Shout Out / Resident Evil

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     The series 
  • Wesker's Matrix style moves, and Terminator sunglasses with flashing red eyes.
  • With his glasses off, his orange cat eyes, a reference to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

     The first game 
  • The alternate costumes in the Nintendo GameCube remake are seemingly random film references. Jill gets a tank top, fatigue pants, and yellow-tinged safety goggles, which is meant to recall Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Chris and Rebecca, for no obvious reason, are dressed like Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts's characters in The Mexican.
  • The opening to the remake, with the covered corpse rising and being immediately shot, is a shout out to Lucio Fulci's Zombie 2, which opens with a very similar shot.
    • Which could also be a reference to Dawn of the Dead, when Roger is turned and subsequently killed by Peter.
  • Both Jill and Chris receive new alternate costumes in Deadly Silence. Jill's is a white wife-beater, a police hat, and a pair of very short cut-offs, which very much resembles Poison's outfit.
  • The virus-infected crows that peck unfortunate victims (such as Forest) to death may be a shout out to The Birds.
  • The Chimeras, human-fly hybrids, are a clear reference to Cronenberg's The Fly (1986). Supplemental material even confirms they are born from human women injected with human/fly embryos, which parallels Veronica's fears of her baby would be like.
  • In fact, pretty much every enemy in the game is a reference to some film. The Neptune is clearly inspired by Jaws. The Hunters are basically Velociraptors with their "clicky" walk, ability to open doors, and ungodly shrieks. Giant spiders were a staple of the 50's giant monster movie genre. And, of course, the zombies come from Romero's film franchise.
  • Numerous nods to the game's Spiritual Predecessor, Sweet Home, including but not limited to:
    • The introduction of the game's first zombie, which is a reference to the "Man" enemy's intro
    • The door loading screen, which is almost completely lifted from the older game
    • The use of a slide projector for exposition of the mansion's dark history
    • Jill's lockpick, which is identical in use to Emi's special key

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