Funny / Perfume

  • Grenouille is messing around with Baldini's incredibly expensive essential oils, promising he can make the perfume 'Amor & Psyche'. He asks how much Baldini would like him to make, holding up a gigantic receptacle. "Shall I fill this flask?" Baldini's reply: "NOOOOOOOO! You shall not!" He produces a tiny flask. "You may fill this one."
    • Also Baldini's reactions when Grenouille begins to actually make the perfume.
      • Flinching when he picks up the massive glass bottle of alcohol.
      • "Don't drop that!! That's pure alcohol! Do you want to blow up the entire building?!"
      • "You have to measure it first!"
      • "Never ever is perfume to be shaken like that!" (accompanied by hilarious gesture).
  • "We should excommunicate him!" (As a proposal to catch the murderer).
  • Apparently Grenouille can smell when people's having sex too.