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Perfume is a three-person electropop Girl Group hailing from Hiroshima, Japan. Formed in 2000 as trio of standard fare pre-teen Idol Singers; it was the influence of Record Producer Yasutaka Nakata (of electro house duo capsule) that gradually transformed them into a self-described "near-future technopop unit", although it was several more years before that translated into commercial success.

When success finally came, it made history - Perfume were the first techno act ever to debut at #1 on the Oricon weekly charts with their single "love the world". And the album GAME was only the second-ever techno album to reach #1 in Japanese pop music history. note 

The group's name comes from the kanji 香 found in all three of the founding members' names; it means 'fragrance' yeah.

The members, easily distinguishable by their different hairstyles and way of dressing, are:
  • A~chan (Ayaka Nishiwaki): Has mid-length hair which is typically curled, and is never not seen wearing a dress.
  • Kashiyuka (Yuka Kashino): The one with the heavy bangs and long straight locks; wears skirts shorter than A~chan.
  • Nocchi (Ayano Oomoto): Highly conspicuous in her bob haircut. Pretty much always wearing shorts. Joined the group to replace the spot vacated by Kawayuka.

Former members:
  • Kawayuka (Yuuka Kawashima): Left the group in 2001 before their first professionally recorded song. Eventually showed up in another group called Risky.

Perfume are noted for their energetic and charismatic on-stage performances complete with coordinating costumes, intricate choreography executed with military-like precision, and more recently, advanced technology. And because they're seen as wholesome, naturally beautiful girls singing technopop that is accessible to the masses, they appeal to a wide segment of the population, from young girls to middle-aged men. (And whoever's in between.)

Not to be confused with The Other Perfume, or Perfume Commercial.

Chocolate Disco-graphy (LP's):

This band provides examples of:

  • AcCENT Upon the Wrong SylLABle: Well, they are Japanese.
  • Animated Music Video:
    • The story portion of "Vitamin Drop" is animated.
    • "Mirai no Museum" is partially animated, with the girls and PTA-kun appearing in live-action.
  • Audience Participation Song:
    • "Chocolate Disco" always goes off live. The girls sing "chocolate", the crowd screams "disco" and it goes on like that for the next three-and-a-half minutes.
    • For live performances of "Puppy love", the girls get the audience to fist pump in a certain way throughout the whole song. "Kokoro no Sports" has a similar set-up for the chorus, and "MY COLOR" would be another as everyone in the audience raises their hands as the song suggests. The song "Perfume" is another example of getting the audience to fist-pump.
    • "FAKE IT" is absolutely wild live, with the entire crowd jumping along at A~chan's command during the recurring intro section.
  • Auto-Tune:
    • The central Gimmick of their sound, being a "near-future technopop unit" and all. Nakata used vocoder/Auto-Tune for their major-label debut in 2005 and the effect has been used—to various degrees—on most of their songs since. When taken to extremes, the girls almost sound like Vocaloids and it becomes difficult—even for them—to tell their voices apart.
    • JPN and LEVEL3 feature less of it, used primarily on backing vocal parts or for effects.
  • Archive Binge: While their major label debut was in 2005, and their debut studio album was in 2008, they have plenty of songs between and before those years, being mostly singles from their Indies and Bee-Hive eras. Some of them are compiled on their debut compilation album, Complete Best.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Exactly once since their major label debut note : Kashiyuka in "Pick Me Up."
  • Band Toon: 'Happy', 'Chandelier House' and 'Love Party' were shows where the Perfume members interacted in both scripted and improvised scenarios, often with popular Japanese comedians.
  • Beauty, Brains and Brawn: Loosely defined below.
    • A~chan: Beauty. The Chick who plays the Team Mom role even though she's the youngest. The most outwardly emotional (see Tears of Joy below).
    • Kashiyuka: Brains. Often the quietest of the trio, but very much in a Kuudere sense. A real life Meganekko.
    • Nocchi: Brawn. 100% Otaku Surrogate. Is the often the butt of jokes, so has a bit of The Woobie about her.
  • Bears Are Bad News: In the "Laser Beam" PV, the girls get chased around by a giant polar bear.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: On their television show, Kashiyuka, the quietest and sweetest of the group, pulled out a baby python from a box and proceeded to chase the screaming cast members around the set laughing and giggling the whole way!
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • Kashiyuka and Nocchi get one in the "Vitamin Drop" music video.
    • PTA-kun in the "Mirai no Museum" music video.
  • Bigger Than Jesus: One live concert had a sign behind them that read, "We more most populer than Jesus." Uh... yeah.
  • Bolivian Army Ending: The "Pick Me Up" PV (before it's revealed as All Just a Dream, anyway). Nocchi (and her double) jump off a ledge into the abyss, Kashiyuka (and her double) are surrounded by Murderous Mannequins, and A~chan embraces her double, followed by some kind of explosion.
  • Book Ends: Subtly used in the video for "VOICE". The girls are standing in the same positions in both cases but at the end, they're holding diamonds.
  • Broken Record: The polyrhythmic bridge in "Polyrhythm". Don't you dare call it an interlude. Nakata doesn't like that.
    • Played with in the video: near-identical shots of the three girls repeat over and over during this section.
  • Call Back: Several in their "Mirai no Museum" PV regarding their previous singles:
    • They first appeared in the video as the androids from "Spring of Life"
    • Later on, Nocchi uses "Laser Beam" eyes
    • Kashiyuka uses the same hand movements as part of the choreography in "Spending all my Time"
  • Canon Discontinuity: In 2005, they released a song with Halko Momoi (operating under the name DJ MOMO-i): "AkihabaLove". Not produced by Nakata and coming shortly before their major-label debut, it's frequently overlooked in discographies.
  • Catch Phrase: "Perfume desu!"
  • Conspicuous CG: It's pretty obvious the giant fish the girls pilot in "Monochrome Effect" is CGI.
  • Costume Porn:
    • The girls have some of the most outlandishly gorgeous matching outfits ever committed to fabric. On top of the clothes that they normally wear, each video provides us at least two new outfits.
    • Special mention go into the four inch pumps that the girls are always wearing this includes every dance sequence. "Nee" gets special mention for receiving a section of leg-only choreography.
  • Dress-Coded for Your Convenience:
    • Only since forever, as seen in the member descriptions above.
    • Even before forever, they were Color-Coded for Your Convenience in their earliest PVs. A~chan in red, Kashiyuka in blue and Nocchi in yellow/light green. note . The same colors appear more subtly in the "1mm" PV.
  • Dystopia:
    • Their song "Electro World" talks about one. In contrast "Computer City" talks about a Utopia.
    • "Secret Secret" played off of Perfume's earlier robot image and their sponsorship by Pino Chocolates by having the girls appear as the stars of TV channel PTV, dancing robotically to their own song and requiring chocolate to retain their motor functions. It's implied that during their off-stage time, the girls both reminisce about their lives before becoming corporate slaves, as well as dream up a fantasy in which they climb up a spiral staircase to escape. And all the sad faces and real thoughts are wiped away with a bite of chocolate.
    • "Spending All my Time" features the girls locked in a room wearing farm-inspired dresses. Then you see the number tattoos on their forearms. Then they start showing off their abilities in spoon bending, divination and telekinesis. Just why are they locked inside?
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Before Yasutaka Nakata started producing them and refining their techno sound, Perfume's early music ranged from idol pop to quirky electropop.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Even after forming at age eleven and working tirelessly in Hiroshima then Tokyo, they weren't making any inroads and were about to be dropped. But as the girls enrolled in university, their label let them release 3 singles as a "good experience" to go out on. Those singlesnote , featuring a radical new sound by Nakata, eventually did well enough to allow them to continue... With "Chocolate Disco" finally netting them the attention of music insiders, followed by breakout hit "Polyrhythm." (See Tears of Joy, below.)
  • Epic Instrumental Opener:
    • "GAME"'s intro goes for about 40 seconds
    • "1mm" runs on for nearly a minute before the vocals start (though the intro is shortened when performed live outside of concerts).
    • Several of their later singles, such as "Spring of Life", received large dance music intros as part of the album versions. The practice started with the ⊿ mix of "edge" and hasn't stopped since
  • Epic Rocking: edge (triangle mix) and Party Maker are both over 7 minutes long and contain many long instrumental sections. Musically, they are considered among their "hardest" songs.
  • Epileptic Flashing Lights: Most of the PV for "Butterfly" consists of this.
  • Everyone Went to School Together: The members all met & formed Perfume at Hiroshima Actors School. The original 3 were in "Class B" together, but after Kawayuka's departure Nocchi was recruited from a "rival" class/performance team. Their choreographer, MIKIKO, is from the school as well.
  • Everything's Better with Llamas: Nocchi loves alpacas.
  • Freudian Trio: A-chan is the ever emotional Id, Kashiyuka is the calm, quiet Superego and Nocchi is the very relaxed Ego.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams:
    • Their concerts feature liberal use of green ones, specifically. In fact, for their 2013 European tour they had to import the machines from Japan.
    • Used Up to Eleven in the dance shot of the "Laser Beam" PV.
  • Greatest Hits Album:
    • Perfume's first album Complete Best was a compilation of all their previously released singles, plus one new song; what's more telling is that it was initially limited edition. At the time (2006) they had only made the transition to a major label the year before, but both management and the girls themselves were unsure that Perfume had a future; hence all three girls enrolled into university that year.
    • The group later released Perfume Global Compilation "LOVE THE WORLD" to capitalize on their newfound global success and their tours to England, Europe and Southeast Asia.
  • Idol Singer: Surprisingly subverted as that the group started with a more idol-y feel (even doing non-techno songs) but as they've developed their style of technopop the girls have managed to successfully transition to a techno group.
  • Intercourse with You: Usually averted:
    Interviewer: What was your reaction when you first saw the lyrics to "23:30?"
    Kashiyuka: Nakata-san! What were you thinking? (lol)
    Nocchi: I know. Why does he make us sing these kind of songs? ...Because we say "Love me." Its "Love me" not "I love you." It's too sexy.
    A~chan: But Im not singing the song while thinking so.
    • That being said, a few songs such as "Take Me Take Me" and "Kiss and Music" have rather sensual lyrics/implications. The choreography for the former is even more so.
    • In the lyrics of "One Room Disco" there's one line that talks about how the singer can't turn on the shower alone ever since her messy breakup, implying that they showered together.
  • Lighter and Softer:
    • The harder and more experimental sounds of the album were drastically toned down by the time JPN was released. The success of this change in direction has varied with fans. LEVEL3 was a partial return, however.
    • Mirai no Museum was noticeably simpler and definitely softer than their previous work, though that may be due to it being made for a kid's movie.
  • List Song: "Speed of Sound", from .
  • Location Song: "Akihabalove", a single the group made with DJ Momo-i in 2005.
  • Looped Lyrics: "Spending all my time" and "Take me Take Me". The latter is entirely in Gratuitous English and the former mostly so. note 
  • Loudness War: Nakata's production has been pushing the limits of what compression can do with every successive single. Their 2011 album JPN hit Californication levels of distortion, to the point where melody lines that are supposed to be dead centre are wobbling around the stereo field from all of the other instruments momentarily hogging frequency range.
  • Lyrical Dissonance:
    • "Electro World". The song is very upbeat in tempo, and the choreography is energetic. But check the lyrics and you'll discover this song is a poetic but depressing tale of dystopia.
      This street continued to run ahead
      It should have been written in a map but I can't find the town
      And as I turned around to look at that place, the scenery changed
      This world is our last electro world
      The ground is shivering and broken
      and the sun has fallen from the sky lightly into my hand.
    • This has become standard across their music, as the lyrics are exclusively written by Nakata (and before he began working with them in 2003, his childhood friend Emi Kinoko). Songs like "edge", about being obsessively in love, and "One Room Disco", about pushing past a nasty breakup, aren't exactly normal subjects for an idol group.
    • This was a recurrent theme with their B-sides in the singles leading up to their third album JPN, with '575' being about uncertainly in relationships and 'FAKE IT' about a girl who can no longer pretend that the feelings she once had for her boyfriend are still real.
  • Merchandise-Driven: Considering just how amazing their songs are, it's really hard to remember that, like many Japanese pop stars, a large chunk of their singles are songs commissioned for use in commercials. Their most important hit song, "Polyrhythm", was for NHK's recycling campaign. "Natural ni Koishite" and "Nee" were used to promote two separate lines of clothing from NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC, and the song and video for "DISPLAY" were commissioned by Panasonic as a test of 4K resolution effects processing.
  • Mind Screw:
  • Modesty Shorts: A~chan and Kashiyuka wear these under their skirts when performing since otherwise they'd be constantly flashing the audience their underwear, especially Kashiyuka.
  • Music for Courage: People were initially a little shocked by the uncharacteristic sentiments in Nakata's lyrics for "love the world":
    My darling, dont give up
    That precious little temper of yours
    Its exciting, hey, and wonderful
    The world we see is shining
    Even though I stumble blindly
    I think Im starting to understand a little.
  • Nice Hat: The fezzes the trio wore while promoting "Nee" [1]
  • Non-Appearing Title: edge. The 'edge' is implied in the lyrics, however ("Throw yourself upon the most solid and sharpest part of me'"). But considering the downright eerie repetitive lyrical content, the 'edge' in question may be a mental one as well — i.e., the speaker is going "over the edge" and into possible insanity due to his or her obsession with their object of affection.
  • The Not Remix: There are three versions of "edge" - the original (track length 6:31) and the extended mix (8:41), both included on the single for "love the world"; and the version that came on Perfume's third album Triangle (8:43). The Triangle-mix incorporated some of the elements used in live performances.
  • Non-Uniform Uniform: While all of their outfits have the same motifs, colors, and/or patterns, Kashiyuka is usually wearing a miniskirt, A~chan wears a dress, and Nocchi wears either pants or hot pants.
  • Obsession Song: "edge".
  • Piss-Take Rap: "575".
  • Puppy Love: Literally. They have a song called "Puppy Love" albeit that one's less about childish romance and more about a Tsundere boy.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: A~chan lists Perfume's rules in the prologue of the music video of "575" as "Black haired, white skinned, positive, dream-chasing idols." As such, the members have agreed to not tan or dye their hair for the group's image.
  • Record Producer: Yasutaka Nakata, who also does double-duty as their songwriter and composer, exclusively producing them since 2003 (he would later perform the same duties for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu). Nakata's influence over their sound and even their image is undeniable, but he insists that the girls sing the songs pretty much the way they want, with the exception being when he was unusually controlling and specific about how they sang their B-side song "FAKE IT", even to the point that he caused A~chan to cry because he was being so overbearing.
  • Robot Girl: The girls play robots programmed to deliver pop music in their "Spring of Life" video. Possibly a Take That, Critics! to those who call their music over-processed and robotic, the video has the Perfume androids discover love, only for the feeling to overwhelm them so much that they accidentally cut themselves off from power, ending their lives.
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: A~chan reportedly 'confessed' her love to Nocchi during a Yokohama live in 2008.
  • Self Empowerment Anthem: "Dream Fighter".
  • She's Got Legs: Nocchi's and Kashiyuka's legs get quite a lot of attention from fans (A~chan's not so much due to her slightly more modest skirts).
  • Shout-Out:
    • The song "Monochrome Effect" appears in the American Dad! episode "May the Best Stan Win", where Stan's future cyborg self comes back in time. While driving around with Francine, Cyborg Stan produces a CD of "future music," declaring the song to be Japanese funk. The song also plays as the episode is closing, showing Stan and Francine's skeletons happily lying together in the grave.
    • Polyrhythm was used in Cars 2 when Lightning McQueen and Mater were in a Japanese club. The inclusion of the song allowed Perfume to be invited to the red carpet premiere of the film in LA.
  • Single Stanza Song: "Take me Take me".
  • Stage Names: Kashiyuka was initially known as simply Yuka (her real name) to differentiate herself from Kawayuka. She eventually reverted to her current stage name, but in early "Monochrome Effect"-era promotional material she is still referred to as 'Yuka'. A~chan still calls her "Yuka-chan" during MC segments, with the crowd chants following suit.
  • Stepford Smiler: In "Secret Secret": "You lied with your sweetest smile. You're always secretive."
  • Stylistic Suck: Near the ending of "I still love U", the track goes slightly off-beat and scratchy like a broken record then suddenly returns to normal.
  • Tears of Joy: Given their long and difficult climb to fame (see Earn Your Happy Ending above), A~Chan especially is prone to providing this trope during some of their concerts' MC segments. Perhaps the most epic example is the final MC segment of their first ever concert in the famed Tokyo Dome — a lifelong dream for the group, and a performance designed as a celebration of their first 10 years together. A~Chan delivered a very passionate speech and then closed out the show with "Polyrhythm", fighting back tears the entire time. Nocchi and Kashiyuka start to well up when they notice A~Chan shedding tears again after fireworks went off in the equally explosive middle section of the song. "Stage of dreams," indeed.
    • The initial reaction to discovering GAME had topped the charts. This was the first time one of their albums had ever reached #1. When they open the box, you can see the uncomprehending shock on A-chan's face as she stares at the cake. All of them are overcome with emotion, A-chan in particular bursting into tears more than anyone else. Perfume had to struggle for eight years and almost disbanded before they could reach that very moment. What makes it even better is commentary from Perfume looking back at those memories after they've become famous nationwide, a testament to how far they've come.
  • Textless Album Cover:
    • Some of their singles. (In each case, the cover prominently features the outfits from the corresponding PV.)
    • All of their LP covers starting with GAME feature the album's title, but not the artist name. Though 's cover is, in one way, straight example.
  • Title Only Chorus: "Perfume".
  • Title Track: Their album GAME has "GAME".
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Nocchi, with her short hair and shorts, and A~chan, with her long curly hair and generally conservative dresses, respectively give off this vibe. Kashiyuka falls somewhere in between.
  • Tsundere: One of their early songs, "Jenny in a Bad Mood," is about one. Another would be "Puppy Love."
  • Uncommon Time: "Polyrhythm". The bridge has 5/8 and 6/8 vocal parts over a 4/4 drumbeat that switches to 3/2 after the vocal 'hiccups'; the low synth has a 7:6 polyrhythm. It was such a radical bridge for what is essentially an Idol Group that the company initially requested that the bridge be cut altogether. Yasutaka Nakata saw that the song was allowed to stand as is (although a radio edit without it was made in concession) and it became Perfume's first top ten hit, as well as the song that got most people into them in the first place. The perfectly quirky dance sequence that goes along with this section probably helped to seal the deal.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: A Running Gag with Nocchi is the frequent number of times she loses a shoe, gets her clothing caught on something, has her belt come loose, etc. in concerts. Currently they now perform with safety straps in their shoes.