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Resident Evil

  • Thanks to the atrocious voice acting in Resident Evil, we know that not only is Jill "the master of unlocking," but she almost became a Jill sandwich, too. As of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Project X Zone, both are ascended memes.
    • "STOP IT! Don't-open-THAT-door!" Explanation 
    • Did you know weapons are especially powerful against living things? Explanation 
    • And that it looks like Forest was killed by a crow... or something. Oh my cod. Explanation 
    • "WHAT. What is this?"
    • "What is it?"
    • "Blood. Jill, see if you can find any other clues, I'll be examining this. Hope this is not CHRIS'S blood." Explanation 
    • "Looks like we got to the root of the problem." Explanation 
    • "I have THIS!" Explanation 
    • What a MANSION! Explanation 
  • 4// Itchy. Tasty. Explanation 
  • Albert Wesker wears his sunglasses at night.

Resident Evil 2

  • No matter how many times you play through RE2, Ada will never respond with "Do I look like a waiter?"Explanation 
  • "When is the remake finally being released?" Explanation 

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

  • Brad Vickers is a chicken. Explanation 
  • CORRI, SCAPPA, C'E' IL NEMESIIIS!!! Explanation 

Resident Evil 4

  • "HULLO, STRANGEAH." Explanation 
  • "Saddler you're small time." Explanation 
    • "You're (sic) right hand comes off?" Explanation 
    • "No thanks, BRO!" Explanation 
    • "Meeeeester Kennedy!"
    • NO MORE MEMES!! KILL HIM! Explanation 
    • "Hey, it's that dog!" Explanation 
    • "Where's everyone going? Bingo?" Explanation 
    • "Ada, wait!"
  • Leon has a flashlight on his belt.
  • NO WAY FAG Explanation 

Resident Evil 5

  • "...ensuring complete. Global. Saturation." Explanation 
    • "...with Uroboros..."
    • Albert Wesker has the right to have the right to have the right to have the right to be a god.
    • 7 Minutes. 7 Minutes is all he can spare to play with you. Explanation 
    • "... Complete. Global. CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSS!!!!!" Explanation 
  • "...I need an egg."
  • Chris has had ENOUGH OF YOUR BULLSHIT, BOULDER. Explanation 
  • FOOTBAAALLLLLLL! Explanation 
  • "You will GIVE me an egg!" Explanation 

Resident Evil 0

  • Billy Coen can fit a grenade launcher in his pants. Explanation 

Resident Evil Outbreak

  • Mass Production? RIDICULOUS!!! explanation