Trivia / Perfume

The book and its film adaptation:

The music group:

  • Archive Binge: While their major label debut was in 2005, and their debut studio album was in 2008, they have plenty of songs between and before those years, being mostly singles from their Indies and Bee-Hive eras. Some of them are compiled on their debut compilation album, Complete Best.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Halfway through the single take video for "I still love U", the girls start grimacing and giggling, all the while still miming along to the song. The camera angle doesn't show the crew members lying on the ground giving them all foot massages.
  • One of Us: All three of the girls are avid manga fans. Also, Nocchi likes rock music, Kashiyuka likes dubstep, and A~chan likes Visual Kei.
  • The Pete Best: Kawayuka left not long after the band started, because she wanted to focus on her studies (all the members were still in junior high school at the time). After a consultation with her mother, who said a duo couldn't match the stage presence of a trio, A~chan asked Nocchi to join.
  • What Could Have Been: They had also considered the name Y.A.Y., for Yuka, Ayaka & Yuuka.