Memes / Mega Man

When adding to one of the subpages, please follow this format. Not everyone knows where a particular meme came from or how it's used. Even if it's potholed.

  • Meme name: Explanation 

  • You can't beat Air Man.Explanation 
  • Even though it's from the Ruby-Spears cartoon, it's still originally a game, so behold: IT'S GUTSMAN! DUN-DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! D=< Explanation 
  • JUMP 'N SHOOT MAN!Explanation 
  • Fight, Mega Man! For everlasting peace!Explanation 
  • Get equipped with (your favorite weapon goes here)!Explanation 
    • Alternatively, YOU GET (or "got" depending on the game): MEME
    • AND RUSH JETExplanation 
    • In the Japanese versions, it's rendered as "MEME GET"