[[folder: The series]]
* Victims being pecked to death by malevolent crows may be a shout out to ''TheBirds''.
* Wesker's ''[[Film/TheMatrix Matrix]]'' style moves, and ''Film/{{Terminator}}'' sunglasses with flashing red eyes.
* With his glasses off, his orange cat eyes, a reference to MichaelJackson's ''Thriller''.

[[folder: The first game]]
* The alternate costumes in the GameCube remake are seemingly random film references. Jill gets a tank top, fatigue pants, and yellow-tinged safety goggles, which is meant to recall Linda Hamilton in ''[[{{Terminator}} Terminator 2]]''. Chris and Rebecca, for no obvious reason, are dressed like Creator/BradPitt and Creator/JuliaRoberts's characters in ''Film/TheMexican''.
* The opening to the Gamecube Remake, with the covered corpse rising and being immediately shot,is a shout out to Creator/LucioFulci's ''Zombie 2'', which opens with a very similar shot.
* Both Jill and Chris receive new alternate costumes in ''Deadly Silence''. Jill's is a white wife-beater, a police hat, and a pair of very short cut-offs, which very much resembles [[VideoGame/FinalFight Poison's]] outfit.
* The virus-infected crows that peck unfortunate victims (such as Forest) to death may be a shout out to ''TheBirds''.
* The Chimeras, human-fly hybrids, are a clear reference to Cronenberg's TheFly. Supplemental material even confirms they are born from human women injected with human/fly embryos, which parallels Veronica's fears of her baby would be like.
* In fact, pretty much every enemy in the game is a reference to some film. The Neptune is clearly inspired by Jaws. The Hunters are basically Velociraptors with their "clicky" walk and ability to open doors. Giant spiders were a staple of the 50's giant monster movie genre. And, of course, the zombies come from Romero's film franchise.
* Numerous nods to the game's Spiritual Predecessor, VideoGame/SweetHome, including but not limited to:
** The introduction of the game's first zombie, which is a reference to the "Man" enemy's intro
** The door loading screen, which is almost completely lifted from the older game
** The use of a slide projector for exposition of the mansion's dark history
** Jill's lockpick, which is identical in use to Emi's special key