac, Dennis, Charlie, and Frank are worried about Dee's well-being when she becomes severely depressed after realizing that the guys were right about her looks and lack of talent as a stand-up comic and an actress. While Dennis tries to find a man who's in her league, Mac, Charlie, and Frank encourage her to revive her stand-up comedy dreams, where her self-depreciating jokes turn her into an overnight sensation.
  • "Gun Fever Too: Still Hot": The gang once again tangles with the issue of gun control after Frank appears on a local-access talk show advocating the right to bear arms and Charlie and Mac try to teach at-risk kids how to solve their problems nonviolently.
  • "The Gang Tries Desperately to Win An Award": The gang tries to make their bar worthy of a Philly Best Bar Award.
  • "Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare": Dee and Charlie get roped into a pyramid scheme and try to get themselves out of it by scheming others. Meanwhile, Mac and Dennis go out and try to get some free golf cubs, but end up buying a timeshare instead, and Frank is stuck in a playground coil for unknown reasons.
  • "Mac Day": Each member of the gang gets their own day where they get to do whatever they want and the others can't complain about it, so Mac uses his day to serve as a religious experience for the rest of the gang. However, the gang take a shine to Mac's twin cousin (played by Seann William Scottnote ), who, unlike Mac, is good at fighting, comfortable and open with his homosexuality, and nice to the gang.
  • "The Gang Saves the Day": While out shopping at a convenience store, a robber comes in and holds up the cashier. While hiding out in one of the aisles, Mac, Dee, Dennis, Frank, and Charlie each imagine what they would do to save the day: Mac pictures being a badass action hero, Dee pictures going into Witness Protection and launching her career as an actress, Dennis pictures getting injured and falling for the nurse assigned to rehabilitate him, Frank pictures getting a hot dog while everyone else dies, and Charlie pictures a Disney-esque life after saving The Waitress.
  • "The Gang Gets Quarantined": After Frank announces that there's a flu epidemic in Philadelphia, the gang decides to lock themselves in the bar so they won't catch the flu, but Frank becomes obsessed with keeping everything sanitized while everyone else falls sick.
  • "Flowers for Charlie": A Flowers for Algernon parody where Charlie is used as a test subject for a new intelligence pill, which makes him smarter and more aware of his messed-up life. Meanwhile, Dee, Dennis, and Mac get high on gasoline, and Frank tries to bring Charlie back to his dim-witted self.
  • "The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6": The gang tries to find funding for their unauthorized Lethal Weapon sequel after Frank backs out due to creative differences.
  • "The Gang Squashes Their Beefs": In this warped Thanksgiving Episode, the gang decides to invite their enemies to Thanksgiving dinner so they can forgive them for all the crap they've done to them.

    Season Ten 
  • "The Gang Beats Boggs": The gang take to the skies to beat Wade Boggs' beer drinking record of 70 cans.
  • "The Gang Group Dates": The gang hosts group dating in the bar. Meanwhile, Dennis becomes obsessed with a website that allows women to rate their dates with men.
  • "Psycho Pete Returns": The gang is divided when "Psycho Pete" (an old member of the gang mentioned in "The High School Reunion" who was sent to the mental hospital for killing and cannibalizing his family) returns, fresh from his stay at a mental hospital. Meanwhile, Frank discovers a secret about the "Frog Kid" he befriended when his parents had him institutionalized as a child.
  • "Charlie Work": Charlie is fired up to get Paddy's ready for its annual health inspection, but the gang is plotting the most unhygienic scam in the bar.
  • "The Gang Spies Like the U.S.": When a Chinese cannery opens next to the bar, the gang take to amateur espionage.
  • "The Gang Misses the Boat": When the gang's latest scheme fails, they finally realize that their may be something wrong with them personality-wise and temporarily break up so they can find themselves.
  • "Mac Kills His Dad": Mac's unloving dad Luther is in jail on a murder charge, and Mac and Charlie seek to prove his innocence with disastrous consequences. Back at Paddy's, Bill Ponderosa announces his plan to drink himself to death, so Frank, Dennis and Dee seek to either stop him from doing that or find a way to profit from his impending demise.
  • "The Gang Goes on Family Fight": The gang goes on a Family Feud-style game show. Hilarity Ensues and Keegan-Michael Key (from Key & Peele and MA Dtv) guest stars.
  • "Frank Retires": Frank decides to retire from Paddy's, leading the rest of the gang into a fight to determine the next legal owner.
  • "Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult": Mac and Charlie get involved in a workout program that may be a cult, but turns out to be a plot hatched by Dennis to keep Mac from eating his Thin Mint cookies.

    Season Eleven 
  • "Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo": The gang agrees to a truce while demonstrating Chardee MacDennis for an interested board game executive, but the nature of the game quickly sends things off the rails.
  • "Frank Falls Out the Window": While using an open window as a bathroom, Frank falls out the window and suffers a head injury that makes him think it's ten years ago (2006). With this in mind, the gang decide to correct their past mistakes: Dennis and Dee decide to trick the incapacitated Frank into giving them his money so they can quit the bar and make their dream careers come true, while Mac and Charlie try to keep Frank from being Charlie's roommate.
  • "The Gang Hits the Slopes": In this send-up of 1980s ski movies, Frank, Mac, Charlie, and Dee go skiing in the Poconos and Frank is plotting to turn the resort into a private club for rich people — unless Dennis can beat Charlie in an upcoming ski race.
  • "Dee Made a Smut Film": After Dee shows a scene from an arthouse film she was cast in (that turns out to be a Cinemax-style softcore porno starring Richard Grieco), Dennis decides to adapt his erotic memoir into a film to cash in on Fifty Shades of Grey's popularity while Mac and Frank try to sell Charlie's childish doodles as outsider art.
  • "Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs": Mac and Dennis decide to move out of the big city and into the suburbs to take advantage of the more affordable rent prices.
  • "Being Frank": In this episode shown through subjective camera (first-person POV), Frank tries to keep up with the gang when they plot to get Dennis' SUV out of an impound lot, but keeps getting distracted by drugs and unsavory characters.
  • "McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century": Bill Ponderosa sues The McPoyles for damages done during the episode "The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre".
  • "Charlie Catches a Leprechaun": Dennis tries to implement a "mobile bar" for Saint Patrick's Day, where passengers board a van and pay for their drinks as they head to the bar, but the entire thing devolves into a kidnapping and mugging ring. Meanwhile, Charlie (who has been drinking paint lately) thinks there's a leprechaun at the bar and catches a little person who may be a notorious pickpocket.
  • "The Gang Goes to Hell" (two-part episode): The gang go on a Christian fellowship cruise in order to become better people.