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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Charlie is Charlie Gordon.

The following will spoil the ending of Flowers for Algernon.

Think about it. At the end of Flowers for Algernon, Charlie moved out of New York. Since this was an attempt to move somewhere where people didn't know him, he may have changed his last name to Kelly. He then got a job at Paddy's Pub (also cleaning), and he kills rats because they remind him of what he can remember of Algernon. He didn't remember his parents, so he probably met up with his "mother", who thinks Charlie is her real son because she's, well, crazy. Since Charlie's memory was decreasing, everything said about his past in the show was probably just made up by him, and everybody in the show plays along out of pity. The most clear evidence of this theory are Charlie's impossibly bad spelling, not to mention the fact that he's already borderline retarded.
  • They did a Flowers for Algernon parody in season 9 with Charlie. The treatment was actually an experiment to see how he and the gang would react if Charlie thought he had become smarter.

The finale will be exceedingly dark and humorless and will be about the group realizing that Dennis is a serial killer
  • Or, it will be the funniest episode. The gang will still realize Dennis is a serial killer, though.
    • Is there something to back this up or is this just REALLY Wild Mass Guesing?
    • It's more about the "IMPLICATION"
      • Dennis being an implied serial killer is somewhat of a running gag on the show, and it's been hinted at repeatedly, especially in the season finale of season seven.

The Gang's flanderization is a result of their deteriorating mental health.

Green Man is Charlie's "safe" persona created to cope with being molested
  • Charlie mentions that being "Green Man" got him through vaguely reference some rough times. Like say, being molested by his uncle.

Dennis is a reincarnation of Patrick Bateman.
  • He's a complete sociopath, a controlling neat freak, a witty deadpan snarker, and an implied serial killer. He even has the taste for eighties music.

The finale will have the whole gang die.
  • The McPoyles will come back for one last revenge scheme, and as they kill the gang, also end up killing themselves. Then Rickey Cricket comes out of nowhere and thinks it's a sign from God, only to have something fall and kill him too.

The Waitress' name is Nicki Potnick.
  • We know Nicki is a girl and Frank took her nametag. We know the Waitress couldn't find hers. The fact that the Gang knows of Nicki and apparently hung out with her in high school would be utterly in character with their forgetfulness of... everything about the Waitress.
    • Jossed in a Tweet from Glenn Howerton.

Mac isn't really gay. He's just confused and the writers are just messing with us
  • I think people on message boards started to pick up ambiguously gay cues with Mac and the writers decided to hint more strongly at it just for fun
"the thing is, I kind of hate women"

The gang will eventually kill Cricket
  • And they'll make sure someone else is blamed for it.

The reason Mac's become more and more homophobic is because...
...he finds it harder and harder to deny who he truly is to himself and those around, but is afraid to come out. Think about it. In the first couple of seasons, Mac came off as straight. Then Mac becomes Ambiguously Gay with hints of homophobia. Though it wasn't to the extent it is now. Now he's so homophobic that he says AIDs is God's punishment for gay sex and not even fooling anyone into thinking he's straight. He could be so homophobic yet less ambiguous because he wants to avoid being gay or outed as gay, but he can't hide it anymore. So he just resorts to prejudice and calls it a day.
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