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Trivia: Resident Evil


  • Cash Cow Franchise
  • Doing It for the Art: One scene in the remake has a closeup of Wesker's boot, which shows that the top buckles are not laced up.
  • Fan Nickname: The Resident of Evil Creek, taken from a hilariously out-of-touch judge's opinion on the First Amendment rights of video games.
    • Some fans have dubbed Alfred's "Alexia" persona as "Alfrexia."
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Playing Against Type: A surprising number of characters throughout the series are voiced by actors who previously only appeared in children's entertainment.
  • What Could Have Been: In 2001, Capcom announced that the Resident Evil franchise was going to be exclusive to Nintendo and the GameCube. In addition to straight ports of Resident Evil 2, 3, and Code: Veronica X, a total of two new games (one of which was the REmake) were released (and remained) exclusive to Nintendo's consoles; and Resident Evil 4 was also announced as a GameCube exclusive before Capcom decided that due to poor sales of Resident Evil 0 and the REmake, they would release the game on the PlayStation 2 as well.
    • And then Resident Evil 5 wasn't even released on a Nintendo console...
    • The original versions of RE2 and RE4, known as Resident Evil 1.5 and 3.5 respectively. Both versions were scrapped due to the developers being unsatisfied with the direction they were taking.
    • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was originally going to be a Gaiden Game (a side story to Resident Evil 2), while Code: Veronica was going to be called Resident Evil 3: Code Veronica. Nemesis then proved to have a lot more content than what was typical of gaiden games, so they took away CV's "3" and slapped it onto Nemesis.
      • The title may have changed, but CV is still the direct sequel to Resident Evil 2.
  • The Other Darrin: So far, we got:
    • Chris Redfield: "Charlie" (FMV scenes)/Scott McCulloch (Resident Evil); Michael Filipowich (Code: Veronica); Joe Whyte (REmake); Dave Wittenberg (PACHI-SLOT biohazard); Roger Craig Smith (Resident Evil 5, The Darkside Chronicles, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, The Mercenaries 3D, Revelations, Resident Evil 6)
    • Jill Valentine: "Inezh" (FMV scenes)/Una Kavanagh (Resident Evil); Catherine Disher (Resident Evil 3, Marvel vs. Capcom 2); Heidi Anderson (REmake); Patricia Ja Lee (Resident Evil 5, The Umbrella Chronicles, The Mercenaries 3D); Tara Platt (PACHI-SLOT biohazard); Kari Wahlgren (Marvel vs. Capcom 3); Michelle Ruff (Revelations)
    • Barry Burton: "Gregory" (FMV scenes)/Barry Gjerde (Resident Evil); Ed Smaron (REmake); Jamieson Price (Resident Evil 5, The Mercenaries 3D)
    • Rebecca Chambers: "Linda" (FMV scenes)/Lynn Harris (Resident Evil); Hope Levy (REmake); Riva Di Paola (Zero); Stephanie Sheh (The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil 5, The Mercenaries 3D)
    • Albert Wesker: "Eric" (FMV scenes)/Sergio Jones (Resident Evil); Richard Waugh (Code: Veronica, Resident Evil 4, Wesker's Report); Peter Jessop (REmake), D.C. Douglas (The Umbrella Chronicles, 5, The Darkside Chronicles, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, The Mercenaries 3D)
    • Leon S. Kennedy: Paul Haddad (Resident Evil 2); Paul Mercier (Resident Evil 4, The Darkside Chronicles, Degeneration); Christian Lanz (Operation Raccoon City); Matthew Mercer (Damnation, Resident Evil 6)
    • William Birkin: Diego Matamoros (Resident Evil 2); T.J. Rotolo (The Umbrella Chronicles, The Darkside Chronicles, Operation Raccoon City)
    • Sherry Birkin: Lisa Yamanaka (Resident Evil 2); Laura Bailey (The Darkside Chronicles); Eden Riegel (Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil 6)
    • Carlos Oliveira: Vincent Corazza (Resident Evil 3); Kim Strauss (The Umbrella Chronicles); Gideon Emery (Operation Raccoon City)
    • Nicholai Zinoviev: Roger Honeywell (Resident Evil 3), Rick D. Wasserman (Operation Raccoon City)
    • Steve Burnside: Bill Houston (Code: Veronica); Sam Riegel (The Darkside Chronicles)
    • Alfred Ashford: Peter Oldring (Code: Veronica); Richard Cansino (The Darkside Chronicles)
    • Alicia Ashford: Leila Johnson (Code: Veronica); Karen Strassman (The Darkside Chronicles)
    • Subverted with the voice actress for Claire Redfield and Ada Wong, as they have been voiced by their same actors (Alyson Court and Sally Cahill respectively) for the entire series.
      • Mostly subverted in Ada's case. Cahill was Darrin'd by an uncredited Megan Hollingshead in The Umbrella Chronicles, but returned to the role in The Darkside Chronicles... only to be Darrin'd again in Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil 6, and Damnation by Courtenay Taylor. However, Cahill did dub over Ada's voice for the Resident Evil: Retribution film, as Li Bingbing's English wasn't quite up to par.
      • Jim Ward (Krauser) also holds the distinction of reprising his role, although this can be chalked up to Krauser originating in an era where most of the VAs were consistent and Krauser's limited number of appearances throughout the series (4, The Darkside Chronicles, The Mercernaries 3D). The same can be said of Salli Saffioti (Ingrid Hunnigan in 4, Degeneration, and 6).


  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Money, Dear Boy: Milla Jovovich flat out admits that this is why they made a 4th live-action movie. True for the fifth as well (to a degree).
  • Romance on the Set: Anderson and Jovovich met while working on the first movie; currently, they're married.
  • Throw It In: The first movie was not supposed to have the little nudity it did, according to the DVD commentary. Apparently, Jovovich had a Wardrobe Malfunction twice in the same movie. It was left in.
  • What Could Have Been: George A. Romero wrote a screenplay for and was to direct the first film. It was thrown out entirely when he was kicked off the project. Capcom thought that, while Romero's script was close, it wasn't a full adaptation of the game, and they believed fans would complain about the changes while newcomers would dislike the premise. But confusion sets in when they approved Paul W. S. Anderson's script even though it's a much, much farther cry from Resident Evil.note  Admittedly, there were a few head-scratch-inducing changes in the Romero script (Chris, for example, was turned into a Native American civilian who lived in the mansion and was dating Jill), but all in all, it felt like Resident Evil. It just seems funny that Capcom denied the script for a Resident Evil movie by Romero considering the series is more or less a homage to his work.
    • The fourth film would originally have had a different story, including Leon S. Kennedy from the video games. Jensen Ackles was in talks to play him.
    • The White Queen from the third film would originally have appeared in the first (one of the older scripts for the Alice version, not the Jill and Chris).
    • LJ was originally supposed to be played by Snoop Dogg rather than Mike Epps.
    • Had Sienna Guillory not been preoccupied with the Eragon movie, Jill would have fulfilled Claire's role in Extinction. Her dropping out of the third movie caused an entire subplot to be removed, in which Jill is hostile and untrustful towards Alice, due to Alice apparently killing Angela "Angie" Ashford between films while under Umbrella's control. This subplot would have culminated with Jill being infected by a zombified Carlos, and sacrificing herself in the tanker the way Carlos does in the finished script.

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