Nightmare Fuel / YouTube Poop
"Do you think this is a problem?"

Most YouTube Poopers try to be funny and annoying when they make YTPs, but sometimes, poopers can make their videos kinda dark (and sadly, no, we didn't bring a light). Sometimes, it can get so dark that it's scary or downright terrifying...

Poops/poopers with their own pages:

  • One YouTube Poop has characters...well, let's just say that Mario seems to have a really high blood pressure.
  • "SpongeBob Discovers the Horrors of Sandy's Treedome". It's full of these moments, including one where Dr. Rabbit's head is ripped off.
  • Jack Skellington's drug sequence in "Skellington's Revenge" is very, very, trippy.
    • Even worse, later on in the video, Jack ressurects a horrific Bugs Bunny lookalike to destroy Christmas. Multiple characters are sucked into an alternate dimension full of deadly gingerbread men and nutcrackers, as well as an evil Patchy the Pirate and the fact that some of the characters are transformed to become evil.
  • Weegee. He has an extremely icy cold stare, and he can enslave anyone he stares at.
    • Toon Weegee is even scarier, with claws, sharp teeth, and burning neon-green eyes.
      • Toon Fortran as well, seen eating Koopa Troopas violently and blood dripping from his teeth.
    • Malleo as well. He can turn people's faces into fire flowers, and assuming it isn't a case of physics not working right, that means that he makes people's heads explode and fire flowers grow from their neck. Talk about a bad way to die...
    • Toon Meegee and Yushee. Their eyes are bloodshot, and worse, they have no pupils!
    • The Birth of Guiyii. If such as small weak thing can defeat Weegee, just imagine what he can do to the rest of the world...
    • According to the Weegeepedia website, 4tren killed his own wife. That means he's willing to kill anyone (except his sons) in his family.
      • Also according to Weegeepedia, the first Fakegee can kill people by staring at them. Definitely scary...
    • Greegee - as well as other greatures - can apparently slash and gut people with his claws, and Angreegee and Angralleo are especially angry...
  • Michael Rosen Falls In Love. It's a cute story about Michael Rosen's teenage love interest (Hanako). Then at the end, it goes into an alternate universe, in which Michael Rosen runs out and rapes her, causing her to transform into a terrifying creature called the "Blood Drinking Baby Eating Keel-Over-And-Die Foogle" and kill several people by shooting fire and plums out of her snatch. At the end, he says: "People say, 'Okay, but how come the creature is gone?' Fair enough, and I'll tell you. It's not."
  • All five episodes of OrpheusFTW's The Misadventures Of Skooks, while still funny, the entire thing feels like a nightmare someone had when they fell asleep watching Scooby-Doo.
    Fred: I always get a weird feeling when I eat real people.
  • SpingeBill Experiences a Horrifying NDE, especially the ending. Squidward goes insane, locks himself in his house, overdoses on heroin, and gets sent to hell. And it's all played extremely horrifically and disturbingly without any hint of humor. It's All Just a Dream, but damn.
    • Also, the scene where Squidward has an Imagine Spot of him gorging on burgers, suffers a heart attack and dies during surgery due to malpractice on SpongeBob's part.
    • "That sounds like my baby dropping!"
    • "What's wrong, Mr. Krabs?"
    • In one of Squidward's Disney Acid Sequences, a very creepy and disturbing version of the song "Sail" is playing in the background, and the second scene has mines, and Squidward having a hand for a face
      • The hand's fingers are cut off and spewing blood, by the way.
  • This YTP takes Alternate Character Interpretation to an entirely new level and depicts the King as being a bastard who physically assaults Zelda, forces her to cook dinner for him and hits her when she asks questions. Worst of all, he encourages Link to do the same to Zelda. He also murders people for minor reasons. Good thing he suffers a Karmic Death later on.
  • Almost anything made by LinkOnDrugs.
    • One in particular is "Soliloquy For Subterranean Bob". It has stuff such as Lucy killing Squidward, and Squidward wearing Steampunk goggles and performing with the embryo of... something like a puppet while surgery goes on in the background.
    • Same goes for some of the videos made by AwfulFawfultheFalafel. Most of her poops are guaranteed to have at least ONE terrifying thing in it.
  • One brief scene in Twilight Resurrects a Demon:
    Twilight Sparkle: And since we're not even here...
    *Twilight and the others disappear and are replaced by fire and the dancing thing from Chowder with disturbing music*
  • The second intro of the third KOTH "collab". After a pretty awesome intro, by Orpheus, we get Hank jumping out of the blue hole yelling demonically and then he pulls out a gun and shoots Dale and the screen.
  • The ending to Macadamia Margaret comes to stay at Habberplab Henry's house, which has Peter getting crushed by a dump truck while also getting caught in an explosion. Its amazing how only he dies.
  • The intro to My Little Poner: Friendship is Hallucinating, which displays three of the show's most infamously freaky faces in a demented Disney Acid Sequence set to Mysto & Pizzi's cover of Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me".
  • In a similar vein to Mr Krabs Unquenchable Blood Lust, on a smaller scale, this edited version of "Clams", which...goes downhill fast.
  • This poop by an otherwise non-scary YTP'er. This one has three particularly scary moments. The first is when Luanne's face briefly turns into Peggy screaming ridiculously loud. The second one is where Bobby repeats three times while holding a Dalmatian costume that he wants to dress up like that, and when he lowers it, he has a Nightmare Face with his eyes all big. The third has Hank in a red background, saying, "It's just shit. It's not going to kill you!" He laughs and his voice gets more and more demonic and terrifying the more he laughs. However, the end of the poop becomes a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Ruff's Oddysey. It starts out like a normal poop, with Mama Luigi and your everyday jokes. But about 26 seconds in, shit gets real, it gets distorted, disturbing images pop up, and then all of a sudden it cuts to "The End".
  • The Michael Rosen Hallway from cs188's Michael Experiments on the Cat.
  • "Each day I die some more...each day I die some more..." from cs188's Caillou's Ebolaween Twentyfourteen.
  • Woody's face at the beginning of Toys Gone Wild. "You want it?"
  • A scene from The Spingebill Collection where SpongeBob poisons the "chocolate guy". It certainly puts the line "What did you do to my drink!?" in a whole new context.
  • michael rosen exe. Don't throw fruit at the computer.
  • "Rain and Shitty Create a Facebook Page": The offscreen scene where Ren savagely beats Stimpy with a baseball bat, and then kills him with a chainsaw while he laughs maniacally. Afterward, it cuts to grainy footage of Ren burying Stimpy's body, then a shot of Ren sitting at the edge of his bed clearly insane. Of course it becomes Nightmare Retardant with a quick card saying that Stimpy came back to life, but damn.
  • Dylancliff 111's box.exe. AND. FREAKING. HOW.
  • The "Things that Go Butt in the Night" sequence in RootNegativeSixteen's Michael Keeps Time and Other Spooky Tales. Although the bit with the loud British music could possibly be Nightmare Retardant.
  • Alhough Big Beat Mario is quite possibly the best YTPMV in existence, there is an unexpected part of it where Mario says "TOAST" in G Major.
  • This scene from Me Star Studios' "King vs. Hedgehog".
  • AwfulFawfultheFalafel is a master at this. Her creations make it nigh-impossible to list the examples where cartoons turn into things that would make H.P Lovecraft put down his books in shame. In fact, you could basically call her creations 'Nyarlathotep's Entertainment'.
    • A recent moment was in 'Night of the Living Ed'. The 'On the Next Time' segment is pretty amusing bar the panicky music near the end. But then it shows Ed falling into the abyss (with a smile, showing he's unaware of what's happening) and the others screaming in sadness and terror. And what is the surprisingly appropriate foe they fear? The humanoid abomination that rears its ugly head?!
    Plank: There are...NO STRINGS...ON ME...
    • 'A Spingebill Spooky Scary Halloween' (reuploaded elsewhere), is a Halloween Special if we ever saw one.
      • In it, Squidward is killed in a car accident caused by a drunk Spongebob, and literally goes to hell. It's a truly surreal nightmare of a video, and the Flying Dutchman just laughs in his face. We get some lovely imagery from Bald Mountain, on top of everything. By the end, you really feel for Squidward when he cries that he wants to go home.
      • In the poop's B-plot, Spongebob tries to leave the increasingly scary Krusty Krab, only for Mr. Krabs to sit him down for a story. The old krab has a brief fantasy of burning Spongebob to death before continuing. At the end of his story (see below), Mr. Krabs suddenly fades out of existence, cackling. He was a ghost!!
      • Spongebob goes home, and hears the doorbell. When he opens it, he's knocked out and captured by Patrick. Spongebob is strapped to a chair, and Spongebob is then skinned alive. Patrick then wears his skin as a costume to the Halloween party at the Krusty Krab.
    Mr. Krabs: Believe it or not, I was five years old note . And me father gave me a dollar. I loved that dollar. Me and that dollar did everything together… until it went crazy, and tried to kill me - eleven times, as a matter of fact. It scared me, it did terrible things to me… And one day, I'm gonna get rid of that dollar, once and for all! I spent it on a bomb, and I stayed in a fancy hotel, and BOOM!!
    "That day the Grinch found out something he hadn't thought of before: When you die, nothing happens."
    YOU... DID... THI-I-I-IS!
  • Danielle Pluzsik's "NEVER MESS WITH THE CD-I LOGO!" is supposed to be funny, but the Jump Scare will catch you off-guard if you're not expecting it.
  • Faces of Evil - Most Things Break. Just like some others, it's funny, but it also ventures into Surreal Horror territory. And the ending was horrifying.